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Top 551-600 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

551)   kwRSS: RSS Reader & Writer
Manipulating RSS files becomes more easier for the web administrators through this Reader and Writer in RSS. Both the Reader and the Writer is ready for usage.

552)   ClickSurvey
ClickSurvey is a script built on ASP to be used by the users in conducting dynamic surveys for their visitors. It uses database to let the users to store their questions and answers.

553)   Easy2Use Form eMailer
Customize your form with any number of fields or special values that you require. There are no restrictions The script will organize the information sent to it and then send you the email containing the information.

554)   PacLog
With Login system you can Password protect all or part of your site in less than ten minutes. This has a complete admin area and lost password retrieval via email. It is well documented and easy to follow setup instructions.

555)   Guide to Database Connection Strings
Guide to Database Connection Strings is an online tutorial explaining the exact database connection string. The author demonstrates both the task of OLEDB and ODBC.

556)   Classic ASP Screenscraping
This is a tutorial that covers on sending and receiving to and fro informations on a website using a function derived from Microsoft.

557)   An Article Rating System With ASP
In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to use ASP and a Microsoft Access database to create a basic content rating system. We will look at how to setup the database to accept ratings, how to add ratings to the database, how to stop users from rating once they have already done so, and finally how to accumulate the ratings for each piece of content and display them in a graphical format.

558)   Restricting Web Access by an IP Address
It is a web based aplication for authentication through which users can restrict the visitors to access the users website by validating visitors IP address.

559)   Four Ways to Send and Get Information
Four useful methods are demonstrated in this ASP article to pass information from one ASP or HTML page to other ASP page. Also, provides more information about session variables used to transmit data between ASP pages.

560)   Web Application Error Handling and Logging For ASP
This full featured error handling tutorial offers effective tips to handle all application errors by including the automatic error notification and tracking them into log files for later review and application development.

561)   w3 Hitcount
w3 Hitcount keeps track on the number of visitors per day, number of visitors coming back, which OS and web browser they use.

562)   Determine the position of a particular string in an Array
This array article in ASP shows a simple way to check if an item exists in an array and teaches how to retrive the position of an array element.

563)   IReadCookie Interface
Aim of this tutorial is to help you to understand the details on Cookies object and it's usages to collect client information to utilize with ASP applications.

564)   Axml ASPNews
Axml ASPNews is a stand-alone News Website designed for news sites of any kind(Politics, Sports, Music, Science, etc). It lets you publish your content on the web effectively and easily with only a couple clicks. Works with MSSQL or Access Database.

565)   File downloading with COM and ASP
File downloading with COM and ASP is a simple article in which the author has explained how to provide file downloads and to protect the same from unauthorized surfers.

566)   WebQuiz XP
WebQuiz XP is a program which lets the webmasters to conduct online survey, quiz, tests etc., in a very quick manner. This program comes with several enhanced features for the benefit of the users.

567)   Date Endings
This is a script which displays the ending date of the month. This script is more useful for the novice programmers.

568)   ASP Text Database
ASP Text Database is a database tool used to store text values seperated from delimeters. This system is useful for any type of web application.

569)   Response.Redirect and Object moved
When the content or a web page has been moved somewhere and user tries to access it the message like Object Moved is displayed. This online tutorial explains to eliminate such a message and provides the code to do it.

570)   FlexStore
FlexStore is a flexible solution for your online business: a web catalog with shopping cart capabilities. Also available: order entry module, items comparison, special offers, multiple currencies. Fully customizable design and secure multi-level access administration module.

571)   NetCharts Pro
NetCharts Pro chart is capable of creating larger images in various format like JOG, PNG and WBMP. It is a server side chart supported by JSP and Servlets.

572)   ASP Events Calendar - Basic
ASP Events Calendar - Basic is a program with which webmasters can have a web based calendar with event scheduling functionality. This calendar can be used as an individual website or as an inclusion of any website.

573)   ASP Report Wizard
ASP Report Wizard helps webmasters in generating reports on their websites. This ASP based script uses data base to suit the users needs with more flexibility.

574)   ClanMan ASP Login
ClanMan ASP Login is a user management program where the user can secure their entire website. This program provides unlimited securities for the users websites.

