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Top 1201-1250 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1201)   ActiveX UserManager
ActiveX UserManager helps you to create, delete and manage user accounts, groups, servers and domains in the Windows NT environment. It also allows work with user accounts and groups from VBS/JS, ASP and T-SQL.

1202)   eHomes
This is an utility that helps to deal real estate bussiness through the internet. It has powerful admin control panel to administer the website.

1203)   Adserver Solutions
Ad Server Solutions is an ASP based software that allows webmasters to facilitate their site with banner ads to market their customer products online.

1204)   Sorting a Two-Dimensional Array using a Bubble Sort
It aids to understand the sorting of two dimensional array in ASP by easier means of instructions. Comes with an online demo that lets you quickly learn this tutorial.

1205) Event Calendar
This is componenet based calander written in ASP. Add dynamic calendars to any Web site or intranet using this time saving component.

1206)   A Customizable Date Formatting Routine
This tutorial shows how to display date in different formats on the ASP websites.

1207)   CyberMerchant
CyberMerchant is a simple e-commerce software that assists webmasters to create and manage their e-stores with ecommerce product management techniques.

1208)   ICars
Icars lets you build a business website to deal with online car sales. Provides it's features in four modes - owner / administrator, dealer agents, seller and the buyer. Supports several categories to group the cars and supports sponsors with car advertisement.

1209)   Calculate the webpage loading time
This article is basically for the webmasters which allows them to refer about how to create their own application to calculate the loading speed of their ASP pages.

1210)   Absolute Banner Manager
The most complete, robust and easy to use web based banner management solution specially designed for webmasters who need fast, reliable, flexible, easy-to-use and full-featured ad serving and management front-end.

1211)   VBScript Language Reference - Constants
From this Vbscript tutorial all available constants for functions like String, Vartype, Date format etc., can be learnt in detail which would be more beneficial for all VBScript programmers.

1212)   Check It Out
This application provides the user easy development of project with document delivery, review, approval and storage solution. This can be accessed from the internet to view the projects document, history, and messages.

This is a website where people can share their ideas with each other. This is very helpful for the users and can learn more from this website.

1214)   GrabNews
GrabNews is ASP code for 'grabbing' and displaying RDF/RSS feeds on a website, these can include news headlines or blog summaries.

1215)   DynuExec
DynuExec component allows you to perform any Dos or Windows command from your ASP pages and obtain the result as a string.

1216)   ASP Form Tester
This is an ASP script which displays the form variables passed to it. Users can add all the variables in their web application being passed.

1217)   Slide Menu
Slide Menu is a navigation program that helps webmasters to build menus on their websites. They can create slide menus by using this program and make their site more interactive.

1218)   The Response Object: Methods
This tutorial provides you with the details about ASP Response Object to use it's methods to carry out several web based tasks in ASP applications.

1219)   EasyMail .Net Edition
EasyMail .Net Edition is a set of full featured, easy to use, reliable, 100% managed .Net assemblies for creating, sending and retrieving Internet e-mail. SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Parsing.

1220)   Artistry Online Tester
Artistry Online Tester is a program for easily creating and maintaining online tests. Artistry Online Tester can display any number of questions with multiple choices and can set maximum number of questions to show.

1221)   Stock Quote Component
Stock Quote Component is a script based on ASP which can be used by the users to integrate stock quotes and also stock properties like highs, volume, lows etc., into their websites.

1222)   Reservation
Reservation can be used for on-line reservation system. It is based on MS Active Server Pages and MS Access.

1223)   iCoupons
iCoupons is an ASP based program that can be used by the administrators to build an enhanced Discount Coupon Portal with PayPal transaction facility.

1224)   MBWebRealEstate - Real Estate Software
web site software solution designed for the realtor, broker and real estate agent

1225)   Online Dating Service Application
It is a dating software with a user friendly frontend and an elaborate admin panel. It provides a searchable profile database, supports profile images, has a detailed profile listing and messaging system and free email accounts for users.

