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Top 651-700 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

651)   Response.AppendToLog
This online ASP tutorial teaches on adding strings to the webserver log entry and provides syntax to implement this process in web applications.

652)   UltraBoard
It is an ASP based online discussion board which can be integrated into users website. Through which messages are displayed in customizable format, posts and categories description.

653)   SMS API
SMS API is a communication program which allows the users to send SMS messages from their applications. The users have the ability to send messages through emails and also receive confirmation.

654)   Dates with the Ordinal Suffix
This is a tutorial that shows how to display the current date with the ordinal suffix. This tutorial guides the users step-by-step to create this ordinal suffix program on their applications.

655)   ASP tListe
ASP tListe has a fully functional ASP script and is a nice ASP treeview program.

656)   Store Portal
Store Portal is an ASP based online website which contain various functionalities and a modular system that can be adopted to any kind of online business needs. It supports database like Micro soft Access and Microsoft SQL server.

657)   ActiveFile
ActiveFile is an efficient file component that has been designed mainly for making the file transfer between the clients and the web servers easy and simple.

658)   AbyssLabs.FinLib
Provides 10 functions that are available in MS Visual Basic 6 but are missing in VBScript (ASP): DDB, FV, IPmt, NPer, Pmt, PPmt, PV, Rate, SLN, SYD

659)   Post large form data to ASP - Request.Form and stack overflow error?
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of URL decode and the method of transforming the binary data to a string by VBS.

660)   Test Builder
Test Builder is an online test package programmed in ASP using an access database. The most recent version has the new ability of having short answer test questions in addition to all original versions of test.

661)   Inside Technique : Sending an Automated Newsletter

662)   Calculate Distance Between Two ZIP Codes or Postal Codes
This algorithm calculates distance between two coordinates ie. latitude and longitude from ZIP code or postal code. It is suitable for store locator, route planner, shipment estimation etc.

663)   SMS Online
This utility is used for sending and receiving SMS message to the customers online. SMS messages can be sent or received from web sites or WAP enabled mobile devices.

664)   Dictionary Object Properties
The four properties of VBScript's dictionary object is taught with clear description in this ASP tutorial and by learning them you can work with data in dictionary objects easily and effectively.

665)   ASP Flash Counter
This script is helpful for the webmasters to count their website visitors hit report like, number of visitors online , who have visited before etc., and those reports are displayed in flash animated form.

666)   Is Prime Function
How to find the prime numbers using string functions is elaborately explained on this web based ASP learning tool that tells their usage with encryption algorithms.

667)   Asp_Upload_and_Resize_Images
With this Server Behavior You can upload files, trough a simple web form to Your site. This extension don't need components to upload files and You don't need write code. After the upload You can resize images and/or make thumbnails.

668)   Website Membership & Password Protected Pages V 3.0
Website Membership & Password Protected Pages Application V 3.0 allows you to enhance your website by capturing user information on a Microsoft Access Database.

669)   Majodio. FTP
This is an useful tool for the web administrators who want to transfer data to and from the FTP server with full security. It provides username and password protection facility.

670)   Hello World WML With ASP
This tutorial shows how to display text on WAP devices, this tutorial will be useful for beginners.

671)   1-2-3 JumpTracker
Track, manage and analyze all your ads and web links. Tracks IPs, date, time, and referral url. Unlimited number of links allowed. No more second guessing whether or not your advertising dollars are being well spent. Easy as 1-2-3 to setup and use

672)   AspPing
AspPing is a COM component that allows you to ping Hosts and other network resources.

673)   Controlling Program Flow in VBScript
You can let your scripts to make decisions to proceed process or to execute other tasks by implementing the conditional and control structures in your scripting and this tutorial teaches how it can be done on VBScript.

674)   Protecting Passwords with a One-way Hash Function
This ASP article deals with protecting the password with the help of one way hash functions. In this article author discusses about the step by step method involved in protecting the password of the users in the database.

675)   Dividing a long string to "pages"
With the help of this online ASP tutorial, you will get the solutions to split a long string into pages. Comes with the source code that lets you learn the needed string functions easily.

