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Top 1051-1100 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1051)   PmForumReg
PmForumReg was written to be used in an upcoming project called "PM Forums". As the name implies, this is a user-registration script. It allows adding, editing and deleting members with support for a variety of form-input types (like radio buttons, drop menus and date selects).

1052)   Kakoo DBReporter
DBReporter is a database design documentat generator for SQL Server. It generates a report of all tables, columns, indexes, views, stored procedures and triggers nicelly formated in HTML, XML or text.

1053)   My mail application
Web based email client built in asp uses no asp components.

1054)   MX ASP Photo Album
ALBUM Mx BASIC is an application through which the photos can be uploaded to an online gallery. Has options like zooming, rotation, gray scale and mirror to view the pictures and also has private and public pictures for accessing.

1055)   APGen
APGen is a program which can be used by the users to generate any content and to pre-render the web pages. This will be of much use for the users in generating ASP.

1056)   eAuto
eAuto is a program that can be used by the users in selling their automobile products. Using this application users can store their vehicle listing and let the visitors to view and thereby to buy their products.

1057)   Adventia Chat Server
OverviewAdventia Chat Server 3.0 Premium is a single-room ASP chat that allows you to easily add HTML-only chat rooms to your site, transforming your web site or intranet into a dynamic and successful online community comprised of customers, users, suppliers or employees

1058)   IntraDNS
This component is helpful for the users to provide DNS lookup for several functions like, IP to host and host to IP, mail exchange lookup, canonical name record lookup etc.,

1059)   Application StaticObjects Collection
ASP learners can utilize this online tutorial to gain more information on ASP Application Object and can learn in detail about StaticObjects - one of the Collection of Application Object.

1060)   Count Click Throughs (With a Db)
Need to track where your users are clicking to from your site? This a asp program through which you can easily count and display the number of click through from your site with a database.

1061)   An ASP Based EZine
An ASP Based EZine is a tutorial where users can learn how to build and maintain database driven online magazines on their ASP supported websites.

1062)   Windows ScriptHost Quick Reference
Windows ScriptHost Quick Reference is a powerful reference source that has examples code for all of the objects, collections, elements, methods, and properties belonging to WSH version 2.0. If you install windows script host you can easily execute vb script and java script programs.

1063)   ISSecureFile.FileSystemObject
ISSecureFile.FileSystemObject is an efficient and easy to use component that has been designed to manage the security of files and folders on the websites easily.

1064)   Pollcat Polls
Webmasters can use this ASP based script 'Pollcat Polls' for coducting surveys with their visitors, clients etc., It is easy to use and customize this script.

1065)   How can I return the current date, time
This is a tutorial which shows how to get back the present date and time. This is more useful for the beginners to gain more detail about date and time.

1066)   Alivesites Classifieds
Alivesites Classifieds is a program that enables administrators to maintain classified ads to post services, products and jobs. Administrators can manage each and every aspect of the classified ads by using this program.

1067)   Power-Web BBS
Power-Web BBS is a ASP Server Component which allows the users to publish articles on the BBS websites. The admin have the ability to manage articles and uploaded files and control the users.

1068)   Mayja Forum
Mayja Forum is a program which permit the users to post threads or messages in the forum. This program allows users to make a reply for the threads posted.

1069)   AutoFind Manager
AutoFind Manager is a Vehicle listing application. It has been designed for wesites to host both Dealers and End Sellers. It allows individuals and dealers to publish and maintain vehicle listings on their web sites.

1070)   CyberkenetiX ASP Shoutbox v2.00
CyberkeneTix ASP shoutbox. Written in ASP, easy to install on your site, cool interface, and it's fast. Uses an access database. Free to download and to try. But pls dont omit the link back to my site.

1071)   ASP Email script using CDONTS
Getting detailed information in creation of ASP based email system is done simply and quickly with the help of this article in ASP. Comes with more related article.

1072)   SiteWorkz CMS
SiteWorkz is a web content management system. It is the perfect solution when you need an easy to use and powerful CMS for your web sites.

1073)   ClanGames
Clan game is a clan management script, which can be played only by the registered players. Using ASP the scripts are coded from scratch. This script can be run through ASP server only.

1074)   Javascript Event Handler
Javascript Event Handler is a reference guide all about javascript event handlers. It discusses about several javascript event handlers.

1075)   Advanced Password Protection
Advanced Password Protection is a program which allows the users to protect their websites with passwords. The users account can expire by date.

