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Top 101-150 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   ASP Tutorial Lesson 11: Errors
The various functions of ASP to handle errors is illustrated with their uses from which you know the ways to get error reports and several related articles.

102)   Login with sessions
It is an ASP authentication tutorial in which author decribes about how to protect the users websites by pass word protection system and how to manage this system through admin section.

103)   webCal
webCal is a full featured calendar for the web designed with ASP. Features include: Support for multiple users, including a web based user manager, Events may be designated public or private, Scheduled events can be configured as recurring (daily, bi-weekly, etc.), Entering dates in the edit form is

104)   ScriptMate Secure
For any ASP site, ScriptMate Secure is a basic password protection system. ScriptMate Secure includes a web administration interface and comes with a access database.

105)   PowerWeb99 guestbook
PowerWeb99 guestbook is a program which permits the users to make comments on the guestbook with their name, IP address, homepage url and email address.

106)   w3Sockets
This is an useful network component which is used for transferring data with remote systems. It uses windows API application for such function.

107)   WebBugle
It is an ASP based online portal specially designed for constructing content management system in restaurant and catering website. This provides interface and also allows to add menus, events, promotion, and unlimited number of custom pages in the website.

108)   Free Chat Rooms for your website
copy and past free chat code and put chat rooms on your website. chat rooms are fast and powerful running on our own secure servers

109)   WebCalendar
Allows customer to handle event management like monitoring and controling the events/business events. Events include special events, meetings, announcements, local events, etc

110)   DESTech Uploader
DESTech Uploader is a tool that allows the webmasters to upload the files using either HTML or ASP files easily. This tool is very simple and can be used effectively by anyone.

111)   Log In System
This is a full-featured password protected login system. This application is basically an improvement to our Password Protection script.

112)   Determining the sun rise and sunset for a particular location
In this tutorial the author elaborates about building a program for calculating the sun rise and sun set for the provided longitude and latitude.

113)   PageXchanger
PageXchanger is a program that performs content negotiation for allowing the webmasters to use cleaner URLs on their websites. This will keep web applications and websites in a secured manner.

114)   Mass Emailing With CDO
How database can be integrated with CDO to enable mass mailing process is taught with brief explanation in this online ASP tutorial. Provides the information to implement SQL Object for database creation.

115)   Looping: While...Wend
This is a tutorial which explains the functions of while wend loop. Users can understand about the functions this looping statement with an example.

116)   Add or Subtract Hours in SQL or ASP using DateAdd
This is a tutorial which shows to add or subtract hours using DateAdd. The description is given in detail with an example.

117)   Accessing Microsoft Access databases in ASP using ADO
It is an article through which users can learn more about accessing the data from the database with the help of ADO and ASP. Here author discusses about connecting the recordset with the help of ASP application.

118)   Multiple Submit Buttons
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of submit buttons. This is more useful for the users to know their functions and users can place any number of submit buttons.

119)   Dundas AspUpload
Dundas AspUpload is an efficient component that can be used by the webmasters to manipulate the uploaded files efficiently. This component is highly flexible and reliable.

120)   Bf.Forums Express
Bf.Forums Express is a free ASP based forum system that you can use to add forums to your web site. Includes object, object reference, sample application and database.

121)   Error Reporting - IIS 5.0
This ASP article demonstrates the uses of IIS 5.0 for handling errors and to report errors occured in applications. Gives the solutions to display custom error pages and to track errors in a database.

122)   Trapping HTTP 404 - File not found
Steps to get HTTP 404 errors using CDONTS and displaying custom error pages by modifying the default ones and more related topics in error handling process is taught through this online ASP article.

123)   How To Return XML from an ASP Web Page
This is an online tutorial that guides users on displaying XML data from Active Server Pages. This tutorial presents users detailed instructions about this process.

124)   How do I populate a dropdown list from a database ?
This simple online tutorial explains the webmasters about how to generate a dropdown list from a database. the author narrates this populating method with an example.

125)   ASP Chat Professional
ASP Chat Professional was designed to allow anyone running IIS to provide chat to their users or customers. Since the chat application is all within a component, all of the benefits of a component over an ASP only based chat are realized.

