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Top 1351-1400 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1351)   Liberum Help Desk
This script is used in large to medium firms to develop an efficient online customer support website to manage technical support problems.

1352)   emagiC CMS
Affordable browser-based Site & Content Management System offering XML, WYSIWYG editor, stylesheets, link verification, extranet, sitemap management, admin rights&roles, templates and full API. Available in English,French,German,Spanish,Chinese…

1353)   LinksPro
LinksPro is a program using which webmasters can build a link indexing directory on their websites. It can be used to link rating and reviewing, admin approval, new link notification etc.,

1354)   InsPanel - Hosting Control Panel For Windows
The InsPanel is a web-based hosting control panel. Ideal for hosts looking for a scalable solution for their clients. Featuring support for Windows 2003, Cold Fusion MX, MS SQL and a multilingual interface among other features.

1355)   Date Example
This is a tutorial that shows some of the examples for date and time function developed with VB script. The list of time intervals are shown in this tutorial.

1356)   Ektron eWebWP
Ektron eWebWP is a powerful text editor that helps you to format web site contents and being built with macromedia flash MX technology you can also access images through the same URL.

1357)   ASP User Engine
ASP User Engine is a signup and login solution for you site.

1358)   Forced Matrix Affiliate Software
A Full-Controlled Forced Matrix Affiliate Software design to maximize affiliates productivity. Available in Access or MS SQL database and includes: multi-level 7 tiers, downline/upline network tree, anti-fraud system, extensive administration tools & reports...

1359)   Email validation using Regular Expression
This online article illustrates the simplest way to find out valid email addresses using ASP. Provides several related articles to gain more information on emails in ASP.

1360)   Constructs & Variables
The variable declaration in VBScript language is described in detail on this tutorial that explains the statements - DIM, OPTION EXPLICIT with easier examples.

1361)   Paging through Records using a Stored Procedure
The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the webmasters about paging results of a database query. The author shows this task with an example in this article.

1362)   Format
User will be able to learn how to format Date, Time and Number with this tutorial.

1363)   Categories in columns
This is a tutorial in which author discusses about categorizing the links on the database into any number of columns and linking these columns with the sub categories.

1364)   XML Strengths and Weaknesses with DOM, ASP and XSL
This is an article that covers on merits and demerits on using XML with ASP, DOM and XSL. This will be useful for users to gather more knowledge on XML.

1365)   DUportal
DUforum PRO is a message board system built with ASP and Access database.

1366)   My Sponsors
My Sponsors is an ad management system which is used to generate rotating banners on the website. It uses access database to store images and data.

1367)   IHomes
IHomes has lot of ASP driven features to ease your work that is to be done with maintaining home listings on your real estate system. MySQL / MS Access can be enabled to control both property listings and agent, buyer management.

1368)   The ASP.NET Page Life Cycle
This tutorial deals with writing a perfect ASP.NET application in a ASP.NET page that executes correctly and effectively, reducing manipulation time and increasing the performance of the particular application.

1369)   Grabbing Information from other Servers
Grabbing Information from other Servers is an easy to understand tutorial that comes with information about implementing ASP script from other servers.

1370)   My ASP Paypal E-Goods Protector
M.A.P.E.P. is written in ASP/VBscript using Macromedia Ultradev, it is 100% customizable and extendible. Easy straight forward setup.

1371)   NU Real Estate
This ASP oriented software offers features to construct a high feature online real estate system. With java enabled browsers it can display panaromic images for properties. Paypal module is included for quick real time payment transactions.

1372)   ASP-XML DataGrid I
This online tutorial is about the XML DataGrid. This article demonstrates the webmasters about using an XML file to create a datagrid in ASP.

1373)   Using ASPHttp To Scrape Data
Through this online ASP article, you can learn in detail about the usage of ASP component AspHTTP to GET / POST a document and to grab the content from a webpage into the code.

1374)   WorksEye
WorksEye is a powerful ASP component using which you can zoom images. This is an easy to use program that provides maximum clarity for the images.

