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Top 1301-1350 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1301)   Registering A Component
In this article author describes about the step by step procedure to register a C++ and VB component in the web server.

1302)   ASP News Manager - Digital Interchange
Our News Manager lets anyone publish content on the web effectively and easily. The administration area is a secured area with an intuitive interface that will let you manage all of your content. You can upload new attachments, create category groups, disable postings and much more.

1303)   Session.Timeout
The required steps to determine the length of time for a session object to stay alive using Session.Timeout function can be learnt from this easier online ASP tutorial.

1304)   Relocated Resource Pointer
This program allows you to inculde any number of URL links within a web page. And it enables your user to visit a page of their choice using the given URLs.

1305)   Apartment-Threaded
You will learn the ways to create apartment-model object that can work together with ASP components using the thread that supports CoCreateInstance through this online ASP tutorial.

1306)   ASP Express
ASP Express is a scripting environment and is a code editor that can be used to modify HTML tags and ASP codes. This program comes with two versions such as, standard edition without ASP.Net and dotnet edition with ASP.Net.

1307)   Web based alpha tabbed address book (ASP)
Web based alpha tabbed address book (ASP) can be used by the users as an address book application. All contacts details can be stored in an aphabatical order in this application.

1308)   Stellarite CRM
Web based CRM system integrating all areas of an organization.

1309)   A "Print the Source Code" Script
A "Print the Source Code" Script is a tutorial that contributes to ASP users on facilitating themselves to print the source code of their own ASP pages.

1310)   .NET Framework Overview
This article gives information regarding ASP.NET. It describes about the common language runtime, about JVM, etc., in a simple way.

1311)   DNS Look Up Script
DNS Look Up Script will carry out a simple DNS look up on any IP address and Reverse look up.

1312)   Web Organization Chart
Web Organization Chart program uses personnel database tables to create corporate organizational charts. Web Organization Chart can connect to any HR tables contains information on existing personnel. You can define two fields as unique identifier of the record.

1313)   InformIT Visual Tutorial 5: Active Server Pages Scripts
This article clearly teaches about the process of storing information into a database and tells how to retrieve information from a database in an easier understandable way.

1314)   Add a quote of the day!
Add a quote of the day! is an article that elaborates about creating program to display quotes randomly on the websites. The author guides users to build ASP based quote displaying program.

1315)   ImageEffects
ImageEffects is an effective image manipulation program using which you can add special and graphical effects for all HDC and HBITMAP images.

1316)   Response.Write
This ASP tutorial will be more useful for ASP learners to acquire details on ASP Response object and this tutorial explains the Response.Write method in detail.

1317)   e-Luminate R-Web
This is an ASP based online restaurant website which helps in developing the restaurant management system. It offers applications that helps in updating your special items, menu items prices, managing letters to the manager and more.

1318)   Web Menu Builder
Web Menu Builder is a program built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters to generate the menus for their website navigation. This tool lets the webmasters to build a menu in quick manner.

1319)   Windows Scripting Host and IE
Windows Scripting Host and IE is an article that deals with using Windows Scripting Host on Intranet Environment. The author clearly explains every thing including administrative scripting, logon scripting and machine automation.

1320)   Ikon Ad Manager
Ikon Ad Manager is an ASP based ad management tool used for creating rotator banner ads on the website. It is used for marketing products online.

1321)   NTUtils
NTUtils is a server program which allows the users to write and to read from windows NT event log. This program have an option to add new users and change their properties.

1322)   CityEvents
CityEvents is a website add-on content manager. It enables announcers from theatres, cinemas, clubs, cafes, etc. to publish events on your web site.

1323)   USPS Domestic Rates Calculator - Realtime
USPS Domestic Rates Calculator helps the web administrator's online store by determining USPS shipping rates on the fly. This USPS Calculator is given as ASP code, which is easy to handle.

1324)   Site Search Engine
This Server Behavior lets you write a Site Search Engine page and display the result.

1325)   ISAPI Rewrite
This is a software for creating your own URL schemes based on regular expressions and to develop authorization schemes for those files with specified access levels.

