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Top 751-800 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

751)   Football Pool
Asp football pool is an online game played at the time of football event. By entering the entry form the players are asked to guess the winner of the event and to mention the number of point the team will get before the event start. This games work with database in server side.

752)   @Watch
This tool is used for analyzing the status of the domain registration duration and also it helps users to find the downtime of the site and it bans the bad image from delivering to the site visitors.

753)   ASP Message Board
This an ASP based message board component that can be integrated into user website for creating a message board on their website. It has MS Access as in-built database.

754)   Multichat
This is an web based application through which the user can create a chat room in his website. This tool is available in HTML and JAVA script.

755)   Advanced File Uploading
Advanced File Uploading is an online tutorial in which the author has given a brief introduction for ASP file uploads, multipart form data, macintosh files, IIS metabase etc.,

756)   IIS Log Manager
This tool is helpful for the webmasters to monitor and calculate their monthly bandwidth and store those information into a database. Users can query their bandwidth report easily via this application.

757)   Shout Box!
This is an important tool for the web owners to enhance their website with chat room facility to allow their site visitors to chat with their neighbours and friends without leaving their website.

758)   SQL LiteSpeed
This is an ASP based software that provides zip technology for the user to integrate in their website. This provides backup storage, compression of server files and bit encryption for securing data stored in the backup memory.

759)   ASPTaskScheduler
This component is used for creating a task scheduler for windows applications. It provides interface automatically to the task scheduler service by which they can enumerate any task.

760)   CandyPress Store Administration
CandyPress Store Administration is a powerful shopping cart utility with which you can administer and control all activities of your shopping cart from any web based browser.

761)   iisCART2000
This is a powerful ASP application using which you can sell any kind of product online through in place property editing with 4 different display options for all the products.

762)   Online Photo Album (XML Version)
This build is Salman's fourth release of the online album. The current version does not require FSO (FIle System Object) from your host provider.

763)   Go Smart Site Search
This ASP driven application lets you build a web based search engine on your site to find things within your site.

764)   Alivesites Banner Ads
Alivesites Banner Ads is a program that allows website administrators to display ad banners on their websites. This program supports various sized banners.

765)   ASP Application: Site Statistics
This tutorial is helpful for every webmaster which guides them to create their own web traffic analysing program. It helps them to view their sites web traffic report.

766)   ASP Photo Competition
This site is ideal for amateur photography clubs wishing to implement quick web based photograph competitions. This version requires you to already have all the images (no uploads), and then load them into the database using web admin forms. The site then handles the voting and displaying results.

767)   Access Database Administration
This simple online tutorial helps the developers to restore an MS Access database and also to compact a database. The author explains this concept with an example.

768)   SOOP Portal
SOOP Portal is a portal system with many facilities which makes your website more interactive. It offers polls, guestbooks and more.

769)   Forcing an image to download using the ADO Stream Object
This is an useful tutorial that helps you to download the images using the ADO stream object. This tutorial provides the source code for the users. This tutorial is easily understandable by all the users.

770)   Real Estate Listings & Appointments Database
This is another ASP enabled program that helps you to administer your real estate manager to sell homes, cars, properties, etc., Each listing can have appointment and the database tools keep track of info about agents, listings, etc.,

771)   An ASP Template Class
An ASP Template Class is an online ASP article in which the author has explained the readers about the method of using VBscript classes in isolating HTML codes from ASP codes.

772)   WebExplorer Lite
An open source code, fast and robust web-based file manager written in ASP with an easy to use user interface.

773)   Linkit Pro
This script created for you to manage your links as Yahoo style with unlimited categories

774)   Display 10Records per Page
The main objective of this online tutorial is to help the developers to display more number of records on web pages. The author shows how to control the number of records displayed.

775)   DU Calendar
This is an calendar script built in ASP with MS Access as backend to store the events added by the visitors. It has password protected admin control panel.

776)   Paypal Button Factory
This is a tutorial that elaborates about an important drawback while using point-and-click code at This tutorial also details on fixing that problem.