1226)   AOL Instant Messenger Links
The latest version of AOL's Instant Messenger has the facility to accept URL-encoded input and display it within a new instant messenger window.

1227)   Easy Tracker
A very simple script to count the number of downloads of your files, or click throughs on your links. Very easy to start up, featuring a web based set-up!

1228)   RiskyChat
Risky Chat is an ASP Program that can be used to create a chat system on users websites. As this program communicates using raw HTML, it is better suited for firewall protected environments.

1229)   Gchats Live Mp3 Player
Gchats Live Mp3 Player is an ASP based software that can be used to play your MP3 music files. This is an easy to use program.

1230)   Beepublish
Beepublish is a website generating program that can be used to create content and maintain them on the websites. This program also offers predesigned templates.

1231)   Bandwidth monitor for IIS
Monitors how much bandwidth each domains hosted by IIS web server running on windows or NT server is using.

1232)   Paco's Forum
Paco's Forum is an online forum in which members can post their questions and comments related to several topics on ASP, ASP.NET, database usage with ASP, VB script, java etc.,

1233)   ASP Message Board Objects Application
ASP Message Board Objects Application is a program using which webmasters can build a message board on their existing websites. Webmasters can use this tool to create any number of ASP related forums and manage them.

1234)   File Approval Manangement System
CoVisible's FAMS - a workflow enabled web-based Document Management software with biometrics, scanning & contents search facility.Web-based online storage for document and record management. Scanning software for knowledge management.

1235)   Server Variables
This is an online tutorial that helps the webmasters to know about the functions of server variables and it allows them to track web users server variables.

1236)   DynuWhois ASP Component
This component is used for retrieving the domain registrant information using their domain name from whois server. Its an user friendly component.

1237)   Cookies with Keys
It is an article in which author discribes about how to generate a cookie inorder to store informations of multiple users. Here are few examples and various keys that can be used by the users to execute the above said process.

1238)   Send To Friend Script
With the help of this ASP driven program, website masters can promote their website with more visitors by implementing the ' Tell-A-friend' system on their webpages.

1239)   Visionmailer
Visionmailer is a sophisticated, high-tech email application. It offers features such as personalized mailings, confirmed Opt-In, confirmed Opt-Out, envelope style sending and much more.

1240)   Keyvan1 ECardPro
Send Greeting card to your friends,choose your Music,Background,Effect,Poem,..

1241)   acxImage
acxImage is a simple and useful image creating component in ASP. You can use this to create both GIF and PNG images on the server with specified size and colours.

1242)   The Index Server Companion
This article deals with index server campanion which helps the users by indexing the content of the ODBC database and from the remote website.

1243)   EZApproval
EZApproval is a program that enables webmasters to display graphical images on their ASP based websites to allow their clients to view and approve and to demand for a hard copy of the image.

1244)   SocketTools Secure Scripting Edition
The SocketTools Secure Scripting Edition consists of scripting components for Internet and intranet application development. All major protocols are supported, and the components can be used in a wide variety of development environments

1245)   Creating an On-line Help System
This article summarizes the techniques involved in generating a fully featured admin powered online help desk for your website using active server pages.

1246)   ACC2000: Introduction to .ldb Files
It is an ASP reference article which gives detailed description about the .ldb files and what are all the functions it performs. This article will be helpful for the MS Jet database programmers.

1247)   AspID Password system
AspID Password system is a program where the webmasters can have control over users entries into a certain webpages. This program uses MS Access as database.

1248)   Gchats Media Player Pro
Gchats Media Player Pro is a program built on ASP that enables webmasters to play music or movie straight through their websites.

1249)   ASP Magic 8 Ball
This is a game done in ASP. The game is that the magic 8 balls answer all the question asked by the user. The source code for the program is presented to the user to use this program on their websites.

1250)   U Photogallery
U Photogallery is a program based on ASP with which administrators can build an image gallery on their existing websites. This program supports MS Access and MS SQL server databases.

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