1326)   Posting HTML Form Data as XML Strings
This is an article that guides users to use their existing Web infrastructure for designing XML-based applications. The author explains this in detailed steps.

1327)   Certy is an useful website for all the IT professional to improve their skills. They conduct certification exams in various IT technologies.

1328)   Fullxml
It is an automated web portal system to scatter the content in the website and display news. No database is required to run this system and it supports multiple languages.

1329)   Active Server Paint
This Active X DLL component can be used to create images and bitmaps for all images in GIF, BMP and JPEG files in any desired size with specified clip area.

1330)   Creating Your Own Objects
The steps required to create own objects in JScript are taught with a simplest example and guides you to how to refer the created objects within scripts.

1331)   VBScript 5.0 Properties
VBScript 5.0 Properties is an effective online tutorial that elucidates all the properties that are available in VBScript language. This is a invaluable resource for the web programmers.

1332)   Visual Studio Talk
Visual Studio Talk is an online community, in where members can discuss topics which are relevant to Visual Studio development.

1333)   Soop Italia
Supporting to SOOP Portal is the main task of this community. All the services are rendered online through this site.

1334)   Doctor's Appointment Software
Doctor's Appointment Software is a script built on ASP, specially for the doctors. Doctors can schedule their appointment hours with respect to the days by using this online program.

1335)   RemoveDuplicates()
After studying this ASP tutorial you will be able to maintain the string list in your ASP applications without any duplicate string data.

1336)   Request.Form
All form values can be retrieved using Request.Form method of Form collection and this ASP tutorial helps you how to carry out this process in your Applications.

1337)   SmartASPAd
SmartASPAd can be used for manageing advertisements on your web-site. SmartASPAd strength in managing and delivering various type of advertisements through 4 major types of advertisement grouping.

1338)   Conditional comments of IE 5
This tutorial is intended to give a brief introduction on the comment-like tags supported by IE 5+ along with the operators and the syntax of conditional comments etc.,

1339)   ASP Tic Tac Toe by Steven Smith
ASP Tic Tac Toe is a tutorial that can be used as a reference and guidance to learn about creating a web based game Tic Tac Toe. Here the author details the uses of state, sessions and database calls in generating this game.

1340)   ASPEval inline code execution
ASPEval inline code execution is a tutorial that will be of much use for the programmers to implement any ASP code through a web service.

1341)   1 DB Manager
1 DB Manager is an ASP based database tool which is used to manage database entries and to record data remotely. It has full customization facility to manage databases.

1342)   Random Passwords
Random Passwords is a tutorial that covers on creating a program to let the users to register easily by randomly generating password and thereby mailing them to the users who want to register.

1343)   DM Simple Ad Rotator
Its an ad management tool that allows web site owners to create advertisement banners on their website. This script has own text files for each banner to customize the banner text.

1344)   URLEncode Function
From this ASP online tutorial, you will acquire more information on URL encoding process and can learn the reasons why it should be done when passing form data and files through HTTP.

1345)   ActiveBundle
ActiveBundleTM is the component bundle of choice for Microsoft® Active ServerTM Pages. This package contains the runtime for the following components, ActiveCreditCard 1.0, ActiveFile 2.3, ActiveMessenger 1.1, ActiveNavigator 1.0, ActiveProfile 1.3, AppletFile 2.5, ASPLightning 1.2

1346)   Nutty Password
This is an ASP article which deals with password protection. Auhtor offers a code which uses file name as a user password and this code searches the current dirtectory in the server.

1347)   ASP Test Manager
ASP Test Manager is a script built on ASP which lets the webmasters to create and manage the tests content to let the visitors to appear in the tests.

1348)   Login Deluxe 2000
Login Deluxe 2000 is designed for password protection and is written in ASP and HTML. It is provided with administrative capabilities that can view, update, delete, and send MAIL to all users who sign up using the sign up form.

1349)   SalesCart SQL
SalesCart SQL is a full featured shopping cart script written in ASP enabling admin to sell their items over the net through browser based order management techniques

1350) is one of the popular website which gives the list of articles posted on the popular languages with the complete details about the author and their tutorials.

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