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Top 1601-1650 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1601)   Dev Bistro- Online Recruitment
Dev Bistro is a site for freelancers, job seekers and employers that enables them to communicate with each other. This site provides and update latest recruitment news to the job seekers.

1602)   The Translate:f Security Hole
It is an article based on how to translate the secured content in the website to the ASP pages with the help of Translate:f function. This article discusses step by step the method involved protect the loop hole in the IIS server.

1603)   INIReader
INIReader is an easy to use file management tool with enhanced features. This tool helps you to read data from and writes data to INI files.

1604)   An ASP Database Support Component
Here is an article which helps you to generate a component which performs complicated database processing and string processing. In this tutorial author offers you various methods to construct database supported component.

1605)   FAQ Builder
FAQ Builder, now you can create your own online frequently asked questions in realtime. Setup is easy and using is simple.

1606)   Randomly Displaying a Van Gogh Painting
This is a simple tutorial that helps users to diplay all the paintings in the Van Gogh gallery randomly. This tutorial provides the sample source code for the users.

1607)   GSGraph
GSGraph is an ASP based component that allows users to generate bargraphs on their websites. This is a simple program which can be easily used by the users.

1608)   Categories
The script helps the webmasters to categorize their links in a proper way, and also discusses about storing the categories in the table and linking them with parent directory.

1609)   xpdtime
xpdtime is a script built on ASP which can be used as a powerful organizer for all types of organizations including larger, smaller and midlevel.

1610)   rwUpload ASP
rwUpload ASP is a tool that enables the web server to save the files sent from the users' web browsers. This uploading function can be easily added to the websites using a simple code.

1611)   Image2PDF
Image2PDF is a program that can be used by the users to transform image formats into PDF formats. This program comes with the ability to perform conversion of multiple image formats like GIF, PSD, JPG, etc., into PDF files.

1612)   VideoQuota
VideoQuota password protects streaming media, and ID's users who share their usernames and passwords! Integrates with online payment processors, like PayPal and CCBill.

1613)   ASPWebLog Part 2 - The Calendar
This is a script which permits the users to plunge into exact days and navigate with monthly calendar on their websites.

1614)   Form Dates
This is a tutorial that shows how to get date through an input form from the site visitors, the author says that dropdown menu is a better way than a text box.

1615)   Complete Jobs Web Application
This gives complete solution for the web admnistrators in executing their own jobs website. This provides an entire job search for the clients who enroll with details.

1616)   Listing files using FileSystemObject
From this article you can learn how to list the files of your website using the file system object function of ASP. This is an useful refernce guide for the programmers.

1617)   ABCEventLog
ABCEventLog is a server program which allows the users to log events on their database server from their web server.

1618)   pulsesoft.ic
pulsesoft.ic is a simple and effective online image manipulation software written in ASP with MMX optimization. With this program you would be able to scale and blend colours for your images with water marks.

1619)   Reading From a Text File
This is a simple code snippet containing ASP codes to help users to read a text file using the built in component FileSystemObject function of ASP.

1620)   Dynu Global Whois
This is an useful component for the web users who want to retrieve the registrant name for the top level domain name. Users will receive the response as string.

1621)   CyberWYWO
While You Were Out Phone Messages will let you send WYWO messages direct from the database. You can easily Easily log in and out. One click "In function".

1622)   Free Online Store Creator Application
Supports payment gateways from PayPal,, 2Checkout and ClickBank. Web-based inventory management, unlimited listings, text database, image upload engine included, built-in search engine, seamless integration, multiple currency support, customizable color scheme

1623)   HexDns
HexDns ActiveX component allows you to obtain any Domain Name System (DNS) record. This component also allows you complete access to query and reply data, including option flags and response codes.

1624)   Managing Focus in Web Forms
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which deals with focus manager custom web control that helps in setting the initial focus on the web form. Users can learn about custom web control which add control properties to the web forms.

1625)   BarChartBS
BarChartBS is a type of chart by which can be created using the information in the database. There are number of ways to create a bar chart using HTML.

