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Top 501-550 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

501)   WinDNSMan
This is a browser based DNS administration tool that helps system administrators to control their DNS records remotely. Users can also use it for DNS lookup and they add and delete the lookup zones.

502)   Copy and Paste Simple Chat
This is a fully customizable ASP chat script. Simply copy and paste the code to your site and you are ready to go

503)   gee! FAQ Manager
Share answers to common questions. Manage FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) effortlessly. You can setup different types of FAQs, each displaying different questions and answers.

504)   ASP Counter - Counting and Looping
ASP Counter is a slowly expanding website based around 'counting things' in ASP.

505)   Uguestbook
Uguestbook includdes, toolbar to add emoticons and formatted text to the messages, message archive, notify via e-mail to the administrator the publication of new messages, ICQ Messenger, password protected control system, edit/delete messages, add/delete bad words, on-line configuration, multilanguage support, customisable look through CSS, and easy integration to any website. Db Access2000.

506)   Prevent someone from not entering a required field
This is a tutorial that shows how to prevent the form fields from being empty. This tutorial is explained with an example.

507)   Case Conversion
Case Conversion is a smaller ASP article using which the beginners in ASP will learn the ASP and VBS string functions to format text in desired case easily and quickly.

508)   ClickBlog
ClickBlog is a program that allows administrators to run and manage online blog with ease. It is possible to manage blog from any where at any time.

509)   ASP World - Knolwedge Base
You will be able to create a valuable knowledge base module for your customer support through this ASP driven program. With the help of MS Access database utility unlimited questions can be maintained with answers with category facility. Supports voting on FAQs.

510)   Session.LCID (LOCALE ID)
This is a simple tutorial that explains about the session.LCID. It describes how dates are formatted by using LCIDs.

511)   Ugallery
Ugallery is a fully customizable photo gallery.

512)   Protecting pages with include files
It is an article in which author concentrates on how to authenticate site visitors of the users website by getting permission from the users. He offers various files to secure the users ASP pages.

513)   Dynamic Arrays
Dynamic Arrays is a tutorial in which the author describes about declaring the array with the help of the Dim statement and passing the same into a parameter for determining the maximum number of items that the array can have.

514)   ASP Tree View
ASP Tree View is a program built on ASP which can be utilized to display the data content in a tree menu. It can be used by the users for creating navigation menu in a similar way as the tree structure used in Windows files, document containing pages, MS folders etc.,

515)   IpLookUp
IpLookUp is an advanced Active Server Component that enables you to resolve IP addresses to a visitor's City, State & Country.

516)   ChatNow
This is a real time, interactive text based ASP chat application which can be integrated in the users website. This application will be helpful for the guests and the admin.

517)   Date Manipulation Part 2 : Adding & Subtracting Dates & Times
This is a tutorial which shows the function of DateAdd. Adding or subtracting date and time by using this function can be performed with the function.

518)   Easy steps to build Web Application using ASP
This is an online tutorial that can be used as a guidance and reference to develop ASP based applications. Here the author illustrates a form creation to make things clear.

519)   404 ASP Tracker
This script is used for tracking the 404 page. Webmasters can use this script on their website to count how many error pages found in the website and report it to the administrator.

520)   freeforum
freeforum is a program which allows the users to generate forums to post messages. The users can edit forums and can delete forum entries and also can remove topics from the forum.

521)   Classified Builder
Now you can create your own online Classified Ad system in realtime.

522)   DMS - Document Managemant System
This powerful ASP application is designed to manage your webfiles and folders of any format. You can even store images of your files and folders.

523)   Filtering Arrays with Filter
It has an detail demonstration about filtering particular words in a single dimensional array using ASP snippet through VBScript array and string functions.

524)   csDrawGraph
This is an ASP component which dynamically draws pie charts, bar charts and line graphs. The resulting graph can be streamed to a browser or saved to a file. It can be used with default settings to create graphs quickly and easily, or customised to suit your web page. Graphics formats available are GIF (non-LZW to avoid patent issues), PNG, JPG and BMP.

525)   ASP Programming Fundamentals
This is an ASP article through which users can get clear knowledge about programming languages. This tool offers various fundamental method for programming.

