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Top 851-900 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

851)   Reciprocal Link code
It is an ASP application which provides certain codes which helps in detecting for other URLs which link with the users website. User can utilize this code by downloading this code into their site.

852)   NetLogin
NetLogin is an Active Server application that brings security and user management to your website. Possible usages include: To secure sensitive areas or individual pages, For membership websites, and General user management.

853)   Daily Calorie Needs Calculator
Daily Calorie Needs Calculator is a PHP based calorie calulator script that helps you in calculating how much calories you should consume to maintain your weight.

854)   Tiff Server for IIS
Tiff Server for IIS is a powerful image manipulation utility that has the ability to generate TIFF views for all scanned images. The advanced converter and SDK available in the software converts the document into PDF and PNG files.

855)   Day Planner
Day Planner is an ASP based script which can be used as both organizer and event scheduler. It is in a multiple VB class structure for the benefit of the users.

856)   GFL SDK
GFL SDK helps the webmasters by accepting graphics image format files quickly. This is completely a free library ready for web administrator's usage.

857)   Online Printable Calendar
Online Printable Calendar is an online tutorial that guides users to include in their websites an online calendar printer to let the site vistors to print calendars instantly.

858)   DocuSafe
It is a database driven system which take full control of the companies documentation. This makes the company ahead in the market and there are many enhanced features which makes the company different from the competator.

859)   How To Bind to XML Data with Internet Explorer
This tutorial details on binding fields straight to the XML data source with the help of IE 5.0. This tutorial uses ASP to create XML and to serve like a data source on ASP page.

860)   ExpediteShip for Airborne ActiveX
ExpediteShip for Airborne ActiveX control helps to automate the shipping process. Using this component you can control shipping costs by estimating the current airborne shipping rates.

861)   WebserverCP
WebserverCP is a program based on ASP that is specially built for the admins of the web hosting companies to have an efficient control panel. Users can find the control panel solution in four levels.

862)   Infomentum ActiveMessenger
ActiveMessenger is an email component for Active Server Pages (ASP). Send high-impact email from any ASP using HTML-formatted messages, priority designation, file attachments, and more

863)   MSCCrypto for Windows
MSCCrypto includes collection of the best encryption and hashing algorithms: RSA, AES, Blowfish, Twofish, MD5, SHA1 and 32-bit CRC checksum. Includes PGP/OpenPGP compatible component

864)   Show MSN Messenger on your Website
Show MSN Messenger on your website is an article which shows how to display MSN messenger friends list on your web applications. Using this provided code you change some function but you cannot change the display settings.

865)   NetProbe
Netlog is an ASP component which is used for making a network communication with full security in an easy way. This tool has independent protocol which is used to fetch and pass the information through any network environment.

866)   Netertainment Support Forums
Netertainment Support Forums is an online comunication forum that allows members to get support for their ASP related programming by receiving answers to their questions.

867)   MembersPro PayPal
Plug and Play membership script now supports 3 Levels of membership! Recurring subscriptions or one time 'lifetime' payment option. You can concentrate on getting clients and providing content while PayPal takes care of all the subscription payment transactions.(PayPal IPN enabled).

868)   Avoiding a Type Mismatch Error
This online ASP based error handling tutorial is capable of avoiding the 'type mismatch errors' with ASP application using the Visual Basic's 'ByRef' and COM. Describes how ASP form data and component can be validated.

869)   Mailing List Newsletter Pro
Now all newsletter problem comes to an end for the web administrators by this Mailing List Newsleter Pro. The main advantage of this is to save unlimited mailing groups and emails.

870)   Server header
This is a tutorial that provides some tips about server headers. In this tutorial users can find information about how to use IPsec to lockdown the IIS webserver and about how to remove ASP session and server headers in IIS.

871)   Ultimate ASP Dicussion Forum
Ultimate ASP Dicussion Forum is an online ASP Community that offers a message board as well as information on ASP.

872)   ASP Forums
A very warm welcome to ASP Forums. This site is dedicated to two things. We want to provide a forum for all ASP developers, admins, and webmasters to discuss issues relating t

873)   w3JMail
w3JMail is an email component that can be used by the webmasters to enhance their mail applications. This component can be used by anyone efficiently.

874)   CodeAvalanche FreeForum
Asp forum application

875)   Make javascript to ASP
Collecting information from client machine using javascript and send them into ASP pages is demonstrated in this ASP tutorial with a clear explanation.

