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Top 51-100 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   ASP Forum Script
ASP Forum Script is an article that discusses about building database driven online forum script for ASP supported websites.

52)   ASP Calendar Basic
This program is used for creating a event calendar on the website on which the site visitors can enter their events and also they can delete and edit the events.

53)   Jun Qin Studio Guestbook
Allow your visitors to sign and leave messages about your website with this guestbook, Jun Qin Studio Guestbook. Written in ASP.

54)   Web Wiz Journal (Blog)
Web Wiz Journal (Blog) is an ASP based program and is a blog application that can be used to create and share your thoughts on the websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.

55)   ForumCo Message Boards
This is ASP based message forum component through which unlimited posts, members, categories and forums can be created with capability of high and reliable performance.

56)   ASP EZ-GuestBook
ASP EZ-GuestBook is a guestbook program which permit the users to post comments on the guestbook. The users can view the comments on the website.

57)   Sending form values to an email
This is another email based ASP tutorial which implement the steps to create a form with text fields to receive data from users and sends them via email.

58)   01forums - true threaded messageboard
01forums is a true threaded board for windows servers. It has many advanced features, all administratable from an online control panel. It is based on pure vbscript, and requires no components. Features: memberspublic, email responders, ip logging, and more.runs from accesssql server - Free Trial version available.

59)   Force a User to Login to a Web Page
This is an ASP tutorial where the author discusses about how to validate the visitors username, password, and valid domain before they enter into the secured ASP pages.

60)   Active Guestbook
Active Guestbook is a program which allows the visitors to post comments to the users website and capable of attracting visitors.

61)   Trapping Errors with the Err Object
The properties and functions of Err Object is tabulated in this ASP tutorial using which you can display the error messages in an easier understandable way.

62)   Banner Rotator with Stats
This Banner Rotator stores The Image URLs, Links, Tracking URLs, Views, adn Clicks in a database. When the banner loads it update the views for that banner in the database. when a user clicks the banner it updates the clicks in the data base.

63)   We create a guestbook
We create a guestbook is a tutorial where ASP webmasters can gather more information to build a guestbook for their existing websites.

64)   SfImageResize
SfImageResize is a image edting software that supports PNG, GIF and JPEG formats. Using this program you can resize images to any desired proportions.

65)   ASP : Questions and Answers
This is an article which shows the answers for the ASP questions. It shows the necessary items for programming ASP, information about ASP.NET and more.

66)   Export to Text File
Export to Text File is a program that helps users in exporting data from any database to the client system. This program does its process with the help of ADO recordset.

67)   Snitz Forums
Snitz Forums is a forum program where the users can manage and access forums to post messages. This program allows multiple forums and the users can search forums or topics.

68)   Using the ADO Stream object to Display an Image
This is an ASP tutorial that helps you to display images using the ADO stream object. This shows an example code for displaying the images using stream object. This tutorial is easy to understand.

69)   Mid Function
It is very easy to understand the string functions through this ASP tutorial that particularly describes the Mid() Function in strings.

70)   Digital Interchange - Calendar
Our Calendar is the leader in event management software. We give our Calendar clients the most feature rich, comfortable experience available. Our Calendar is very easy to install and setup for yourself or for your business.

71)   ASP User Manager
This is a script to manage "members", "visitors", "customers", or any other user types. If your existing site is .asp based you can also enable page level security.

72)   Sakki's Guestbook
Sakki's Guestbook is a guestbook program which allows the users to post comments on various topic on the guestbook. Admin can control the guestbook entries.

73)   Use Local Variables
This web based ASP article defines the benefits of local variables with sub-routines instead of using global variables. This article says that using local variables results in cleaner codes that are easy to debug.

74)   Exploring the Request Object
With the help GET and POST methods, the server variables can be passed to ASP pages / forms and this tutorial describes how to use Request variables to obtain information.