526)   VbScript and ASP Functions
Some of the VBScript's functions used within ASP applications is illustrated in this tutorial with detailed decription that lets you understand them quickly and easily.

527)   Sepcity Event Manager
This script is used for creating a web calendar by the webmasters on their website. This tool is helpful for business administrators to manage their departments by adding certain events and it has complete customization facility.

528)   Ananda Image Gallery
This is an application which helps the users to generate photo gallery with attractive features like thumbnail display, auto resizing of photos and more.

529)   PopChart Server
PopChart Server is one of the popular chart software which has a capable to produce effective charts and graphs. It can generate dynamic images on FLASH, EPS, PDF etc.

530)   Server Side Validation Code
This is a tutorial which shows the method of validating the form on the server side and it is explained in detail.

531)   Link Protector
This program is used for hiding URL link from others. If the web user makes a link by using this program it converts the standard tag into a new hidden tag for protection.

532)   Enterprise Portal
It is an ASP based portable flexible software that can be integrated into user website which provide all intellienterprise applications for business management in the website.

533)   Address Book
The administrator may add, delete, or edit the information through the Access database, or go to an administrator form on a web page to do the same.

534)   Retrieve Text and Image fields from the database using OpenX
By reading this tutorial ASP learners would be able to understand the method of recovering both the text and image fields from the database through the latest version of OpenX.

535)   Registration Form
This is a web based article in which author gives few tips to generate registration form for their site vistors and stores the details about them in MS Access database.

536)   Form to Email
Allows users to post to a form and get the contents in an email. You can specify recipient, recipient name, sender, sender name, subject, message. There are also options for how the confirmation page is show. You can also send an email in HTML.

537)   EasyASP
EasyASP is a scripting environment and is a ASP based program that can be used to create ASP codes. This program can be used by both experienced users and novice.

538)   Polar Web Forum
Polar Web Forum is an easy yet powerful web forum for sites. Easy to use and administrate, supports unlimited users and is scalale.

539)   VB Component Threading Details
Here is a tutorial in which author offers a solution for complicated threading problems that occurs in VB component. In this article author discusses about session level objects which connects to the discrete threads.

540)   Poll Pro
Poll Pro is ASP server software for adding web polls to your web site. Polls can be created and scheduled to appear at a future date. Only one line of code is placed on your web site to insert the poll into your web page.

541)   2D/3D Vertical Bar Graph for PHP
Easily add dynamic vertical bar graphs to PHP apps and web pages. Try for free.

542)   Calendar MX PROFESSIONAL made with Dreamweaver
The Online Event Calendar that has everything one needs. Add/update/mail events, upload files/pics, event priorities, event type (public or private), Month View, Week View, Batch/Mail members. Online Html Editor for writing Events, 8 different CSS option which can be changed Online and lot more.

543)   Password Protected Webs
iland's password protection software allows you to restrict access to specific pages on your website by simply including a line of ASP code to your web pages.

544)   Setting Up and Using OraSession to Manage Your Oracle Database Objects
This online article explains about the OraSession object in oracle which handles collections of OraConnection, OraDynaset objects and OraDatabase within the application. The author explains about how to call these functions when needed.

545)   How to get the server variables
All server variables that provide the details such as server software, browser type the user uses, and still lot of information can be gathered using ASP function which is explained in this ASP article.

546)   ASP FlashQuiz
ASP FlashQuiz is an ASP based script, by using which users can post all their quizes and surveys on either page by page or on a single page of their websites.

547)   MacroGuest
MacroGuest is a guestbook program which allows the users to pass comments on any topic. The admin can review the users comments and can remove their entries from the guestbook.

548)   Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod
Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod is a web based calendar program based on ASP. Users can use this program for event scheduling.

549)   Simple Quiz System
Simple Quiz System is a simple ASP-based quiz system that permits you to administer and grade an unlimited amount of quizzes stored in text files.

550)   Create Convert Http strings into Clickable links
A web based string manipulation ASP tutorial with which you can convert the text string that contains the 'http' to hyperlink by using the ASP string functions.

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