1626)   BugMall Shopping Cart
BugMall Shopping Cart is an easy to use shopping mall script available with several customizable e-commerce tools to help vendors to launch a successful shopping campaign on their websites.

1627)   evince webwap tech :: website development madras chennai india
Chennai based web development company providing web site design, e-commerce, custom website development using ASP, PHP ,MY-SQL, XML, VB.NET, ASP.NET and Java

1628)   IIS Tracer web site monitoring tool
IIS Tracer website monitoring tool is a program using which users can view real time status of the IIS servers immediately. It displays status such as outgoing or incoming bytes, http headers etc.,

1629)   User Engine Lite
User Engine Lite is a user authentication program that stores usernames and passwords in a MS Access database before allowing the users to access their website.

1630)   I-Secure
I-Secure is a complete password protection component designed to secure any ASP page within your Internet or Intranet web site.

1631)   Programmer's Resource Forum
Ask questions or share information about ASP Programming here at Programmer's Resource Forum.

1632)   DB Banner Rotator
Db Banner Rotator is a ad management rotator which rotates randomly with stats page.The stats contains number of views and last viewed time, number of clicks and last clicked time, and a reset button to reset the stats. This is a full working sample and you may add and remove account, assign banne

1633)   Search Wizard for IIS
Search Wizard for IIS allows you to search major search engines by redirecting your query. As of now this is supported search engines include Alta Vista, Yahoo, Infoseek, Excite, Lycos, and Hotbot.

1634)   ASP to ASP.NET Conversion
ASP to ASP.NET Conversion imgrates from ASP to ASP.NET in VB.NET or C#.

1635)   NetProbe
Fetch resources through HTTP, FTP, RES, MK, ABOUT, ALP and all the other protocols you may have, Send data/files through them, post forms automatically, exchange data between servers, build applications with ultimate network connectivity .

1636)   INX Generic HTTP Poster DLL
This is an useful component for the programmers to communicate with web page application by posting their data to the webpages. This tool really helps them to post their own coded form to a web page.

1637)   Loki Counter
Loki counter is a simple online counter which counts number of visitors visited your website and who is online at present. Its easy and simple to work.

1638)   Content Rotator Component
Content Rotator Component is a web based article which generates content rotator objects which rotates the HTML content automatically.

1639)   Dynu Date and Time
This component is used for formatting date and time on the web pages. Format codes with strings are given that helps programmers to set time on their projects.

1640)   Ia-Calendar
Real-time Events Calendar for your website.

1641)   I need to log a user's action
It is a collection of tips given by the author for user auhtentication on websites. In this article author describes how to create the login system on users website.

1642)   IIS 5.0 Administrative Architecture
IIS 5.0 Administrative Architecture is an article that discusses about IIS 5.0's administrative architecture. The author covers this concept with all needed topics for a better understanding.

1643)   The ASPError Object
By studying this online ASP Error module, webmasters can have a handy tool to track their errors with all detailed information like error line number, column position, category, file contains that error and many more information.

1644)   ASP 3.0 Events
ASP 3.0 Events is a useful quick reference guide that describes all the 4 events provided with ASP. These events are explained clearly with examples.

1645)   Zephyrus
Zephyrus is free. Zephyrus component is useful to perform smart searches on your websites.

1646)   The PowerTCP Zip Compression Tool
It is a compression component that helps in zipping and unzipping the files with the functionalities of AES encryption and self extraction.

1647) LiveForum
Happytech offers resources for ASP and a message board for people who want to discuss topics such as ASP.

1648)   Miraplacid Forum
Miraplacid Forum allows members to share about web development in ASP, software development on various languages including java, Visual Basic, C, C#, C++ etc.,

1649)   Response to visitor depending on the languages selected in the browser
This tutorial comes with the ability to guide webmasters to redirect their visitors to pages of language of their option. Here this article is about responding to visitors on the basis of their selected languages.

1650)   ShotGraph
ShotGraph is a COM component that comes with the ability to enhance the script engines which are used on Win32 server. This program will empower the script engines to generate images.

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