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Top 451-500 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

451)   ASP Script to track clicks, hide URLs, count downloads
Simple ASP script to track ad campaigns, count clicks and downloads or hide URLs from commission thieves.

452)   ASP Tutorial - Next Ten Records
You can obtain the simplest way to access your database as you like and this article provides easier functions to display each ten records on a web page from the database.

453)   A Picture Gallery using the Content Linking Component
This is an useful tutorial that helps you to create a gallery for your pictures. This is very useful for your web applications to store the pictures. This tutorial gives the source code for the users.

454)   Handling the "Permission Denied" Error
Solutions to solve the problems with file handling when executing a web application are provided in this ASP tutorial with brief explanation to help you to understand quickly.

455)   Extending Homesite when working with XML and XSL
This is an article basically for web developers to let them make easier their repeating work by increasing their development tools. This tutorial mainly focuses on a script that is capable of binding an active XSL document to an XML file.

456)   Implementing a Statistics Server with ASP
This site is for the webmasters that guides them for making their site statistics reporter on their web page to track and view their sites regular traffic report.

457)   iAmAuto Sales Website
This ASP application gives compatibility to work with existing auto dealer website and allows you to customize the in-built features as per your requirements. Listings can be viewed in detail in seperate page.

458)   ASP Fast Forum
ASP Fast Forum is a message board which allows the users to post message and can attach images with the messages. The reply can be made for each post by users. An email notification is delivered to the users reply.

459)   ScriptMate Classifieds
ScriptMade Classified can be used to easily start a Classifieds website. It is very user friendly. It has an advanced Administration Module using which you can manage yuor website easily in a simple Web Browser. It allows you to charge members of your website through a built in payment system.

460)   Calendar MX BASIC made with Dreamweaver
Calendar Mx Basic is Free online Event listing Application. Add/Edit events, Event type (Public or Private), Month view, week view and lot more.

461)   Database Connection Through VBScript Classes Part 1
This simple online tutorial deals with the concept of connecting database through VB Script class. This article helps the developers to to create a reusable class to link the connection and recordset objects.

462)   EventViewer
EventViewer is a simple and useful utility that can be used to monitor the event viewer entries of Windows 2000 servers.

463)   01forums
01forums is a powerful program that helps administrators to build and manage an online forum on their ASP supporting websites. This program allows administrators to have any number of forums.

464)   Real Estate Sotware
Real Estate Sotware will assist you to manage listings with database utility. Maps are allowed with properties. More searching options let your customers to find exact match. Mortgage calculator is available.

465)   Juggling data from recordsets, to arrays, to tables
This article mainly deals with moving the data from recordsets to array or to the tables. The author explains the entire process with an example.

466)   WebLogin PRO with Computer Activation KEY (ASP)
Several users using one and the same account? Hackers stealing and posting your passwords?

467)   ASP Auction
ASP Auction has been set up to help people develop a free auction site written in ASP. You will need to register to take part and access the files.

468)   Listing All Files in A Folder
By reading this article you will come to know how to list all files in a single folder using the built-in function File System Object.

469)   Popup Calendar and DatePicker
This script allows web developers to create a pop up calendar which makes it easy for the calendar users on the website to query their required date quickly.

470) Forum Forum is a place where members can discuss about Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET, XML, HTML, Network, Windows 2000 and XP etc.,

471)   AdMentor
AdMentor is a totally free ad rotator script written entirely in ASP. No binary components are needed on the server and no super-power database engine either.

472)   .NET Email Component Smtp.NET
Email Component for .NET. Features: HTML Email with automatic image embedding, authentication, automatically ZIP compress attachments, supports message queuing on IIS & emailQ.NET, mail merge, multiple attachments, multiple recipients, & more

473)   EmailMover - an Advanced ASP Autoresponder
An Advanced ASP AutoResponder and Email Campaign Manager that runs on your website. Professional features. Fully integrated Wysiwyg Html Editor. Now includes SpamAdvisor, an Email pre-screening Tool for Marketers who want their emails to get through.

474)   SWD Guest Book Lite
SWD Guest Book Lite is a database driven guestbook where the users can post messages. The users have the ability to view their entries on websites.

475)   Verification Code
You can have an in-built verification system in registration form and other web based forms in ASP. Supports images with verification code.