777)   EZsite Calendar
EZsite Calendar is database driven web utility written with server-side in-process objects. Text and background colors can be changed by setting object properties in HTML.

778)   Simple ASP Chat
Simple ASP Chat is a tutorial that enables ASP users to build a simple chat program. This tutorial details the creation of chat program starting from building a form and guides through the entire installation.

779)   CartExpress
CartExpress is a full featured shopping cart software that provides optimum solutions for all B2C and B2B organisations to create e-stores independent of custom components.

780)   FormDesigner
Online forms can be now easily generated and updated using this tool FormDesigner. The enhanced features are more useful for the webmasters while creating forms like membership form, custom form, contact us form and also survey form.

781)   20/20 Auto Gallery
20/20 Auto Gallery helps you to manage an online inventory system for vehicle sales transaction via user friendly interface system. In-built image manager enables you to upload pictures with vehicle and accessories display.

782)   Using Time And Date
This is a tutorial that shows the method of displaying date and time on a webpage. This tutorial also shows the functions of Formatdatetime and now function.

783)   Rollingpin: weblog reading lists in ASP
'Rollingpin: weblog reading lists in ASP' is an ASP based program which can be used by the users to display a blogroll on their websites.

784)   DataBound Collapsible Menu (ASP)
This program is used for creating a navigation menu list in frames view. It helps the users to generate a tree view menu list.

785)   SMS Web Ad
Ready Ads Manager permits you to manage the banners on your site. It allows you to add, activate, deactivate and delete banners on your site.

786)   Determine whether a url exists
This tutorial provides users solution for verifying the ASP page’s existence. This article illustrates this process by using an object from MXML library.

787)   Faqs Manager
This is a Frequently asked questions database managing program in ASP that helps users to edit, modify or delete FAQ's from any web based browser. Categories can be organized with the point and click management feature.

788)   Using Global.asa
The usage of Global.asa file is taught in detail through this tutorial. It tells how to store the session variables to be used all over the application in ASP.

789)   Jiro's Banner System Experience
Jiro's Banner System Experience is one of the most efficient banner rotating system with multi language support. The JBS and JBSX will control the complete banner system.

790)   Two Tier Data Islands with Expanding or Collapsing Child elements
This tutorial contributes to users on utilizing XML data islands in IE for displaying XML which stores parent child relationships. This tutorial also covers on managing child elements.

791)   OrplexFAQ
OrplexFAQ helps you to get loyal customers to your website by providing excellent online support through effective FAQ system. Widely useful on intranet and internet based organizations that supports ASP programming.

792)   Eufrates BBS
Eufrates BBS is a message board program which permit the users to post messages on distinct topics and communicate with other users. The login detail can be remembered by the system with cookie option.

793)   Form Responses to Text File
This script helps the users to write form responses to a text file and also to read it again.

794)   ASP 3.0 Properties
ASP 3.0 Properties is a quick reference source that shows all the properties of the ASP objects. This utility is useful for the ASP programmers.

795)   Tasker
This tool is helpful for the programmers to manage their tasks which have to be done while programming or during web development cycle. Users can integrate this script on any ASP pages.

796)   Manage database table on a Single page
It is a web based tutorial in which users can learn about creating and maintaining database table with in a single page. ASP programmers can make use of the sample code by downloading it from this article.

797)   Real-time ASP Calendar
This script is helpful for webmasters to create a website with online custom calendar to allow visitors of the site to add their events. It has customization facility and easy to handle.

798)   ASP Scripter Live Support
This Customer Support based ASP Scripter Live Support is a very effective means of communicating with the clients. There is no need of any third party components for this unique chat application.

799)   Photo Gallery Manager
Photo Gallery Manager is a ASP based photo gallery management program that helps users to allow their site visitors to create and maintain their photos in real time.

800)   FIX: "Access Denied" Error When You Access ASP Files
It is quiet possible to view "HTTP Error 401 Access Denied" While loading ASP files on internet and this problems can be solved when you go through this online ASP material.

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