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Top 901-950 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

901)   NatterChat
NatterChat is a program that allows website administrators to have a chat system on their websites. This simple program is built on ASP.

902)   Email Marketing
Email Marketing is an ASP based program that allows users to build and manage email marketing campaigns. It is possible to create any number of email lists at any size.

903)   Easy Web-based LiveHelp
LiveHelp is a web-based live chat software that enable you to chat with your Web site visitors to answer their questions. It is extremely useful for pre-sale questions, close sales, or offer technical support.

904)   Another Stock quote application
This tutorial elaborately discusses about providing Yahoo's stock quotes on their websites. This article provides sample codes with explanation for better reference.

905)   Math functions
Offers Math function, ASP tutorial and other ASP resources.

906)   SMSC Connectivity SDK
SMSC Connectivity SDK is a program which allows the users to create mobile messaging enabled application and to send and receive EMS and SMS messages to mobiles from websites.

907)   InstantForum.NET - ASP.NET Forums
ASP.NET Discussion Forum Software supports unlimited discussion forums, topics and members.

908)   Site Membership Script
This script will allow you to restrict access to some of your pages by allotting a password to your users. Users can join themselves via another page, or you may add them yourself.

909)   Ultimate Survey
Ultimate Survey is an application effected by Microsoft.NET to be used for survey on users websites. It is a form software that comes in two models with many enhanced features to perform perfectly in polling.

910)   ASP DNS Manager
This is a COM component which makes it easy for the developers to generate a custom DNS management system using windows 2000 OS. This component can also be used in remote systems using SOAP.

911)   Gchats Flash Picture Gallery
Add interactive flash picture gallery to your website. No database needed, just copy your pictures and Gchats Flash Gallery do the rest.

912)   NedStat Pro
Nedstat Pro is a website counter which is used for analyzing the website traffic and provides the report. It tracks their site and site visitors information.

913)   eWebQuiz web based quiz maker
web-based quiz maker designed to create multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, and true-or-false questionaires. eWebquiz generates the quiz HTML and show the score and answers a

914)   Contacts Database
This database tool is used for creating a contact database table which is used for storing contact infomation about a particular person to view later if necessary using search field. It has fully functional admin panel.

915)   DUpaypal
DUpaypal is a Product Catalog and Paypal Shopping Cart application for small to midsize e-commerce sites.

916)   Configuring IIS 5.0 to host your Intranet, Extranet or Website (Windows 2000)
This is an easy to understand tutorial that covers on configuring Intranet, Website or Extranet with the help of Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0.

917)   Web Messaging Application
By using this script you just create a server application and connect it to the internet and you create another client web application and connect them both. This script sends the message to WMS server application if the visitors visited your website.

918)   Chatin'
Chatin' is an ASP-based simple chat program, which is frame-based, made with Session variables and makes use of CSS.

919)   Visualbuilder Forums
Visualbuilder Forums enables members to discuss ASP related topics with other members. This will help them to develop their knowledge on ASP and thereby to develop their ASP web applications.

920)   A Better UBound
How to handle arrays in ASP is illustrated through the help of 'Ubound' function in this ASP tutorial that also deals with non-array variables.

921)   Recursive Navigation
This tutorial describes about recursive navigation bar. This articles instructs the users about navigation tool briefly in an easy way.

922)   AspEventViewer Component
AspEventViewer Component is a program which provide functionality for the users to read the event log. The users can remove the event log entries with this component.

923)   Complete web forms from VB
This is an useful form processor tool that allows web developers to generate an online form on their Visual Basic appliance. By which the webmasters can get data related to the website from the website visitors using signup form, order form etc.,

924)   CourseWebs
This is an ASP based learning management system program which offers online distant learning courses. This program helps the instructor to develop online classroom through which tests, quizzes discussion about any educational topics can be conducted.

925)   ASP+ Tips and Tricks
This is a tips and tricks article where users would find solutions and suggestions to enhance their programming skills in ASP+. This article covers various useful topics and features.

926)   Site Builder
Site Builder is a content management solution and is developed with ASP that helps users to create and maintain content dynamically on their websites.