75)   Text Verification Code Script
Text Verification Code Script is a program that comes with the ability to prevent intruders from performing registration automatically.

76)   LiveChat
LiveChat is an easy to install live chat application written in ASP and VBScript. It features moods, users online, and more.

77)   Simple Graphs With ASP
This tip helps you to create simple line graphs without using any COM objects. You can change the color, height,and width of the bars easily. This code is written in ASP.

78)   ASP Forums
ASP Forums is dedicated to providing high quality discussions to ASP developers as well as delivering free high quality software.

79)   Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro
Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro will process all web forms on your website. It’s easy to install and customize; works with any form; you have full layout and design control; it can process multiple pages forms; works with user attachments etc.

80)   Guestbook Without Database
Guestbook Without Database is a script based on ASP, webmasters can utilize this for creating a guestbook on their websites.

81)   Do While...Loop
The beginners in ASP programming can learn this online tutorial to get several information on conditional structure to implement specific process within ASP applications.

82)   AutoImageSize
AutoImageSize is a powerful multi threaded web server component using which you can resize images with your own filters and ratio guides.

83)   Graphs from a database
This is an useful bar graph tip that provides you the source code for generating bar graphs. This code can be used on any form of data base.

84)   FixQuotes Function
A simplest way to display the text statement along with quotes and also displaying words in the statement within quotes can be learnt through this little ASP article.

85)   WebBoard
WebBoard is a message board program where the users can post messages on the message board. The admin have the ability to setup unlimited boards and chat rooms.

86)   Date Manipulation
This tutorial that shows the portion of the date with the datepart such as first day of month, first day of week or optional parameters.

87)   Reading XML file with ASP
This tutorial covers on using XML in displaying data on the web pages. Here the author elaborates the role of XML and XSL in data presentation on the ASP page.

88)   Xodus e-Autosale
Xodus e-Autosale is an online autosale system. It is an excellent system for both new dealers and those who already have an auto dealership and want to expan their business through the internet.

89)   myGuestbook
myGuestbook is a guestbook script where the visitors are allowed to make guestbook entries and also to view others entries. Admins have complete control over visitors entries.

90)   Trapping HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error
How an ASP page can be used in addition to javascript in handling internal server error and sending the errors to an email address are taught through a test coding in this ASP study material.

91)   IPro Manager
IPro Manager lets you run your online real estate business with virtual tour feature. Easy to use admin panel allows any number of listing with pictures and visitors are allowed to visit a virtual tour on desired items. Without any programming knowledge you can access this ASP program.

92)   ASP TreeView
Component to generate TreeView with single simple method. Easy change styles: Classic, MSDN, XP, Iconless, etc. Can dynamically load nodes. Lots of example code.

93)   Ocean12 ASP Guestbook Manager
Full-featured guestbook program written in ASP/VBScript.

94)   Tell A Friend
Tell A Friend is an efficient system that has been designed using ASP and very easy to use. This application allows the visitors to refer your web sites to their friends.

95)   MLB Guestbook
MLB Guestbook is a guestbook program which allows the users to post comments and pick their desired baseball team images and logo.

96)   Fixit Knowledge Base
Fixit Knowledge Base aims to increase your online trading by acquiring more loyal customers with the help of knowledge base module. Without spending more time and money you can offer online support that suits to your customer requirements. ASP based sites can run this program.

97)   POP Forums
POP Forums is a forum program where the users can post or reply messages in the forum. The members have the ability to email other members through online form.

98)   XcInfoBase
A versatile FAQ or knowledgebase system that can be easily added to any existing site. Allows you to create a comprehensive and interactive knowledge database on any size web site. Great for product support, research articles; or any type of Question and Answer forum.

99)   Extract String
Extract String is a tutorial which is provided with a function that will be useful for the readers to eliminate substring’s occurrences in a string.

100)   ASP Breadcrumb class
You can build breadcrumb trails using ASP breadcrumb class. The breadcrumb class provides an easy to use API to do this.

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