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Top 1501-1550 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1501)   Dynu FTP
This is an ASP based component used for transferring data under FTP control i.e- it allows users to send and retrieve data or file from FTP server. Users can send custom commmand from any web browser to the FTP server.

1502)   Bookit Pro
Bookit Pro is a ASP Script that Builds online book store with in minutes. This script allows you to manage book store with Amazon associate program . You may publish unlimited numbers of sub-categories and books. Webmasters can use this software to build a online book store in a few minutes

1503)   Response.End
Response.End function is used to stop the execution of a script and the required details to carry out this process is provided in this ASP tutorial.

1504)   Winsock Library
It is a TCP/IP network interface used to transfer data between systems. FTP, HTTP and SMTP protocols can be implemented with winsock library. Client server application can be generated with this library function.

1505)   AJLogin
AJLogin allows users to register for membership to your website and then login. By putting a simple file include at the top of any ASP page you want protected, you can deny access to that page if the person is not a registered member and is logged in.

1506)   CartGenie Enterprise Edition
This is a powerful e-commerce software using which you can setup online malls with unlimited number of store fronts to promote and sell products online.

1507)   ASP MX Component
This is an ASP based component that helps users to provide mail exchangers DNS lookup. It helps users to find hostname and entire information of the given email address.

1508)   Applications By Smo
Applications By Smo consists of three applications, they are Login Database, News Database and Profile Database. These applications have been changed from their stand alone versions to work together.

1509)   IP*Works! ASP edition
This component offers almost all type of protocols and it covers many enhanced features by which the users can create professional intranet and internet applications easily. Every component of this tool is easy to use, intuitive and simple.

1510)   xPortal Payment Module
xPortal Payment Module is an ASP application that helps vendors and merchants to process online transactions and customers credit cards through activeX components.

1511)   IA Inventory
IA Inventory is an inventory content managment system and is developed with ASP that helps users to add, edit or delete inventory related data on their websites.

1512)   PowerTCP SNMP Tool
This is a network component which contains several network controls and each control is used for different functions that enables users to manage network devices and network applications.

1513)   Millisecond Timing with VBScript
Using the Timer() function in VBScript it would be quiet possible to calculate the milliseconds between two events and this tutorial lets you understand this process step by step.

1514)   InnovaStudio Site Template
This ASP template systems enables website owners and web designers to create attractive templates for websites with a simple navigational solution.

1515)   JumpAds - Text Based Ad System
This script is used for creating text based ad system on the website. Users can use their own images to display on banner ads. Programming knowledge is not required, its just plug n play model.

1516)   Dates & Times - Usage & Formatting
This is a tutorial which shows the usage of dates and times. It also shows the date and time formatting in a simple way.

1517)   A clock with images
This is a tutorial which shows the generation of clock using time images. This tutorial is useful to generate graphical counter.

1518)   Frames View - No Frames View
This site provides ASP code which helps the web developers to make link to a common navigation area within their website.

1519)   Spider Catching in ASP
It is an article in which author deals with advanced content cloaking algoritham. This article will be helpful for the ASP programmers for providing spider catching in their ASP pages to get listed in more search engines.

1520)   Writing ASP Components
This tutoial deals with creating COM objects in ASP application with the help of server side scripting. Here author explains how to utilize this component in the ASP environment.

1521)   QANTA Authentication
Add Authentication to your Windows Media Server.

1522)   ASP Drive Object
This tutorial comes with lot of inbuilt examples that clearly demonstrate the usage of drive object and also describes about the Folder object to be integrated with drive object.

1523)   Chilkat XML
For parsing, manipulation of XML Data and navigation, Chilkat XML is the alternate to Microsoft XML DOM (MSXML).

1524)   Intranet App
This script is helpful for small and large organizations to manage their company employees and their firms events and discussion forms through intranet.

1525)   ASP Banner Rotator
This script is built in ASP which is used for creating web pages with rotating banner ads. Banner details are stored in database and it queries the object from database for random image display on the banner.

