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Top 1401-1450 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1401)   Two Ways To Protect Your ASP Page
This is a tutorial in ASP which helps the users by offering information about protecting the users ASP pages with the help of Request.Server variables.

1402)   HandyHTML Studio
Webmasters would be able to create web based applications by using development languages such as Javascript, ASP, HTML etc. They can also generate and administer all types of online projects easily.

1403)   DynuHttp
DynuHttp allows you to retrieve documents, Get Headers, Get URL, and Set Authorisation.

1404)   mCore Lite - ActiveX SMS Component
mCore Lite is a robust and easy-to-use component that will enable your desktop or web based applications for 2-way SMS. It can be used with any ETSI 07.05 compliant GSM modem or phone handset connected to the PC serial port.

1405)   HTTPSSL Component
This tool is helpful for the web developers to host their HTTP pages in a secured way for passing data securely using SSL.

1406)   A Brief History of Hypertext
A detailed information about maintaining static and dynamic web content through HTTP prototcol is elaborated in this ASP tutorial and by learning this tutorial, you can build interactive web content.

1407)   ASPRealtor
ASPRealtor lets you create and maintain your real estate properties with adequate images with the help of ASP features. Thumbnail images can be created automatically and you can resize them as per your desire.

1408)   DB look up using ASP and WML
DB look up using ASP and WML is an useful tutorial that helps the ASP programmers for building WAP enabled sites powered with a backend database.

1409)   N2D AspFileUp
N2D AspFileUp is an efficient component that enables the webmasters to manage the uploads on their servers effectively. This component is easy and simple to use.

1410)   W3Info Object
W3Info Object script allows you to query remote servers for the server software installed and default document of the base location.

1411)   Simple GuestBook or Feedback Page Requiring No Database Implementation
Simple GuestBook or Feedback Page Requiring No Database Implementation is an article by using which webmasters can gather more information about building a guestbook using XML on ASP.

1412)   WebTracker Gold
A Web site statistics program. Features: configurable DSN name; ability to personalize the web tracking panel; No limits on shown data, you can configure the amount of entries you like to see displayed.

1413)   Digital Interactive's ASP Auction
Digital Interactive's ASP Auction is an easy to use auction software that can be easily integrated on any active e-commerce website.

1414)   ASP COM Objects with ATL 1.1
It is a tutorial which deals with generating COM object and this component can be included in ASP pages to use distributed features.

1415)   SoftwebsNepal - Real Estate Software
This real estate software consists of ASP coded modules which are highly useful with listing management. Both clients and private agents can access listings with flexible features through unique interface.

1416)   Serving Dynamic Images from Static Web Pages
This ASP turorial describes about the genereation of dynamic images like banners on the static web pages. These dynamic images help to build attractive web pages. This tutorial displays a sample code that creates a dynamic image on an ASP page.

1417)   VBScript Procedures
How to create functionable modulars in VBScript is demonstrated clearly in this tutorial using 'sub' and 'function' procedures and guides you to write your code in an effective manner.

1418)   QuickNews
QuickNews allows you to add a quick and simple news management database to any web site.

1419)   iSimpleAuth
iSimpleAuth is a filter which allows the users to protect their members directory within IIS server. This program permits the user to access their members directory by setting cookie to a determined value.

1420)   Estate Agent Manager
Estate Agent Manager is a more suitable ASP program for your real estate management which is available with own customizable web designing. Property listings addition, modification and deletion can be done via user oriented web interface.

1421)   WaspRING
WaspRING is a program built on ASP using which webmasters can build and manage web rings on their websites. This program allows webmasters to create any number of web rings.

1422)   Rotating Banner Ads using a Database
Rotating Banner Ads using a Database is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about how to rotate ad banners on ASP supported websites. Author here discusses about using SQL server with ASP to perform ad management.

1423)   Active Auction House
Web based auction software designed for auction house business (ex. Only the administrator can add products. Registered users are allowed only to bid on the product

1424)   Padlock Web Site
Padlock website is a program which permit the users to securely get registered with your website to access protected areas of the site. This is efficient and cost effective security application.