1076)   GFL SDK
GFL SDK is a simple and effective online image manipulation software designed as a library for creating graphical images in any desired format.

1077)   Midori's Cryptography Component
An open source ActiveX component that allows to encrypt/decrypt data through the Cast128 and AES algorithms. It's also a fast base64 codec fast base64 codec and converter from string to Array and viceversa and is able to hash file's contents using MD5.

1078)   ActiveBuyandSell
ActiveBuyandSell is an efficient software that acts as a bridge between the buyers and sellers. This software offers many useful features like buyer registration, customizable category response fields etc.,

1079)   Creating an On-Line Quiz Using ASP
Creating an On-Line Quiz Using ASP is a tutorial that can be taken as a guidance to generate online quiz with several questions. This will be of much use for the webmasters in creating ASP based database driven quiz program.

1080)   Verify your members
This is an article in which author offers various steps to validate users and block visitors with fake email accounts.

1081) Discussion Forums Discussion Forums is a place where people can find forum to discuss about ASP. This online comunication allows people to discuss about general ASP topics, ASP database issues, code samples etc.,

1082)   webNav
webNav is a program built on ASP using which users can build menu for navigation purpose on their websites. It is an easy to use navigation system.

1083)   Performance Comparison: Security Design Choices
This tutorial mainly concentrates on analysing various security design for protecting the system and compares each design both with security perspective as well as the performance perspective.

1084)   Active Auction Pro
This ASP enabled program will assist you to maintain a auction system on your websites. Can be embedded with existing site. Supports MS SQL / Access as backend. Statistics, search engine are available.

1085)   XSLT vs. DOM+ASP performance benchmark
This is an article that distinguishes the performance of using XML with ASP by using XSLT and the performance of using XML in ASP by using DOM.

1086)   Ultimate HelpDesk Suite
As well as being able to track support tickets, Ultimate HelpDesk Suite offers live customer support, is a complete billing system, maintains your knowledge base and enables you to generate reports which are all built into a sleek user interface which your customers and staff will enjoy.

1087)   Read GIF Dimensions
This is an easy to learn tutorial which helps in getting the height and width properties of the GIF images. You can get the source code for getting the dimensions of the gif images from this tutorial.

1088)   Concatenating strings and variables in Classic ASP
Those who have no knowledge in coding can learn and obtain the ways to join two individual strings into one string through this ASP tutorial.

1089)   SubSpace - Gaming Site
Sub Space is Online game tool which will be helpfull for the users who want their website to be entertainable. This game can be used by the registered users. It has forum and calender for the users to enter their comments.

1090)   LyfUpload
LyfUpload is an effective ASP component that can be used by the webmasters to manage the uploads and downloads on their websites. This component provides all the upload and download functions.

1091)   Active Metadata
Active Metadata is an utility that helps webmasters to set and retrieve image informations for image files. Using this program you would be able to create thumbnails for those details by reading the files online.

1092)   Clicksee Ad Now
This script is basically built in ASP used for creating flexible banner ads on the webpages. It is an user friendly tool which notifies the customers about the expiration time of banner ads display on the web pages.

1093)   Digirez Room Booking / Reservation
V2.1 is an ASP application that allows you manage facility reservations through your website. New features are: multi-days booking, images manager, colors picker, dates picker, position vertical or horizontal, email configuation, etc...

1094)   Auction aLive
This is a proprietory stand-alone application. However, it has many features built in for it's intended purpose. It's purpose was to monitor and record a live auction with real people all in the same room.

1095)   Free For all Link Page (.asp)
It is an tutorial which concentartes on linking all the ASP pages of the users website. This article discusses about the files required to link pages.

1096)   Getting ASP Pages with QueryStrings Indexed by Search Engines
This ASP tutorial provides useful solutions to create the possibility of indexing your dynamic ASP pages by search engines.

1097)   fXgraph - animated graphs
This ia webbased animated graph program through which scalable, customizeable animated graphs can be created without the use of external components.

1098)   NewsTraXer
NewsTraXer is an ASP based news article content management system with which admin can post, delete, edit or view articles related data on their websites.

1099)   Newshandler
Newshandler is a program which allows the users to add news on the websites. The user has the ability to manage and control the system actions. This program provides support for multi users.

1100)   Tracking and Reporting 404 Error
This tutorial is helpful for the users that gives them information about website tracking and reporting. Webmasters can learn easily and use this script on their webpage for tracking their 404 error page.

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