1526)   Xceed Winsock Libraries
This is an ASP based network component which is the only library that helps programmers or network administrators to generate a protocol independent networking code.

1527)   ASP 2.0 vs .Net
ASP 2.0 vs .Net is a reference that makes an exact comparison between the performance of the ASP 2.0 and ASP.NET.

1528)   VP-ASP Shopping Cart
VP-ASP Shopping Cart is a powerful ASP application with which you can create and manage online e-stores with browser based administration.

1529)   HOWTO: SQL Server with Integrated Security, IIS on Same Machine
This is a tutorial which concentrates on protecting the SQL server along with the MS IIS using integrated security system in the same machine.

1530)   Save Form
This component is helpful for the users to create an effective form on their website. It provides all the values in a form and save it into a disk. It offers several important features and it is easy to install.

1531)   PhotoGallery
This is a webbased online application through which user can create and maintain their own photo gallery with their own photos with attractive features.

1532)   HTTP Log ISAPI Filter
This program is used for logging the http raw data, http header and document data and stores it in a separate file. IIS service outputs are also monitored by this program.

1533)   ScreenRes
ScreenRes is an ASP script that allows you to check and analyze the screen resolution of your visitors. It writes the results to a text file. So you don't need a database.

1534)   ActiveNavigator
ActiveNavigator provides professional navigation to your ASP web applications. This does not require complicated client-side Javascript or DHTML programming. This gives quick, professional results.

1535)   Add XML Newsfeeds to Your Site
This is an online tutorial about retrieving XML data from other website using XSL and ASP and converting those data into HTML. This article suggests users to have MSXML 3.0 to perform this process.

1536)   Picasso Web Image
Picasso Web Image is a program which permit the users to edit, upload and retrieve image files on the server from their webpage. This program provides intuitive interface to edit images online.

1537)   enVivo CMS Classic
enVivo CMS Classic is a content management solution and is written in ASP that helps users to create and edit their web pages without any web designer. Users need not have any technical knowledge to use this program.

1538)   CoverYourASP - Survey your readers
CoverYourASP - Survey your readers is a tutorial that guides webmasters to create polls on their websites. Author provides script and also detailed description for generating polls.

1539)   Expinion FAQ Generator
Using Expinion FAQ Generator you can create and display numerous FAQs on a single page with respective answers with navigation faciilty. Multiple categories can be allowed with FAQ system. ASP driven websites can access this script.

1540)   Action's ASP Forum
Action's ASP Forum offers a forum for ASP,DHTML,and others.

1541)   w3 Sockets
w3 Sockets script can be used to allow your web pages to communicate with external sources of information.

1542)   Protecting Your Web Application Against Dangerous Requests
This is an ASP tutorial which deals with securing the web application with the help of query string from not responding to unsecure requests.

1543)   ASP, XML IP Monitor Grabber
This tool is used for monitoring the status of server which is helpful for the web hosting resellers who can provide their customers the facility to view their service provider's server status without disturbing the service providers.

1544)   Missing Person Data Center
This software allows users to create a missing person database type website.

1545)   What are the ways of using Server Side #Includes?
Includes can be used to utilize the recursive code, text and functions in your source code and the ways to implement this feature in your ASP applications can be learnt from this online tutorial.

1546)   Paged Table Displays
Through this online tutorial the author shows how to get back a recordset which is seperated into several pages and also how to get any selected data from a selected page.

1547)   IA-SiteRating
IA-SiteRating makes it to collect feedback from your website's users.

1548)   dbHitMe Site traffic logger
dbHitMe Site traffic logger is an article that discusses about generating a hit counter for better website anlysis.

1549)   Web-based Content Editor using IFrame
The author of this article has given you some key notes on how to develop and organize a rich content text editor for your website using HTML and Javascript code.

1550)   Webstores 2000 Portal
This is an ASP based online store and shopping cart which can be utilized for developing shopping websites and has web applications about the shopping products, supporter for this website, e-commerce solutions and the latest news about this website.

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