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Top 1001-1050 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1001)   Global.asa Reference
The working principles of Global.asa file is demonstrated clearly in this ASP article. And Given details lets you understand the ways to work with Global.asa file.

1002)   NBDesign's Cookbook Pro
ASP NBDesign's On-Line Cookbook Pro is a program enabled with ASP which can be used as a cookbook, it can be used either as an addition to any existing site or a standalone site.

1003)   ClickGallery
It is an functional ASP web album application through which images can be viewed with the help of the browser and can be installed in any websites supporting ASP.

1004)   CyberStrong eShop
ASP shopping cart software for MS Access and SQL servers.

1005)   Basic XML3: XSL
Basic XML3: XSL is a tutorial that clearly explains about how to use XSL for building XML data. This tutorial explains about the function of XSL with ASP.

1006)   Hostik Live Chat Service
This is an online ASP based service that can be integrated in the users website and allow visitors live sale & customer services. This helps in monitoring visitors activities and also provide statistical reports.

1007)   EZ-Classifieds
EZ-Classified enables users to run classified ads on their existing web site easily. It is done by a little editing on the current web site layout. It is written in ASP and runs with an Access database.

1008) offers a place for people to discuss ASP, Hosting, Website Design and more topics.

1009)   NavXP - Web based file sharing system
NavXP is a web based file management solution that allows the users to manage their files and folders remotely through web browsers. It allows the users to share their files over the Internet.

1010)   ZAP
ZAP is an ASP script. It gives the users full control over their homepages. Designing a page using ZAP is very simple. Editing web pages is also very easy.

1011)   FlexChat ASP Chat Application
FlexChat ASP Chat Application would be greatly helpful for website owners to build a more flexible chat system for their users, visitors, etc on their ASP supported websites that eliminates the support of java chat server.

1012)   AliaWeb Power advertising banner manager
Banner advertising system (rotator) with unique hierarchy campaing/zone structure (tree zones) for MS IIS with special client for ASP. Real-time statistics/reporting, extended ads (pop up, flash, rich media,..), big performance. Free AdWare version.

1013)   ASP Power Widgets POP3
ASP Power Widgets POP3 is a COM component that can be used by the webmasters to easily access POP3 mail accounts. This is a component that offers high performance and advanced functionality to the users.

1014)   Parlis Instant Message Service
This is an online webbased application through which the user can create their own instant message service on their own website to attract the visitors.

1015)   Forgot password! Don't worry
This is an ASP script which helps to send forgotten password to the users through email with the help of CDONT's.

1016)   gianxBOOKMARKS
gianxBOOKMARKS software allows you to create multi level bookmarks. It is fully configurable in the behaviuour and it uses a simple ACCESS database as beck-end.

1017)   Properly encoding a SQL statement
This online tutorial comes with a solution for an issue while encoding a SQL statement. The author explains the reason behind that issue and gives a solution through an example.

1018)   Captcha Web Service
Captcha Web Service is a service that enables administrators to protect their web application from auto registration by securing from bot programs.

1019)   Password Quality Checker
It is an ASP script which deals with the validation of the visitors password and provides codes to analyse how good the password is.

1020)   Unicode to punycode online decoder and encoder
An useful ASP tutorial that educates you to learn how to encode and decode data / URL online. More information are available for Unicode and Punycode.

1021)   Auto Showcase
An online autodealer management can be done more easier by using this web based ASP application. Vehicles can be shown with photos and detailed info individually. Users can search for desired items with many parameters.

1022)   Application Object Explained
Information on an application can be used by all users of that application with the help of Application Object and the required functions are described through simplest examples.

1023)   Handling Form Submissions in Client-side Script
This is a tutorial which suggests the method of handling the form submissions in client side using get method. An useful tutorial for the beginners.

1024)   "Permission Denied" Error
Problems with sending emails and the solutions are explained in this ASP tutorial. Here, you can get a simple way to handle the 'Permission Denied' error with sending emails.

