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Top 1451-1500 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1451)   ASP Mystic Card Trick
ASP Mystic Card Trick is a game that can be integrated into any ASP supported website by using given script. This will be useful for web based amusement purpose.

1452)   VBScript Language Reference - Functions
The given list in this tutorial enables the ASP programmers to learn all the available functions in VBScript in detail with the help of given clear demonstration on each of them.

1453)   Secure Shops iCarts
Secure Shops iCarts is a powerful ASP application with which you can build your e-commerce website to sell the products online with advanced inventory control.

1454)   ActiveX/ASP Logging system
Hi-performance text file logging for ASP/VBS/VBA applications. Lets you create daily/weekly/monthly log files with variable number of logged values and extra timing and performance info.

Share information, ask questions, and answer posts here.

1456)   ASP-World.Com EventCalendar
An easy to use online calendar program to inform the world of upcoming events.

1457)   2eNetWorX dev Site
It is an ASP based online portal system which can be downloaded into your server and helps in developing new website. This site has functionalities like ASP scripts, database files, content management, and access 97 database.

1458)   All
This site is for the freelancers and for the business managers which allows them to communicate with each other online. Buyers can search for freelance programmers online easily.

1459)   Enhancing the SELECT element
This is an article which deals with constructing 'SELECT' element component using ASP application, through which users can create a select text box and they can select the item they need.

1460)   InnovaStudio Web Color Designer
This script is helpful for the webmasters to design their web pages with different colors. This color scheme offers two hundred and sixteen web safe colors and the construction of color is quite easy.

This is a very simple chat which can be used with any ASP website. It has secure user authentication to allow user login.

1462)   eUser
eUser is a user management program which helps the users to alter their website as a members only site. This program allows the users to update their profile.

1463)   ASP BlackJack
This is an online game, programmed in ASP. The source program of this game is presented in this site for the use of web designers. This game is very simple to play. The game is between The user and the computer.

1464)   Web Forms and Visual Studio .NET
This is a tutorial which concentrates on the procedure to develop web forms with the help of Visual Studio.NET. The author elaborates this method of generating the web form with the help of examples for easy understanding.

1465)   Click Tracker
Click tracker is a simple website tracker which is built in ASP program. It tracks number of visitors currently online and whoever visited earlier, clicks to products on your website etc.,

1466)   VbsEdit and JsEdit
VbsEdit and JsEdit is a powerful editor available with an effective built in debugger using which network administrators would be able to edit both VB and javascript.

1467)   Manipulating Cookies in Flash via ASP
This tutorial explains about the usage of cookies in flash through ASP files. This tutorial clearly shows the example code for creating and reading cookies in flash through ASP.

1468)   NNews
NNews is an online news posters management program and is written in ASP that helps users to create and maintain different types of contents related to news, journal etc on their websites.

1469)   EXIFInfo ActiveX
EXIFInfo ActiveX is an ASP based component by using which users can read special tags in the JPEG files inserted by digital cameras and certain programs.

1470)   FastFacts by EdWebz
FastFacts is a system, by using this users can generate fact-based quizzes on any subject at their choice. This will be useful in the field of education.

1471)   When Session Variables Go Bad
Several solutions are provided under many topics in this ASP tutorial which enable you to work with session variables without any errors and is very useful for the ASP developers and the beginners.

1472)   ASP Turbine 7
ASP Turbine 7 is a program built on ASP that comes with the ability to create PDF documents and flash rich media from ASP scripts.

1473)   Making ASP components using VB
This is a simple tutorial which teaches the methods for building the ASP component using VB, which performs various complicated functionalties with ease.

1474)   CodeAvalanche Directory
Link and resource directory script.

1475)   Xsite CMS300
Xsite CMS300 is an ASP based program that is simple yet powerful content management solution for users to manage contents on their internet and intranet websites.

1476)   Extract Text From HTML
This tutorial concentrates on extracting a text from the specified article, eliminating HTML tag from it and transferring its content to text.

