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Top 1151-1200 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1151)   Affiliate Links Protection Sys
This tool is used for hiding the URL from the hackers who replace the affiliate ID from the URL and put their id to steal the commission. Its useful for the user to protect their URL from hackers.

1152)   ASP Bar Charts
This easy to use tutorial has an useful script that contains the code for generating bar charts. This script is written in ASP. You can easily change the attributes of the bar charts generated by this script.

1153)   D2 Sitelock
D2 sitelock is an ASP based complete user management system. Compiles statistics on your users site useage, IP's and types of browsers accessing your site. Multiple levels of security access, gives you complete control over your site security. Email a newsletter and more.

1154)   5.1 Surround Sound on the Web
This is a tutorial that guides users to have a 5.1 Surround Sound on their web browsers. This article elaborately discusses about requirements and procedures for building the 5.1 surround sound system.

1155)   ASP Built-In Objects by Charles Carroll
ASP consists of five built-in objects that are: Response, Request, Server, Application and Session which are described with detailed explanation in this ASP tutorial.

1156)   Worksite Pro
Worksite Pro is a ASP based Software that can be used as a document management solution that helps users to create and manage multimedia documents like pdf, jpg, mov, gif etc.

1157) Password Login Protection
This is an ASP and Access solution to password protect pages on your website. It allows you to add as many users and passwords as you would like with ease.

1158)   RBlog
This is a RSS blog software and is written in ASP that can be used by site visitors to post their comments on your news items. This is an easy to use program.

1159)   ASP Help's ASP Chat
ASP Chat Professional allows anyone using IIS to provide chat to their users. It is an all HTML chat. Thus it is compatible with most of the browsers available. There is no requirement of plug-ins. No Java clients or ActiveX client components are used. The users does not need to download anything.

1160)   Affiliate Links Protection System
Affiliate Links Protection System. Hide affiliate links from commission stealers and Internet pick-pocketers. Don't allow visitors of your site to see affiliate links on your site and replace your affiliate ID to steal your commissions. Stop Internet thieves and commission theft.

1161)   StateStitch
This is an ASP based component that helps in sharing session variables between ASP and ASP.NET codes for all its applications and also converting all its internet applications into ASP.NET.

1162)   Contact Manager
Contact Manager is a simple program to be used as an organizer for all contact details and provides facility to search specific detail. It has a password protected login page for security.

1163)   Web navigation with a ComboBox
This program is used for creating combo box that allows the web visitors to redirect to other link according to their selection.

1164)   BrailleQuiz
BrailleQuiz is an educational Server Control for learning Braille in a fun and easy way.

1165)   Recordset Convertor
It is an ASP based online library Tool which can be installed in the user website for converting DAO or ADO record sets to MDF or DBF files in the database.

1166)   Toast Forums
Toast Forums is a message board program where the visitors visiting the users website have the ability to select skin for the users message board. Admin can modify every part of the message board.

1167)   Car Connection
Car Connection is a collection of ASP coded modules using which you will be able to run a profitable car sales business dynamically. Dealers can access listing module with password protected. Uses simple algorithms with searching of listing in database.

1168)   Active News Manager
Active News Manager is an online content management program which can be used to add, edit or delete news related information on the websites. This program is written in ASP.

1169)   aspWebDocuments
It is an ASP script which can be run on any Windows based PC with internet information Server. This is an application which helps the designer to create HTML based, indexed and searchable documents.

1170)   Conditionals Part 2 : If and Select Statements, When and Why
From this article, you will be able to decide in what situations If and Case statements should be used to test a particular condition with the help of provided detailed explanation.

1171)   ASP SlideMenu
ASP SlideMenu is an ASP based program using which webmasters can build a slide navigation menu on their websites. They can create any number of menus with the help of this program.

1172)   OnEndPage
This tutorial explains about OnEndPage method which is called by the server after completion of execution of the script in the ASP pages.

1173)   Breathofair TV Guide
Breathofair TV Guide ASP Free application allows you to have an online administration area, carry out search and can support unlimited users.

1174)   ASP Cleaner
Acquiring a handy tool for cleaning ASP codes, this script can correct most of the minor errors in ASP code.

