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Top 1751-1800 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1751)   Ublog
The Ublog includes: Toolbar to add images, links, etc, to your blogs, blogs archive by date, calendar to select blog, possibility to select the kind of weblog, possibility to comment a blog, notify via e-mail to the administrator, anti-spam settings (cookie), password protected control system, amend or remove blogs or comments, on-line configuration, multilanguage support, customisable look through CSS, and easy integration into any website.

1752)   ASP MagicCrypt Component
ASP MagicCrypt Component is a program which performs the operation of string and file encoding and decoding. This program provides access to the users with various cryptography technologies.

1753)   LyfImage
LyfImage is a database driven program based on ASP which can be used by the users in displaying images which are stored in the database.

1754)   The FileSystemObject: Methods
Using the FileSystemObject's Methods you can easily access the files and folders and the required steps are described in this tutorial with examples.

1755)   TaskTracker
TaskTracker is a program based on ASP using which users can build an easy to use task managing tool on their projects. This program supports both SQL server and MS Access databases.

This is an online community which provides all the news and press release about the software developments. This site will be helpful for developers and the webmasters.

1757)   SoftArtisans JFile
SoftArtisans JFile is a component that can be used by the webmasters to manage the uploads and downloads on their web servers efficiently. This is a simple and easy to use component.

1758)   ASP Folder Object
An online guidance can be gained from this ASP article to implement File Folder Object within your web programming to retrieve the folder information using FileSystemObject.

1759)   FAQ Database Script
FAQ Database Script is a simple and easy to use script that can be used by the webmasters to implement a FAQ database on their websites. This script can be easily added on any IIS servers.

1760)   ASP Soft Tools
ASP Soft Tools is a useful component which helps you to add file uploading feature in your ASP based web application.Visual Basic 6.0 souce code is included in this component

1761)   ASP Coding Tips
ASP Coding Tips is an article which contain series of coding tips developed by experts.

1762)   HTTPConnect Component
This component is used for providing server support to the administrators using HTTP protocol which allows them to transfer data using HTTP requests to other systems.

1763)   EncryptIt!
EncryptIt! is a program that enables webmasters to secure ASP applications during application distribution.

1764)   IBiz Integrator for QuickBooks
A suite of components for QuickBooks (QBXML) Integration. Provides components for facilitating tasks like adding/updating/retrieving customer info, vendor/employee info, transactions etc. Available in .NET, .NET CF, ActiveX, Delphi, C++, Java, and mo

1765)   MSCABImage for Linux
MSCABImage is the best cure from nasty posting bots (robots). These bots create hundreds email accounts on your web-based mail servers and spam from them, fill your forums with thousands of commercial postings and screw your online polls.

1766)   Displaying Images ( binary data ) from the Database
Inserting binary data into database is the main theme discussed in this online tutorial. The author explains the method of displaying binary data from the database with an example.

1767)   MSCABImage for Windows
MSCABImage is the best cure from nasty posting bots (robots). These bots create hundreds email accounts on your web-based mail servers and spam from them, fill your forums with thousands of commercial postings and screw your online polls.

1768)   Password Manager for IIS
Password Manager for IIS is a program which permit the users to modify their windows passwords through a web based interface. This program is capable of working with any browser.

1769)   Identifying Users in IIS using Exchange and LDAP
This is a tutorial that guides administrators to identify their users in IIS on their intranet environment. This will be useful for the companies or organizations to allow their users to access the resources by scheduling events.

1770)   Poll Pro - Web poll software
Poll Pro - Web poll software is an ASP based program for users to utilize to build their own surveys. It is possible to use this program easily without any knowledge on ASP.

1771)   WebGet
This tool allows users to retrieve other web pages from other servers. It uses HTTPs GET request to grab the pages. This tool reduces time from downloading pages into a database.

1772)   View from the outside
This article gives information about ASP.NET. It describes about the intermediate language, common execuatable format, etc., which are very useful for the users.

1773)   Uploading Images to Database Using Persist AspUpload
This is an online article relating on the concepts of image uploads through the Persist AspUpload function of ASP to a MS-SQL server.