1477)   Dynamic Banner Administration
Dynamic Banner Administration is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about executing banner rotation to dynamically manage the banner rotation in respect to the number of impressions. This is for ASP supported websites.

1478)   Absolute Poll Manager XE
Absolute Poll Manager XE is a program which can be used by the webmasters in polling. This increases popularity to the users websites and increase web traffic.

1479)   Ourline Appointment book
This program is used to allow users to maintain their appointments online. This tool is helpful for any private firms or education center to manage their appointment date and time. MS Access database is used to store data.

1480)   Web+Center Help Desk
Web+Center Help Desk is a program that offers solution for providing customer support. This program will be useful for low level, medium level and high level businesses.

1481)   VBScript 5.0 Constants
This easy to use quick reference utility lists all the constants of the VBSript language. This tutorial shows all the constants with its value and description which is helpful for the web programmers.

1482)   ASP.NET Primer
This article gives detailed information about ASP.NET. HTML, JavaScript, etc., are described in this article and it is more useful for the beginners.

1483)   PipSuite
It is an ASP based content management system. This program helps in creating a website with polls, forums, private messaging, and guest books and also provides article and section editor and article comment facilities.

1484)   FunkyASP Link Checker
Check link exchange sites are still linking.

1485)   ASPWebLinks
Using this ASP written program You can build a directory with unlimited web links to access them without the help of FTP. Source code can be rewritten to fulfill your requirements. Users can be allowed to add links.

1486)   Advertisement Script
ASP based Banner Rotation Software uses FileSystemObject to create a text file and store advertisements in it. You dont have to use any databases to make an advertisement page.

1487)   COM Based IIS Authentication-with AuthentiX
It is an article which deals with the Authentication of users website or webpages. In this article author concentrates about how to provide password protection in the users website. This article will be helpful for the webmasters and ASP programmers.

1488)   Session object
The described few methods of ASP session Object in this tutorial will be more useful for the coders in ASP scripts and applications to learn them easily.

1489)   PDF Page Counter COM Component
PDF Page Counter COM Component is a program using which users can easily count the total number of the pages of PDF files.

1490)   Write cookies
It is an tutorial through which users can get information about what are cookies and how the browser store the information of the loaded page in the server with the help of cookies.

1491)   Banner Control Wizard
Banner Control Wizard is a tutorial that guides ASP users to build banner management system on their websites. Users can easily display random ads with the help of this tutorial.

1492)   ASP ECHO Pay Form
Accept Credit Cards and Checks with this online payment processing order form - Just Include ECHO PAYFORM in your secure website and you're ready to go! ECHO ( merchant account required. Available in Cold Fusion, PHP, and ASP.

1493)   ASP.NET: What's new in ASP.NET v1.1 and Windows Server 2003
Learn the new exciting features of ASP.NET 1.1. This session covers the changes from ASP.NET 1.0 and includes new features such as Code Access Security, IPv6 support, and support for running multiple versions of ASP.NET side-by-side.

1494)   A+ Email Verification
This is an ASP driven script that deals with email systems to verify the validation of email addresses with the help of server objects.

1495)   Delivering on the .NET Vision
This article gives information about ASP.NET. It describes about the latest in .NET based development tools like the Visual Studio .NET.

1496)   User Errors for IIS
User Errors for IIS lets you display your own custom error pages for web server errors. Allows you to have single / multiple pages to monitor errors. Can provide advertisements on error custom display pages.

1497)   FlashCharts
FlashCharts is a program that can be used to expand the capabilities of the web application to generate flash charts on the websites. Users can use this tool to create pie charts, bar charts, line charts etc., on their websites.

1498)   Click&Link
Click&Link is a program built on ASP with which website administrators can track all hits to ads displayed on their websites.

1499)   Log Analyser
This tool is used for analysing the websites regular traffic and also it tracks the visitors information and displays those information on the screen in a graphical mode.

1500)   Online Showroom
Online Showroom helps to include a virtual salesman to increase your automobile sales. Admin controls both member and showroom section. Available with unlimited features with vehile management. Supports ASP.

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