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Top 1651-1700 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1651)   Advanced LinkDirectory
Advanced LinkDirectory Like Yahoo and Google.

1652)   FAXASP
FAXASP is a program where the users can send faxes online. This program allows the users to fax online orders, resumes and purchase orders.

1653)   Bugs Manager
Bugs Manager is driven on ASP programming which assists you to track your bug reports and issues. Can assign tasks to unlimited users. Any number projects can be accessed. Supports MySQL / MS Access database.

1654)   BlaBla 4U
It is an ASP based online discussion board that can be integrated into users website through which group discussion can be allowed. This is an free program with many useful features.

1655)   Bargraph in ASP
This is a graph tutorial that shows an easy way to generate bar graphs. These bar graphs are created by providing the input data.

1656)   Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET on Windows Server 2003
Consider the perceived risks of migrations that tend to cloud the benefits of new technologies from a business perspective, making it difficult to justify technology migrations to the decision makers in an enterprise.

1657)   Acurity CMS
Acurity CMS is a content management solution in ASP that helps users to add, delete or edit content on their websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.

1658)   BUG: ASP Pages Fail on Access to Session and Application Objects
From this online ASP tutorial, you will be able to understand the functionalities of Session and Application Objects with Global.asa file. Solutions are provided here to eliminate errors when loading files that contains global.asa file.

1659)   Collaboration Data Objects for NTS Component
This is an article which deals with CDO for NTS library which generates messaging objects, through which users can access the details from the library with regards to their applications.

1660)   Infomentum ActiveNavigator
ActiveNavigator's time-saving features, such as horizontal and vertical toolbars, dynamic buttons, and tree-structured navigation, you can spend less time on the user interface of your web-enabled applications and more time on functionality. Save yourself hours of programming --- ActiveNavigator helps you deliver the high quality of user interactivity you want without all the work

1661)   Wireless Admin
Wireless Admin can be implemented with any windows based system and it acts as a WAP server. User are allowed to receive the required data from www.

1662)   ASP Authentication Using IP Address
This is a web based tutorial which concentrates on how to protect the users website validating the visitors IP address.

1663)   Address Book by Richard Healey
Address Book by is an ASP based program which can be used by the users in creating their own address book on their websites.

1664)   Luhn's Algorythm
This is a tutorial about Luhn's Algorythm which can be used by the administrators in credit card validating. The author elaborates about the function of this algorythm in validating the entered credit card numbers.

1665)   Permission Checker Component
It is an article which deals with permission checker component which can be used to allow only the users who have permission.

1666)   Findy's Form Framework
This is an ASP component used for processing a form with database as backend which can be used to store data. It has full customization facility and also it has error validator which verifies each field for error.

1667)   Copyright
This is a tutorial that copyrights the up-dated pages on the websites. This is an important tutorial for the users.

1668)   Asp Locator
Asp Locator is a program that enables webmasters to include a store locator on their websites. This program also facilitates visitors to find the distance between two cities.

1669)   Active LogFile
Active LogFile is a tool which helps to create logfiles for the windows based applications. This is a text file which contains various information such as performance, login time etc., of your applications.

1670)   AbyssLabs.Environment
Provides an access to the operating system environment variables (e.g. PATH, TEMP, COMPUTERNAME, SystemRoot and etc.)

1671)   SubscriptiX
SubscriptiX is a program which permit the users to access secured webpages by subscribing the admin using credit card. The users can make their website as a business site through this program.

1672)   Professional Survey Software Classic Edition
Professional Survey Software Classic Edition is a script built on ASP which helps users in creating their own survey. It will be upgraded for one year for free.

1673)   VirtuaRep
It is a web based application which can be integrated in the users website to act like a human representative and provide responses with natural human languages to the question asked by the visitors on your website.

1674)   rwAuction ASP
rwAuction ASP is a fully functional auction web app featuring a Component 3-Tier Architecture. full support for users using Authorize.Net to access their merchant accounts.

1675)   ASP.NET Security
The CLR provides a security model which is layered on top of that provided by the underlying operating system.