927)   ActiveX RegEdit
ActiveX RegEdit is a comprehensive COM interface to read/enumerate/modify windows registry keys and values from ASP, VBS and T-SQL. This script lets you logon to required user account and work with remote registry.

928)   QuickClassifieds
QuickClassifieds is a simple to use and setup ASP web server application that allows you to have basic interactive classified ads on your web site. It is completely free to download and use.

929)   Ad Tracking URL Hits
Ad Tracking URL Hits is a tutorial that clearly explains about how to track the click throughs.

930)   Simple MSMQ from ASP
Simple MSMQ from ASP is a tutorial that deals with posting a simple MSMQ message from ASP. This is an easy to understand article.

931)   Real Estate Web Application
An easier and efficient way to conduct your real estate sales can be found with this ASP software, Property listings can be included in mass number and be viewed / searched with more conditions.

932)   A Programmers Checklist
A Programmers Checklist is an useful article that provide various tips for the application developers to build an effiecient application. Developers should use comments in the appropriate place and should track all the errors.

933)   Server.URLEncode
This ASP tutorial guides you to encode the URLs perfectly with the help of simple example and is more useful for the learners in ASP programming.

934)   Creating Files with the File System Object
The simple ways to create text files with the File System Object is taught in this ASP tutorial where the sample program shows the required steps to implement this process.

935)   UK Postcode Checker using Secpay
Ideal for UK webmasters who want to validate their members. This script is recommended for users of the secpay (c) system as it uses their web validation system via an XML call.

936)   Quick Messages
Quick Messages is a program built on ASP using which webmasters can allow their site visitors to post short message and to view as soon as they enter the message.

937)   IIS Export Utility
You can use this software to transfer websites either to an IIS server or to a database and to copy the whole content of the site on a ODBC database.

938)   FlyLip Website Chat
FlyLip Website Chat is fully coded using ASP language which enables people to contact / chat each other through web based interface. Bad word filter and smile icons helps to chat effectively.

939)   ANEI-MD5
This is an ASP and VB version of the RSA-MD5 signature-hashing algorithm. ANEI-MD5 allows you to obtain a 32 digit signature for any text string or file.

940) offers a web-based interface for creating and managing custom web polls. The easy way to create online polls for your website.

941)   ASP Fun Chat
ASP Fun Chat is an easy to set up, customize, play with ASP chat program. mostly asp and vbscript, little javascript, no dll's, no textfiles, no database - runs with 4 application variables and a session one, memory usage countable.

942)   Response.ExpiresAbsolute
This ASP tutorial explains the working principles of ASP response Object's ExpiresAbsolute property that informs the page cache expiry on browsers.

943)   Creating Dependent Select Objects With ASP
It is an ASP tutorial which deals with constructing a dependent HTML select object using ASP application. Here author provides detailed description about various methods used to create the HTML select objects.

944)   Using ASP to Send a Wireless Text Message
This tutorial clearly explains how to send SMS text messages to WAP devices using ASP. This will be a valuable source for ASP programmers to WAP enable their ASP applications.

945)   gee! Inquiry & Response Generator
Supercharge the forms on your web site. Create automatic responses easily. Visitors submit an inquiry web form; this sends an email to you; plus a response email is sent to the visitor.

946)   How to Integrate Login with a Master/Details Application
It is an ASP article in which author deals with how to generate login page and how to integrate this page along with the existing ASP application.

947)   DMXReady Photo Gallery Manager
It is an ASP based program in which the user can create photo gallery, organize the gallery and manage any online photo galleries. With the help of user friendly interface any photos can be added, deleted, and even it can deactivate the photos in the galleries.

948)   ClickCart
ClickCart is a powerful and yet an affordable e-commerce software with which you can run an online flexible e-store of your own without server based components.

949)   aspWebContacts
aspWebContacts is an ASP based script, by using this webmasters can organize contacts online over their websites. This is a ready to use system, no need to configure it.

950)   AdSwap
Adswap is a set of asp code that is designed to random items on your site. This can be as simple ASP and allows you to rotate ad’s, text or pictures.

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