575)   VisualASP Component Pack v5.1
Classic ASP and ASP.NET Components v5.1. The Component Pack includes the TreeView, ListView, Calendar and TabStrip Components with over 70 sample scripts to get the most out of every property and method from standard HTML output to advanced DHTML output.

576)   EZsite Calendar
EZsite Calendar adds multilingual calendar functions to your site. Users can easily browse upcoming events in the language of their choice. A Management interface allows you add, modify, and delete events. You can also easily add other Calendar Administrators, with password protected access.

577)   Ad Rotator Component
This is a tutorial through which users can learn about Ad Rotator Component which can automatically display the images of the ads on the web pages.

578)   ASP Live Helper
Provide online customer support.

579)   proCalendar
This script is used for displaying a calendar with time on the website. It supports multiple languages and also the visitors can change the settings of calendar and time according to their regional settings.

580)   Stereodreamscene Message Boards
It is an ASP based online bulletin board component that can be integrated into users website, through which specified topic in the board can be shared with the friends or associates.

581)   ASPQuizzer
ASPQuizzer is a web-based Quiz engine designed for learning . The data is stored in an XML format in the form of Question & Answers. Users may choose Show Answer Now to see the current answer. Supports multiple categories of questions & multiple answer files.

582)   Xplanner
Xplanner is a system that will allow you to manage Leave requests and Self Certificated sick leave with ease. An Administrator can put employees into 'Departments' each 'Department' having an Approver.

583)   Free ASP Upload
Free ASP Upload is an efficient tool that saves the files on the web server by accessing the files sent through the users web browsers. This system is very fast and efficient and does not require any special components to be installed.

584)   Compact MDB database
Two ways to compact (compress) MDB database directly from the ASP/VBS using DAO 3.5 or JRO (MDAC 2.1).

585)   WeekDayName() Function
This is a tutorial which shows the name of the day of the week. It can be done in two ways and it is an easy tutorial for the users.

586)   20/20 Realtor
20/20 Realtor is an application for small to medium sized Real Estate firms. It enables them to publish and maintain property listings on their web sites using online forms and database management tools.

587)   Prefessional Query Wizard
Professional Query Manager is a grafic design grid to create or modify an SQL statement for Select query. Support for Join Tables, group query and extended criteria. This extension work with ASP and PHP pages. It work like MS ACCESS with some small differences in the sintax.

588)   Profiles Database By Smo
The Profiles Database By Smo will allow users to maintain a profile on your web site. The profile can consist of work information, home information, personal information, custom form one (10 custom fields), custom form 2 (10 custom fields), and photo.

589)   Warp an Image
Warp an Image is an useful script that helps users to create a distorted version of an image using the imagedraw method. This tool is helpful for the web developers to generate images on their websites.

590)   Vacation Tracker Calendar Application
This application used for tracking the locations of employees, and vacation time. This is written in VBSCRIPT.

591)   404 Error Page (CDONTS)
How to include own custom settings with 404 Error Page and the uses of email component - CDONTS with custom error setting is demonstrated in this online ASP tutorial.

592)   EZUpload
EZ Upload is an easy to use tool which allows you to upload a file on your web server directly from a web browser. It can be easily downloaded and installed in your system.

593)   QuickAuction
A quick and easy to use ASP auction application. Completely FREE to download and use.

594)   Xpand tools- Event calandar
This is an event calendar software used by web site owners on their website to allow their site users to add their events. It displays calendar like a monthly calendar.

595)   Visual ASP Month View Calendar
This is an ASP script used for creating a month view calendar on the website by the webmaster. Date picker, highlighting todays date, customizing background and layout of calendar and many features are included with this tool.

596)   DB Connect
DB Connect is a java tutorial that will help you to learn how to set and use a database connection,DSN or DSN-less. SQL Server or MS Access.

597)   Secure Login Manager
Secure Login Manager is a program where the users can access the password protected webpages on their website. This program avoids unauthorized access by the users on webpage.

598)   MonthView Calendar Class
This is a tutorial which explains about the monthview calendar. It is a complete customizable calendar for your websites.

599)   Cartweaver PHP Shopping Cart
Cartweaver ASP Complete shopping cart application. Easy for Designers, powerful and customizable for Developers!

600)   TxTBak
This is a component which can be integrated to any site with a little modifications. It uses an access database for storage. It is like shoutbox but has a bit more of a forum feel, and is limited to 160 characters per message (like SMS)

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