1676)   Zoom Search Engine
Zoom Search Engine is a multi platform searching program for websites. It is easy to install, and comes with features like ranked search, and more.

1677)   ASP Web Programming Course
Bulding web applications such as message boards, forums, newsletters, email accounts, search engines etc., can be done easily and effetively just by reading this ASP tutorial.

1678)   StylePoll
StylePoll is an ASP based script through which users can create polls dynamically for utilizing them to collect the feedback of the visitors. By using this users can create more number of polls and surveys.

1679)   ADO - Getting a Database Schema
This online tutorial deals with opening a database, retrieving the tables and views in the database. The author explains about executing a query on the fields of a table.

1680)   EVAPI
A more useful program for the web developers in ASP to guide them to create scripts to handle database, forms, validation process, etc., to build a professional website.

1681)   Instant Shopping Cart
Instant Shopping Cart is a simple and efficient online program offering custom solutions for e-commerce professionals to generate full featured cart with increased sales.

1682)   A/V Publisher
An ASP script to embed audio or video clips in webpages using just four lines of code (either Winows media or Real clips can be automatically embeded).

1683)   DUbanner
DUbanner is a banner ads management application allows to rotate banners randomly. This allows user to check the ad statics and manage the existing ad parameters

1684)   ASPMultiChat
ScriptsThe ASPMultiChat is a server-side component that adds chat capabilities to Internet Information Server (IIS) running on Windows NT(2000) platform. The component helps site builders to design various chatting sites only by modifying the sample ASP files.

1685)   dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine
dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine is an ASP based program that lets the web developers to include a text search and retrieval tool on their web applications.

1686)   AspEmuster
AspEmuster is an ASP based program that helps users to track the employees working hours. The admin can create any number of users that has to be tracked.

1687)   How do I deal with an apostrophe (') in a SQL statement?
This tutorial discusses and teaches the users about the functions of apostrophe in SQL statements and it demonstrates its functions with sample codes.

1688)   ASP.NET Mobile Controls: Fundamentals
The basics of building mobile web applications with ASP.NET Mobile Controls.

1689)   Creating a Project Template for Estimations of Time, Tasks, and Resources
This is an article that elaborately discusses about generating a project template for scheduling tasks, time estimation and for resources. This will be useful for the project developers.

1690)   Things to Do With IIS
A senior IIS admin shares his experience and describes top 10 things to do to improve IIS.

1691)   General Merchandise Shopping Cart
The user adds textbooks through the item table by adding entries into the appropriate fields.

1692)   eQuercus Pro
This is an ASP tool that helps users to create websites in different languages and manage the contents in them. This program performs both content management and site management solutions.

1693)   Fuzzy Slots
Fuzzy Slots is a program based on ASP using which webmasters can create a web based game on their websites. This will be useful for entertainment purpose.

1694)   An Introduction to using Java with ASP
This ASP tutorial educates you about how to embed java within ASP programming to create effective applications. Given simple examples lets you learn the objective of this article quickly.

1695)   PCS WebCharts
PCS WebCharts is an ASP based component chart which helps to creat bars and column charts in a HTML page. It is a good charting solution for the webmasters to represent datas.

1696)   What is ASP?
Beginners in ASP language can get more information from this ASP article which lets you learn from the basics upto advanced aspects in ASP programming.

1697)   ASP Data Access for Beginners
This online tutorial deals mainly with accessing data in ASP. The author describes how to link to the data source with the help of ASP. The author also suggests about using OLE DB while accessing data.

1698)   ASP Internet Search Engine
ASP Internet Search Engine works with ASP supported websites where it can be used as a search engine like Google, Altavista, etc., Gives compatibility to different versions of MS Access database. Statistics and rating systems are available.

1699)   CustomError for IIS
Using this ASP program you can implement your own error pages with the links, messges of your choice. Also, you can allow your users to feed reports about the defects into a specified directory.

1700)   Alivesites Survey
Alivesites Survey is an utility that permits administrators to conduct online surveys on their desired topic. This will be useful for business administrators to gather information from their customers.

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