1175)   HotKey Website Manager
This is an easy to use content management software in ASP that helps users to create, update and modify their website content. This program comes with ecommerce features.

1176)   ActiveX/ASP windows registry editor
Complette COM interface to read/enumerate/modify windows registry keys and values from ASP, VBS and T-SQL. Lets you logon to required user account and work with remote registry.

1177)   Sending a Email Using CDONTS
Another web based tutorial that comes with a little program to let you know about the needed methods and components to create an email module for websites.

1178)   IIS 5 Architecture Overview
IIS 5 Architecture Overview is an online article where users can find some fundamental architectural theory on IIS and its function. This tutorial can be used as a reference guide to learn about IIS.

1179)   HotWebApp LiveHelp
HotWebApp LiveHelp is a program with which administrators can facilitate their visitors or customers to chat with them. This will be useful for providing support to the customers.

1180)   A brief introduction to ASP components
A brief introduction to ASP component article compeletly talks about the use of ASP components. The users prefer this component as it provides effective functions in web applications.

1181)   Poor Man's Spell Checker
Poor Man's Spell Checker is a spell checking script written in VB script. This is a small script and can be embedded in any program.

1182)   Euro Conversion Component
Euro Conversion Component is specially designed to perform euro currency conversions with exact monetary values and dual display to and fro both with the symbol and the exchange rate.

1183)   FusionCharts
FusionCharts is one in which images can be drawn with the help of the charting components. This chart can run on any web browser and it is more flexible.

1184)   Filtering HTML From Strings
This is an article which deals with the site security by filtering the HTML from strings in the forms that have to be filled by the site visitors while submitting their information.

1185)   Random Quote service
This is an useful article from which you can learn to display random quotes on your site using ASP. The author has given simple and self explanatory codes for the purpose.

1186)   AWS-Webtools WebCalender
This program is used for developing a powerful web calendar. It displays a month view calendar and it works on server side. Its easy to use and to implement.

1187)   gee! Company Directory
Organize company directory data easily and quickly. Select from multiple directory layouts. Create employee pages complete with biographical info, department, phone numbers, emails

1188)   RegEx ActiveX Component
RegEx ActiveX Component is an Activex DLL which helps you to access windows registry from any of the windows based applications. Using this tool you can easily get the environment and operating system in which your application runs on.

1189)   Smart Message Board
This is an ASP based bulletin board through which group discussion can be done. This board provides voice opinion for the visitors comments, and also they can post response through the board.

1190)   Track website Traffic with invisble counter
Website stats in flash with 3d graphs from data stored in mdb or SQL on your server

1191)   Active Server Pages (ASP) Forum
Active Server Pages (ASP) Forum is an online forum that permits members to share their own experience on various ASP issues including programming on ASP, database usage on ASP etc.,

1192)   VBScript 5.0 Methods
This is a VBSript tutorial that describes all the methods of the VBScript objects. Web programmers can find live examples and resulting output of all the methods of the VBScript in this tutorial.

1193)   WebWhois
WebWhois is a simple and easy to use COM component that utilizes the HTTP protocol to perform a whois query against Internic or Arin.

1194)   Using prefixes and comments
This tutorial provides tips on how to create easily readable code in ASP and lists the prefixes that can be used with declared data types in your source code to make them descriptive.

1195)   Lookup Country by IP Address
The script allows you to lookup the country of the user by using his/her IP address.

1196)   Banner Ad Management System
This is a typical Banner Ad Management System which includes the banner retrieval, randomize and output include file to display the banners on your website.

1197)   Visibone Webmasters Color Lab
It is an ASP based website that offers webmasters with an applications to choose colors and fonts for their site designing needs. This is a handy online program for webmasters.

1198)   Ublog - Access/MySql version
Ublog is a opensource application for a weblog.

1199)   tsp_weblog
tsp_weblog is a program built on ASP using which administrators can build weblog on their websites. This program allows them to manage each and every aspect including adding and removing weblogs.

1200)   Web Tree Builder
Web tree builder is an ASP based program, by using which users can display webpage content in a tree structure. This can be used by the users for website navigation purpose.

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