1425)   Contact Us Manager
This is a ASP solution that helps users to allow their site visitors contact site admins or any departments of an administration. This program can also autorespond or send fully customizable messages.

1426)   gee! Job Listings Manager
Post job listings online within minutes. Specify location, job type, pay, job details, experience required, and more. HR personnel can post jobs from multiple office locations.

1427)   E Classifieds
Easy to access online classified listings through this e-commerce. More better functions than paper classifieds. Seperate categories for each and every item advertisements.

1428)   Creating a Dynamic WAP Application
This tutorial explains how to build dynamic WAP applications using ASP. The author explains this with a working sample code.

1429)   FindFilePro
FindFilePro is an efficient component that can be used effectively for the management of files. It offers a large number of file utilities and users can search and sort the results.

1430)   Calling MS Access Parameterized Queries from ASP
This tutorial site helps the users to know how to call MS Access parameterized queries from ASP and this tutorial shows how to activate SQL queries to access Access database through ASP.

1431)   smartUptime
smartUptime is a program and a component which displays the server uptime to the users. An useful script for server administrator.

1432)   Resign Letter Maker
Resign Letter Maker is a script that helps to quickly create a letter.

1433)   Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App
This is a tutorial which shows the ways of adding event datas to the calendar. They are explained in step-by-step manner.

1434)   Axml Asp Search
AXML ASP Search is a database oriented ASP Search Engine, for use with any site supporting ASP. Works with MSSQL or Access Database.

1435)   FusionCharts
FusionCharts is a program that can be used by the users to generate Macromedia Flash charts on their websites. Users can utilize this tool to create both animated and scalable charts.

1436)   aw3 Gallery
It is an online ASP Based application through which users can create a photo gallery, view photos in categorized form, enlarge photos, create description and title. Visitors can vote the pictures stored.

1437)   Adelage Ad Server
Adelage is a banner manager system written in ASP and operates with MS SQL database. This will be integrated easilty with cold fusion tags.

1438)   Power TCP Web Tool
This tool is helpful for the users to create a communication tool on the network using HTTP protocol. It provides HTTP and HTTPS for secured communication. It uses HTTP requests for communication.

1439)   Absolute Banner Manager XE
This script is used for creating web pages with banner ads and images. This tool has ad tracking facility to view track records of particular ads. Its easy and very flexible tool to use.

1440)   pinNavigator
pinNavigator is a program which will provide webmasters a navigation bar for their websites. This can be used by the webmasters for site navigation purpose.

1441)   ASP+ Configuration, Deployment, and Versioning
This article talks about the deployment, configuring and versioning abilities in ASP.NET with examples. This article covers the recent changes on ASP+ that would be helpful for developers.

1442)   ASP Cool Chart
This tutorial gives the source code that helps you to create the bar charts. You simply enter the values to draw the bar charts. This code is written in ASP. This is an useful tutorial for the application developers.

1443)   AspWebHeadlines
This is an online news content management software and is written in ASP that helps users to create and manage news realted data such as press releases, articles etc on their websites. This program uses a detailed layout interface.

1444)   VBWire
This is an useful website for the VB developers and programmers. This site offers various VB informations like articles, tutorial informations, tip to develop XML program etc.

1445)   Engine Promotion - DMOZ Extractor
Display the results of DMOZ directly onto your page in HTML.

1446)   2eNetWorX HiLiteR
2eNetWorX HiLiteR gives you the ability to highlight your code for publication.

1447)   Active Cache for ASP
Active Cache is a component which helps to increase the performance of the ASP pages. This tool handle more pages per second and you can easily integrate it with your existing webpages.

1448)   MidiCart
Using this software you can create the database for the cart from your desktop and then upload it with FTP to implement your own shopping cart on the net.

1449)   IApplicationObject Interface
You can create components in your ASP programming using Application object and more details are available on this online tutorial to access them through IApplicationObject Interface.

1450)   Functions in ASP
This ASP learning source describes the usage of subroutines and functions to reuse the code. And explains the difference between functions and subrountines via sample programs.

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