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Top 1551-1600 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1551)   Graphics for WAP
This is an online lesson which educates you how to turn your IIS server for creating WBMP images easily.

1552)   Simple User Validation
It is a ASP script which helps the users by providing codes for them to generate login system in their website.

1553)   Easy Whois
This network application is used for finding the registrant name and their address with email address from whois server using their domain name.

1554)   Carbon Communities
Carbon Communities is a messageboard program which allows the users to generate multiple messages and topics. This program displays members community updates in the users threads, private messages etc.

1555)   WebStorm SMTP-POP3 Activex email component
The WebStorm Mail component makes it possible to send and retrieve email from your application or web site without using a program such as MS Outlook. Because it is built on ActiveX/COM technology, it can be used from any language that support COM.

1556)   Global Tech Shopping Cart
Global Tech Shopping Cart is a simple online shopping cart software with which merchants can easily setup full featured e-stores to sell products online with international support.

1557)   FIX: ASP 0115 Error Occurs With the Session Object Under IIS 3
Here, the reasons and solutions for occurance of ASP 0115 Error is discussed in detail through which you can fix and solve your ASP 115 Error.

1558)   ArtOfNet :: Server Management Tools
ArtOfNet :: Server Management Tools is a tool that can be easily integrated with any type of website and it allows the webmasters to easily manage the files on their webserver.

1559)   Affiliate Wiz
A complete server software product for managing an affiliate program. The program is flexible in nature supporting Pay-Per-Click, Sale and per Lead commissions.

1560)   What is JScript?
It aims to get you familiar with the basic things on JScript scripting language and presents the details in an easier and understandable manner.

1561)   Articles & Papers Package
Articles & Papers Package is an ASP based database driven program using which webmasters can build a site for articles and papers to allow their site visitors to post their articles.

1562)   Redirect User
It is a simple tutorial through which users can learn to redirect their site visitors from one page to another page.

1563)   ecSED
ecSED is an ASP based content management software that can be used to generate and administer contents dynamically on static web pages. This program also works with existing single folder static web pages.

1564)   Compulsive Competitions Ultimate
To increase the traffic of the website this compulsive competitions ulitmate is very much useful for the webmasters. This runs monthly competitions which inturn increases the visits of the guest to the websites.

1565)   AVI Processor
AVI Processor is a program which can be used by the users in both generating and reading AVI files which are in progress. It comes with two main objects as AVI writter and AVI reader.

1566)   ASP Tutorial-Databases
This article is just like a lesson for the beginners to learn more about the databases. The author explains each and every features about databases with examples.

1567)   ECS Ping
ECS Ping can Ping any designated server from ASP pages or any other COM enabled environment. It is a simple server-side component.

1568)   Alternate Row Colors
In this online tutorial the author explains about the possibility of inducing colours for each row of database records on the web page. The author describes about the process with an example.

1569)   SQL Centric
SQL Centric is a powerful network database monitoring system that helps network or database administrators to manage their database table in small or large network environment.

1570)   TConnector ActiveX
TConnector ActiveX is a communication program which allows the users to connect a device and perform data acquisition and communication. The users can write and read data with three to five function calls.

1571)   RichardHealey - Chat Script
This script is driven using ASP language which supports a database with chatting module. To enable search, all messages can be archived into database. Supports customization with colors and text etc.,

1572)   ADEX Registry
ADEX Registry enables application developers of Microsoft technology to enter the system registry from their application code. ADEX Registry has been designed using Microsoft ATL, allowing users fast access to the registry.

1573)   VisNetic MailFlow
VisNetic MailFlow is an efficient and reliable email relationship management solution that can be used to satisfy the email needs of the customers. It offers a high performance to the customers.

1574)   Returning an XML Document as a String
This is an article that discusses about returning XML document or stream as a string. This is an easy to understand tutorial.

1575)   Active Trade
Active Trade is a simple and effective online auction software where sellers and buyers interact with each other to trade items through the web based interface.

1576)   Simple Page Counter
This article offers an ASP based code snippets for the web developers by which they can create a simple page counter on their website.

1577)   Active Websurvey web based survey solution
web-based survey software designed to easily create customize surveys, polls, or questionnaires. It generates the survey HTML, provides real-time survey statistics, and more.