876)   fipsForum
This forum is written in ASP and uses an Access 2000 database. On the first page you can see the categories with the latest entries.

877)   MegaBBS
MegaBBS embodies the bulk of our efforts. Out of a lack of quality free ASP based message boards, MegaBBS has grown into a very competitive message forum, comparative to other high quality PERL/PHP systems. It is fully featured and easy to implement. Current uses of MegaBBS include corporate intranets, commercial websites, personal use, and universities! It supports MS-Access and SQL Server and can be setup and running in a matter of minutes.

878)   Contour CubeMaker
Contour CubeMaker is an XML code which helps you to generate micro cubes. These microcubes are created either manually or through a schedular or web page. CubeMaker processes database query and creates new microcube based on the template.

879)   Hot Or Not V. 1.01
Hotornot is a professional Picture Voting application that allows users to upload their own pictures and have others vote from 1 to 10. Customizable & integratable into any Web site. User section with stats. Check it out for further details!

880)   Conditional SSI
It is possible for you to extend SSI (Server Side Includes) features using the conditional statements to implement some web based processes effectively by going through this online ASP scirpting tutorial.

881)   ASP Online Documents
ASP Online Documents is a dynamic web content management system, with source code which can be installed in the designers website. With this online document the user can present articles or they can gather information faster. This has many features to help users.

882)   ASP ListPics
It is an online ASP based image gallery in which the automatic indexed thumbnail will be created. The user can view the webindex, it has Actve imageX control, description of the images and much more.

883)   VBScript Language Reference - Operators
With the help of this online tutorial, VBScript coders can learn all the opeartors in VBscript with detailed explanation that lets you implement them into your code ease.

884)   Toolsack Baseline
Toolsack Baseline is a program built for ASP users, it provides users a collection of effective 30 COM objects which can be utilized for ASP development.

885)   MPCSoftWeb Chat Xtra
It is an application that helps users to enable chat facility on their website. Visitors have options to add emoticons, e-mail other users, public and private chats.

886)   PRB: ASP Error 0115 When Connecting to Sybase/Oracle Database
Getting solutions for database connections through ASP, ADO and IIS is simply done using this ASP online article that gives more information about ASP Error 0115.

887)   Yider
Yider, an ASP based script has been integrarted with VBScript to create a database with link directories and helps you to include a search engine on your website. Wildcard characters can be used with searching and gives multi-language support and much more.

888)   Popup ASP Calendar
This script is used for creating a popup calendar. This script displays a form on the website and the visitors can enter any date to view the day of that date.

889)   ImageUpload
ImageUpload is a program which allows the users to perform uploading image files onto their web server. The users can edit images and add effects.

890)   Smart Poll - ASP & Flash Poll
This is a super-fast, small-sized ASP & Flash Poll with 3D Bar Graph & Pie Chart Statistics to make your web site interactive and sticky. Get visitor feedback in seconds. No reloading of the page & attractive 3D statistics makes this product a sure winner for your site!

891)   GoogleBox ASP
GoogleBox ASP allows you to display the Top 10 search results from Google for a particular search query on your web page.

892)   AxpDB
This is an ASP based database tool which helps in displaying database tables in the page and also edit data in the database tables. This tool process very fastly and view large record files.

893)   VisualSoft Crypt
VisualSoft Crypt is a Cryptographic Component for Windows environment that provides Symmetric Algorithms for encryption/decryption.

894)   Web Wiz Guide Discussion Forum
Online web community for programmers.

895)   AceFlex B2C
AceFlex B2C is a simple and easy to use ASP shopping cart software with advanced sales management features allowing you to sell both digital and common products online.

896)   Display Page Numbers as Links
This program is used for creating a page navigation on the website. It helps the website visitors to navigate easily to other web pages by clicking the page numbers that are highlighted in colors.

897)   IRequestDictionary Interface
This ASP beginners tutorial describes the usage of IRequestDictionary interface to access ClientCertificate information within the ASP programming.

898)   DataBound Dynamic Dropdown Menu (ASP)
This is a site navigation program which is used by webmasters on their website to navigate their site visitors. It helps them to create drop down menu list on their website.

899)   asp password protection
asp password protection is an artcile which deals with password protection of webpages. Here author offers few codes in ASP for password protection which can be integrated into users website.

900)   Conditional Statements: Case Statements
Differnences between IF THEN and Case statements are described briefly in this online tutorial that clearly demonstrates how the conditional process is carried out using Case statement.

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