1375)   A Beginners Guide to Creating and Displaying Your First XML Document
In this tutorial novice programmers can find information about generating XML document and generating HTML page to display the data, which are present inside that document.

1376)   ASP and VBS, ADO and DBF file database connection
This online tutorial deals mainly with ADO and DBF file database connections. The author explains the entire process in this article and discusses more about each function keys.

1377) - Product tracking
This tool is used for tracking the product and it helps webmasters to get the information about which product is selling good and also it helps them to receive feed back from the site customers.

1378)   AceProject
AceProject is a high-featured software development application that is highly adaptable for all organization where to co-ordinate unlimited user tasks done on multiple projects. Consists of many modules like calendar, member admin area, email system and a lot more.

1379)   desSysControl
desSysControl is a program which allows the users to restart the server by enabling the ASP application. This program has the ability to logoff users.

1380)   Simple Link Ranking System
Simple Link Ranking System is used for viewing the web site traffic report. In this tool link reports are stored in MS Access database and shows them in a table format.

1381)   PC-Coders
This site is basically for the programmers who want to outsource their projects online to earn money and manage good customer easily. Project managers can search their required employee through this site.

1382)   Parodia Internet Recruitment System
Parodia is a recruitment system for job boards and recruitment agencies. It is fully customizable for using on your site. It enables you to publish jobs on the internet.

1383)   gee! Contact Organizer
Organize your contacts. Collect user info from opt-in forms on your site into a web database. Categorize and export contacts with our contact manager software.

1384)   Zip Component
It is an ASP Active X component that provide functionalities to zip or unzip the files in the folder by a simple code snippet.

1385)   SalesCart
SalesCart is a full featured shopping cart software that helps webmasters to integrate shopping cart on their website with wizard-driven shop configuration.

1386)   Using the SAFileup component - Introduction
From this article you will learn how to script codes for uploading text files and image files on your website directory using the SAFileup component of ASP.

1387)   Displaying the servers current date
This is a tutorial which shows the function for exhibiting the servers present date. This tutorial is more useful for the users.

1388)   ABuzz Ad Server
This script is used to enable your website with rotator banner ads and click throughs. Webmasters can facilitate their site with banners to earn and boost their customers revenue.

1389)   XcCal
XcCal is an Active Server Page script application that displays a simple calendar on a web page. It shows the current day highlighted. It can be fully integrated into your website and maintain a 100% seamless look.

1390)   AspUser
AspUser is a complete user and permission management component. It supplies you with an object-oriented programming interface to NT user and group accounts as well as access control lists of files.

1391)   Job Control
Job Control is a perfect program that enables website creators or businesses to post jobs on the internet. Each employer is provided a logon to enter their jobs. It is a user friendly program with an easy setup.

1392)   Using Classes in ASP
Creating web applications using classes in ASP programming is taught in this tutorial that demonstrates on how to declare classes in ASP through sample programs.

1393)   ChatAnywhere
It is a complete online ASP application through which customer service and sales solution can be provided to the customers or clients of an organisation.

1394)   RSS Content Feed
RSS Content Feed is a program that permits the users to share headlines and other web contents. This program can show RSS feeds.

1395)   Lazy Programmers Shortcuts 1: Collections
Displaying the recordset elements in an easier way is described in this online ASP tutorial and is more useful for the script writers.

1396)   JavaScript Operators
JavaScript Operators is a reference atricle that comes with all operators in javascript to let the programmers make better reference.

1397)   Object References in VBScript (Variables and Values in VBScript, Part 3)
This is an online ASP tutorial that shows the ways to implement object references within web programming to handle object and arrays and also tells the limitations of Activex objects.

1398)   Scignos Systems Editorpro
Scignos Systems Editorpro is a simple and effective online content management script written in ASP with which you would be able to visually edit website publishings.

1399)   Using Access in ASP.NET - Making the Connection
The website teaches you how to use Microsoft Access in ASP.NET in making a connection.

1400)   CodeAvalanche GameSite
Asp content management system for online flash games site.

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