1578)   Professional Contact Form
Professional Contact Form is a script that can be used for converting the ASP forms to emails. This script can be used by the webmasters to receive any useful information from their web site visitors.

1579)   Timing ASP Execution using a Profiling Component
You can gain knowledge on building a component based solution to calculate the running time of your ASP scripts from this easy to learn ASP tutorial which comes with a downloadable file for free.

1580)   Coalesys WebMenu for ASP
WebMenu is an ASP component for creating a hierarchical browser-based Popup Menu. It is 100% DHTML and requires no plug-ins. WebMenu works for IE 4.x-5.x and NN 4.x-6.x. Down level compatibility mode. Includes Visual Editor utility.

1581)   To realize a Feed RSS (1a part): to distribute the information
This is an online tutorial that discusses about using Feed RSS. Here the author illustrates by distributing news via RSS feed.

1582)   Combining server and client side scripts
A clear demonstration on how the client side information can be integrated with server side script to perform particular task is avaialble on this easier ASP tutorial.

1583)   VBScript Data Types
Data type is a core part in programming and this tutorial educates you about the 'VARIANT', the only data type in VBScript along with it's sub types to hold the values of string, numeric, logic etc.,

1584)   Generating an XML file of your website's folders or files
This is an article where users can find information on creating an XML file for the content of the websites. This tutorial will be useful for tree view control, content management etc.,

1585)   ASP Webring
This Webring are for sites who actively supports the use of ASP (Active server pages). The sites must have some content aimed at the use of ASP like scripts, articles and tuto

1586)   Protecting Everything
This is an article through which users can learn more about securing their website with the help of the code that the author offers to them.

1587)   QuickQuotes
XCENT QuickQuotes is a quick and easy to use quote management database. Use it to display famous quotations, or your own, anywhere on your web site. And it is free!

1588)   Website Membership & Password Protected Pages
Website Membership & Password Protected Pages Application allows you to enhance your website by capturing user information on a Microsoft Access Database.

1589)   Techno Empleo
This site is helpful for the jobseekers and it is basically for the computer programmers and technical engineers. It offers more jobs in various department.

1590)   WDK ASP_SearchEngine Object
SearchEngine ASP Class for arachnoWare SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit. Allows you to create enterprise Search Engine-like web site in one hour. As usual for SiteAdmin WDK, - fully customizable and covered with so many features. Categoris Engine based on XML.

1591)   MagicGrid
This online tutorial helps the webmasters to add, update and erase items in all levels. Further the author describes about the usage of drag and drop and creation of a web interface.

1592)   ClickFeed
ClickFeed is a program based on ASP with which users can modify their online RSS feeds whenever they want. This program comes with several features for the benefit of the users.

1593)   XML Tree II (Windows Explorer)
From this tutorial users can gather information about converting XML file into HTML page which resembles Windows Explorer. This article explains all the needed process for this transformation.

1594)   ContourCube ActiveX
It is webbased OLAP database component which helps for developing internet, client server, desktop BI applications. This tool provides OLAP operation for thousands of records with in a matter of seconds.

1595)   Download recordset as a CSV (DBF, MDB) file
The task of converting recordset to CSV file is the basic theme discussed in this online tutorial. The author explains about GetString method with an example and sample source code.

1596)   HandyFile Find and Replace: Text Aid Kit
HandyFile Find and Replace is one of the tool more helpful for the webmasters through which they could find any text from multiple files and replace it.

1597)   Storing Non-Durable Data for Cookie-less Sessions
Storing Non-Durable Data for Cookie-less Sessions is an article in which author discusses about how to track the activities of the users and to store the information of the users without using cookies.

1598)   A Practical Guide to Active Server Pages
This is an article is a practical guide for users who haven't got any time to read books on ASP, this article is very much useful for them.

1599)   Real Estate Database Search
The program allows the web user to choose how many bedrooms, bathrooms, lowest & highest price, property type, and location/area. The program responds by listing all the entries that meets the user's criteria. From these entries, the user may click on the listing number to obtain a better description and pictures of that particular listing.

1600)   ASP DNS COM Component
This tool is used to provide a DNS lookup service from Active Server Pages. It helps users to resolve IP address with hosted name and vice versa through ASP pages.

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