1025)   KUTIL Component
This component can be used for checking various aspects of the network using several tools like, ping, traceroute, whois, ip2host, host2ip etc.,

1026)   myLittleCalendar
.wsc component to display calendar on your asp pages

1027)   Custom Error Pages with IIS 4.0
All possible errors in IIS while surfing are tabulated in this ASP online learning resource with detailed description and suggest to buid your web pages in a professional way with custom error pages.

1028)   2toads Webmanager
The 2Toads webmanager is made for those who want to be able to maintain their own websites without the help of often expensive web designers and web programmers. There is no special skill required to use the 2Toads webmanager, you do not have to attend lengthy and time consuming seminars or classes to figure out how to use the 2Toads webmanager. we keep things simple, the only thing you need is a computer with a internet connection, and the ability to write, and since you are reading this here, we assume that writing is no problem. :-) In the 2Toads webmanager you can add pages to your web with a click of a button.

1029)   Traditional Auctions
Traditional Acctions is an application designed to handle Traditional Auctions. Traditional Auctions is the process of auction like 'The seller offers the product for a base price and shoppers bid for it. The shopper with the higher bid wins the product'.

1030)   VisualASP WebSchedule Application
This program is used for creating an event calendar on the website. It allows web users to add and remove their events easily. Web owners can customize the look of the calendar using templates and style sheets.

1031)   Code Widget's Database Driven Product Listing
Code Widget's Database Driven Product Listing is an online catalog manager with which shopping cart owners can generate dynamic product lists with price tags in HTML pages.

1032)   Horoscope Generation Engine
Horoscope Generation Engine is a program which can be used by the webmasters to run their own horoscope system on their websites. It has a good potential to increase the traffic of the websites.

1033)   Message Board System
This is an ASP based bulletin board component which can be integrated in the users website. This tool provide high traffic drive, increase page view and easily intracted with friends through e-mail.

1034)   Pilot WebCam Community Network Server
Web based video chat. Supports up to 255 participants. Remote administration.

1035)   BasicForum
BasicForum is a free message board for person websites. People and post messages and reply to messages. Great admin features.

1036)   Refer a Friend
It is the simplest way to acquire more new customers with the help of your existing customers by enabling them to recommend about your products and servives you offer. Supports ASP for implementation.

1037)   Mortgage Pre Approval System
Mortgage Pre Approval System is a program based on ASP that comes with several features including producing printable pre-approval letter as soon as the approval is completed.

1038)   Playing With Times
There are several different ways of displaying times. Using FormatDateTime and DatePart functions we can manipulate the time in many different ways.

1039)   Web-user Authentication for IIS
This is an tutorial in ASP through which users can gather knowledge about user authentication and what are all the steps involved in setting IIS authentication in the users website.

1040)   Connecting to a database with a DSN
This is a very simple online tutorial in which the author explains clearly about the two methods of connecting to a DSN.

1041)   MailListBot
MailListBot is an efficient email component that can be used to enhance the email applications. This tool is mainly designed for the developers who utilizes ASP.

1042)   FunkyASP AD System
Add an Rotating AD System into your existing ASP web site.

1043)   ASP Web Pro - CDONTS
The functions of CDONTS component with sending emails in ASP form can be learnt through this tutorial. Enables you to create ASP form and email object to mail the form data.

1044)   KarMa SurveyManager Lite
KarMa SurveyManager Lite is an ASP based script by using which users can create surveys on their websites. Users can create any number of questions by using this program.

1045)   Displaying Pictures Randomly
This tutorial guides you in displaying the random picture. You can use the source code available in this tutorial on your web applications.

1046)   Response Object
A clear description about all properties, methods and collections of ASP Response Object can be learnt easily through this online ASP learning resource.

1047)   ArticleMentor
ArticleMentor is useful for text handling on your web site. It comes with easy instructions and is user friendly.

1048)   Bullschmidt Bar Chart
Bullschmidt Bar Chart is a program built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to display statistical information in a bar chart. It is easy to use and to customize this program.

1049)   RMTrack
RMTrack is an quiet easier way to handle the defects / bugs seen on your software products. You can track all bugs and issues and can improve your projects by consolidating bug reports. You can create customizable issue entry form.

1050)   1ASPCommerce
1ASPCommerce is an easy to use shopping cart software that can be easily implemented on any active website for selling products online through a web based administration.

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