126)   Images in ASP
This is an easy to learn tutorial that helps you to add the images in ASP files. You can add image files on the ASP pages without using the BLOB object of the database.

127)   Redirect to different target using radio button
This is a tutorial which shows the method of redirecting to various targeted URL when user clicks on any radio button.

128)   Creating an Dynamic Array of Dictionary Objects
This ASP article deals with dynamic array for creating Dictionary Objects together with ASP which comes with sample source code.

129)   Content Manager
Content Manager is a ASP based content management program that helps users to create, maintain content on their websites. They can update it from any remote location.

130)   Encyption with ASP
This article deals with using encryption technique on ASP pages to protect their web pages. This article offers text stream and randomly generated keys.

131)   How to convert http date to OLE(VB/VBS) date
This is a tutorial which shows the way to transform the HTTP date into OLE date. Some of the examples are given in this tutorial to show the way of conversion of HTTP date to OLE date.

132)   Bhushan's Guestbook
Bhushan's Guest Book is a program using which webmasters can allow their site visitors to post their comments on their websites. This easy to use program is based on ASP.

133)   Create a custom ASP error page
All errors found on your website can be stored into a centralized and customized common error page so as to reduce the large coding used to display custom errors is illustrated with ASP sample programs in this web based course.

134)   Web Wiz Forums
Web Wiz Forums is an online comunication forum that allows people to get support for Web Wiz's free applications and Web Wiz's forums applications. This utility also allows people to have a general online discussion forum to discuss about ASP.

135)   The Guestbook Page
The Guestbook Page is a tutorial that provides a detailed explanation for the users to let them create a simple guestbook on their ASP supported websites.

136)   eReservations
This script is used to create a reserveration chart on the website to allow web users to reserve their rooms or place online. This program is helpful for restaurants, railways, airways etc., It displays calendar which is brewed with style sheet.

137)   Censoring User Comments in a Guestbook or Forum Setting
This tutorial introduces the censor, naughty string and how it functions with ASP is described in detail with an example.

138)   Shopping with ASP or ASP.NET
Shopping with ASP or ASP.NET is a tutorial that guides administrators to build and run an online shopping website. Author says this discussion will be a consideration that have to be made by the administrators before they launching an online shopping business.

139)   LTrim; RTrim; and Trim Functions
The needed string functions to seperate the first or last characters from a given text is explained with detailed description in this ASP tutorial.

140)   Formmail.ASP
This ASP program helps you to deliver HTML formatted content into an email through ASP page. Allows you to modify the script as per your needs. Supports SMTP server for sending emails.

141)   isAlpha for ASP
An useful tutorial for learners in ASP to learn the ways to generate an ASP program to check if a certain string has only alphabets.

142)   Insert Form data to Database
This is a script which records form data that are submitted on the website by the site visitors into a database for future reference.

143)   SimpleChart
Create bar charts, line charts and pie charts with these easy to use ActiveX charting components.

144)   aspSmartMail
aspSmartMail is a fully featured email component that can be used to enhance the capabilities of the email application. This component is very simple and easy to use.

145)   Looney Toonie's Guestbook
Looney Toonie's Guestbook is an online ASP baed guestbook where your visitors can leave you messages. You can ban unwanted messages and visitors by ip number.

146)   ASP Guestbook Application
ASP Guestbook Application is a program which permit the users to post comments and their entries are displayed with their name, post date and email address. This program uses MS access 2000 database.

147)   Script-Shed Guestbook
Script-Shed Guestbook is a program which enables the users to post several entries on the guestbook. The admin have the ability to control the users actions on the guestbook.

148)   Display jpg in a dbase with asp
Through this online tutorial the author describes about displaying JPG files in a database with the help of ASP. This article shows a live example with the sample code.

149)   Using fn_get_sql()
This is an article about MS SQL, in which the author deals with a new function and the changes in functionalities, security fixes and available new features that have been introduced in MS SQL server 2003 SP3.

150)   GA's Guest Book
Design GuestBook Series. Build your own design (including color, font, background, borders, filters) online with "Virtual Designer". 30 preset skins are included.

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