676)   Format Dates and Times
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of FormatDateTime. It is used to format the date and time.

677)   Absolute Image Gallery XE
Absolute Image Gallery XE is an media gallery software that helps in creating images and multimedia galleries, which can be installed in the web server. With this program the images can be accessed and also new images can be added into the gallery. By this many multimedia content can be added in the website.

678)   ASP Punycode IDN decoder and encoder
Decoding and encoding between punycode, unicode string (BSTR), binary, utf-8 and conversion to/from other code pages. On-line sample decoder and encoder of punycode data and IDN names.

679)   If ElseIf End If Example
Pacos Drivers offers and example and tips for If ElseIf End If Example.

680)   The Server Object: MapPath and URLEncode
This easier ASP tutorial describes the MapPath and URLEncode methods of server object to obtain path of a file, folder, etc and to encode a URL for spaces respectivly.

681)   Creating PGP-Encrypted E-Mails
The need of transfering files and emails securely is described in this online course that tells how to send emails in encrypted format to keep all info in safety.

682)   InStrRev()
Those who need to know about InStrRev() in VBScript can go through this online ASP tutorial that gives more details on this function which can be used to manipulate string data.

683)   Count Click Throughs (Without a DB)
From this tutorial the web developers can get some clearance about how to generate and to use a click throughs on their website. It has given three examples with sample codes.

684)   Delete A Folder With ASP
Delete A Folder With ASP is an online article in which the author summarized on the method of deleting specific folders from your directory through the FSO of ASP.

685)   Educesoft Calendar
This calendar script is used on the website to allow site visitors to enter their events on the web calendar with full protection i.e- it provides password for every user to customize their events.

686)   OpenForum
OpenForum is a program which allows the users to view forum that has messages posted by them. The forum can be shown in any ASP web pages.

687)   ASPKnowledgebase
An ASP program, ASPKnowledgebase provides you the solutions to add information with your knowledgebase system. Allows you to create many categories with unlimited topics and with searching capability. HTML editor helps you modify the content of FAQ system.

688)   Web Stream
Web Stream is a website tracker which monitors the website and gives real time track report. This tool also protects the website and their properties.

689)   Databound Countries Combo
This is an ASP tool which displays all the countries in the world using the drop down combo box. This tool is simple and user friendly to the users. Programmers can use this tool for their web applications.

690)   Global.asa
In this tutorial, several information about Global.asa is provided with detailed explanation. Also, advantages and drawbacks of global file is discussed in detail.

691)   Selecting a Random File from a Directory and Outputting its Contents
The easier ways to diaplay a random file on website using Server.MapPath is clearly taught through this tutorial and is more useful for the ASP programmers to develop their coding skills.

692)   #Feeshbowl
#Feeshbowl has chatrooms and message boards for people who would like to discuss ASP and other programming languages.

693)   Converting a Recordset to XML
This is a tutorial for transforming record set into XML. Here the author illustrates by transforming an ADO record set into XML string.

694)   Validate email Addresses
This full featured online tutorial teaches the need of email validation and tells about the steps with proper examples how to find out a invalid email addresses.

695)   E-commerce Kit
This web application, database driven, allows the user to build an e-commerce web store for use with Paypal. Template based so easy to use and customize.

696)   Active Server Pages: Displaying Date, Time and Text
This is a tutorial which shows how to display the present date, time, etc. This tutorial is explained in detail with an example for users to easily understand.

697)   ASP Postcard Mentor
This is an online messaging tool that helps users to send their message to others using their own images. Its very useful for the webmasters to increase their web traffic.

698)   NVE ASP Chat
NVE ASP Chat is a database driven ASP/VBSCRIPT Chatroom application. Features include: Multiple Chat Rooms, Automatic log off if guests leave the room or close their browser window without clicking the Exit button, and Clicking the Exit button removes the user from the list and closes the chat windo

699)   UltraSite
It is an ASP based portal system which is specially designed of car dealing management systems. This software provides design, scalablity, marketing, and productive solutions to users.

700)   ASP Whois Lookup
This is an useful networking tool which is used for viewing registrant name and their entire information from whois server. It searches and gives result from the whois server quickly.

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