476)   IIS Admin Control Panel Features
This is an useful control panel utility which is used for managing a powerful server and it provides user friendly environment for the web administrators to manage servers easily. It offers several important functions with many features.

477)   Active Publisher
Active Publisher is a fully-featured web content management system. It is suitable for large enterprises, as well as individuals and small businesses. It helps you to update your web site quickly, easily and inexpensively.

478)   IntrChart
IntrChart is a program built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to display graphs and charts on their web browsers. Users can use this powerful utility to generate multi series bar, line, pie, area charts, projection etc.,

479)   DbNetGrid
This is an ASP based online encapsulated component that can be integrated in any web site for database control. This component provides search, add, delete, navigate, sort, update, upload, link, and many attractive features.

480)   Loki Faq Manager
Loki Faq Manager is a simple FAQ generating program that can be used on ASP driven websites. Creation of many categories can be done dynamically where with sorting and filtering fucntionalities are allowed.

481)   Server.HTMLEncode
In this tutorial, you will learn clearly and quickly about the process of HTMl encoding using the HTMLEncode method of server object in ASP.

482)   UPS Shipping Rates Calculator - Realtime
UPS Shipping Rates Calculator is based upon new XML technologies using ASP and VB Script. It is more useful for the webmasters to determinate realtime USPS shipping rates.

483)   Complete Events Calendar
This is a group calendar application that allows you to build collective event calendars. Mainly ment for mean of event divulgation and resource sharing, like meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc.

484)   Arrays How To Part 1 : The Basics
The basic aspects of array module are taught in this ASP tutorial that tells about several ways to create array structure to store the unique type of values.

485)   Why does RecordCount return as -1?
This simple online tutorial is about accessing the Recordcount in SQL. The author explains about the proper way to access Recordcount using GetRows() function.

486)   Intranet Document Management
It is an intranet management system which helps the designer to search, upload and retrive the document present in the intranet. The output of the document will be in tree format. Through this program the designer can create a folder and to load the document in the folder.

487)   Databound Animated Slide In Drop Down Menu (ASP)
Databound Animated Slide In/Drop Down Menu (ASP) is a program that lets the webmasters to build menus with sub menus on their websites. They can use this program for their site navigation.

488)   Creating Visual basic COMponents for ASP
It is an article which deals with building VB component for using with ASP application, inorder to protect the code from the visitors.

489)   DWD Auto
DWD Auto implements it's ASP enabled functions to assist you in car sales management. User oriented forms can be used for product viewing, addition, customization and deletion. Widely useful for salespersons, dealers, car sellers etc.,

490)   Upload file using IE without user interaction - VBA
From this article you can learn to upload files online without user interaction and to accept uploaded files in ASP. This is an useful guide for the webmasters in uploading files online.

491)   Comment Board
Comment Board is a message board which allows the users to add unlimited number of comment boards for posting messages and it facilitates users to attach files with the topics or messages.

492)   Client Side Validation Using the XMLHTTPRequest Object
This is a tutorial which guides the users to perform form validation using XMLHTTPRequest Object. This tutorial improves users knowledge to place an effecient form on their websites.

493)   Executing Transact-SQL UPDATE statement
This site has small example which is helpful for the users to edit their data into the database. Source code for reference and to test has been given.

494)   Online Event Registration
This is an ASP based registration website through which online payment can be done for the registered events. This website provide all online source code, database and demo data for various applications present in this website.

495)   SoftWeb thread
SoftWeb thread is a message board program which permits the users to add threads or messages in the message board. The users can make a response for the posted messages.

496)   Air Time
This program is used for creating online scheduler application that helps visitors to enter their events on the calendar. It also helps them to schedule time for their projects.

497)   Scripting Objects - The Dictionary Object
Scripting Objects lets you learn online how to use the Dictionary Object to manipulate two-dimensional array data by creating an instance to this object.

498)   Validation example string length
Verifying the length of given input can be performed using ASP and VBS string functions and this ASP tutorial provides the required functions within a sample snippet.

499)   URLFetch
This tool is used to access web pages via network using HTTP protocol. It supports HTTPS and proxy server. It can access secure web pages using basic password authentication.

500)   Use XML File as database
In this tutorial users can find information on using XML file instead of databases. The author says that this process can be done for better enhancement for storing information.

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