1774)   ASPAlliance Instant Survey
ASPAlliance Instant Survey is a program that enables users to have a survey at their desired topic. This program will be useful for any organization or individual for creating poll immediately.

1775)   Running Stored Queries in Access Database
This article instructs elaborately about running stored queries in MS Access database to retrieve data from database.

1776)   Chocolate Chip Cookies
This is a tutorial in which author concentrates on explaining about what are cookies, how can the users can write cookies, read cookies, how to track the cookie path and how to set the expire date of the cookies.

1777)   IP Address Filtering and Restriction System
It is an article in ASP in which author gives detailed description about IP address filtering and restriction system. In this article author discusses about the features, installation instruction, version information, etc regards with IP address filtering.

1778)   stripHTML
The implementation and benefits of stripHTML function is expalined in this web based ASP learning resource with two sample programs.

1779)   Simple Password Protection
Simple Password Protection lets you password protect a single page or a series of pages.

1780)   Hit-O-Meter
This is an website tracker that allows web owners to track and view their website traffic report perfectly on their website in a statistical mode. It tracks complete information about the site visitor.

1781)   PanelBar for ASP
PanelBar for ASP is a professional server component that generates an advanced DHTML navigator, programmatically configured with ASP code. This does not need client-side plugins.

1782)   Tell a Friend Script
Implementing an online tool to allow your users to email the pages or articles they visited on your website can be done by this easier and effective ASP enabled script.

1783)   Maxx Link Index
Maxx Link Index can be integrated with your ASP driven websites to plug-in a search engine module. Comes with optimum features for an effective search with database and portals.

1784)   After Shopping Cart
After Shopping Cart is an article in which the author explains and demonstrates about a module that performs transaction. This will be useful for e-commerce businesses.

1785)   iisPROTECTvideo
iisPROTECTvideo allows unlimited integration for protecting streaming media served by Windows Media Server including audio and video.

1786)   Comment Your Code!
Comment Your Code! is a tutorial that details about commenting codes using apostrophe. Here this article explains about commenting ASP while using VB script.

1787)   Mask Your Web Server for Enhanced Security
Masking or anonymizing a Web server involves removing identifying details that intruders could use to detect your OS and Web server vendor and version. This information, while providing little or no utility to legitimate users, is often the starting place for crackers, blackhat hackers and "script..

1788)   Simple User Personalisation
This is an article which helps you to personalise with the user. This article discusses some simple ways of personalisation with the user.

1789)   ConquerMarks
It is a free online bookmark organizer. It enables you to organize your favouties without making a backup of them when you reinstall your computer.

1790)   ASPRunner Professional
ASPrunnerPro is a database management tool that provides easy access and manipulation possibilities for any database on the Web. ASPRunnerPro creates Active Server Pages enabling users to search, edit, delete and add data to any database.

1791)   Fill A ComboBox with DB Information
This tutorial helps you to learn about listing the records of the database table in the dropdown combo box. This tutorial explains it with the sample code for the users.

1792)   Sessions
This articles gives detailed information about how to generate session counter. It tracks visitors entry and visitors exit from the website.

1793)   ActiveWebSoftwares
We developer customized ASP based portals for your website.

1794)   GS Socket
This is a network tool which is used by network administrator to upload and download TCP and UDP based data. It allows only COM enabled component to transfer data.

1795)   Use VB's Powerful Format Function through ASP
It is fairly easier to understand how to format date, currency and number in ASP applications using VBScript format() function through this online tutorial.

1796)   Petition Script
Petition Script is a script built on ASP which can be used by the webmasters in managing online petitions. This can be done by storing all signers data in a MS Access backend.

1797)   XcNewsPlus
XcNewsPlus is a fast and flexible professional news and event management tool for your web site.

1798)   Application Monitor
This tool is used for monitoring the online business transaction path and it provides alert information for every critical issues. It allows business professionals to grow their business globally.

1799)   ASP News with WYSIWYG Editor
Here comes the new ASP News with WYSIWYG Editor for helping the web administrator in editing news and messages. The administrator can edit the information efficiently with ease.

1800)   Miopages
Miopages is a program built for ASP with which users can obtain dynamic server applications with the capability to be accessed with browsers without requiring any plug-in.

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