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Top 1801-1850 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1801)   Virtual Support Office
This tool is used for creating a customer support field on the website to keep in touch with the customers regularly. It makes easy to the users to organise their customers.

1802)   gee! Feature Manager
Highlight online specials and events using the easy to use gee! Feature Manager. Promote items and events to your web users. It displays one or more items that are active in a date range.

1803)   CoMa - Content Manager
Content Manager is a content management program that helps users to create and maintain content on their websites. Users need not have any programming knowledge to use this program.

1804)   NedStat Basic
This script is helpful for the webmasters to view their sites regular track report and their sites visitors information. This script is basically built in ASP.

1805)   LoginNow
LoginNow is an ASP script that permits to log a user into the web site either by cookies or form data by validating UserName and password against a database.

1806)   Active Uploader
Active Uploader is a script that has been written using ASP and can be used by the webmasters to upload the files through a remote web browser to their webserver.

1807)   Simple Gallery
IT is an ASP based program that helps users to create an online image gallery to upload their images. This program has a two stage access, for admins and guests.

1808)   MacBinary Xtraction Component
MacBinary Xtraction Component is an efficient component that enables the management of files while using Macintosh browsers. This component uploads the files using the MacBinary format.

1809)   J-Integra Documentation
J-Integra Documentation is an article that contributes to web developers on accessing java component from COM and COM components from java. This tutorial says that this above process will minimize the work in finding best software solution.

1810)   Access To HTML
In this online tutorial the author explains about writing the data from the Access to the server. The author describes this procedures with an example through this article.

1811)   Project Q
Project Q is a program that can be used by the webmasters to manage news publishing on their websites. This program enables users to view, add and remove news from their websites.

1812)   Lundlay ASP Script Poll
Lundlay ASP Script Poll is a program by using which webmasters can conduct their surveys using more than single poll at the same time. This ASP based script requires no programming knowledge.

1813)   Event Calendar
Event Calendar is an ASP based program which helps users in posting events category wise. This makes their visitors to search the events in their desired category.

1814)   Teraway LinkTracker
Teraway LinkTracker is a program based on ASP that comes with the ability to track the entire links, banners and purchases on a website. This powerful program can be also used to track site affiliates, email campaigns, refferals and site visitors.

1815)   WYWO - In , Out Board
This utility is used for sending instant messages to the specific address by storing message with their recipient phone number inside a database. Users have to login their name to edit message and also they can set time to deliver message.

1816)   Articles and Sample Code
This online tutorial is just an index giving details about the articles which is given in the form of links.

1817)   Website File System Report
This tutorial helps the web developers to find the solution about how to generate a website file system report on their website. It gives them clear guidance in step by step method.

1818)   xCeed FTP Library
This tool is helpful for the developers which provides several useful functions of FTP to upload and download files on a remote FTP server which is enabled with FTP protocol. Users are also allowed to manipulate files and directories.

1819)   Reduce Two-Dimensional To One-Dimensional Array
It is possible for ASP developers to convert two-dimensional array to one-dimensional array by reading this online ASP study module.

1820)   Codefixer
Codefixer is aimed primarily at the beginner to intermediate ASP developer though there are many ASP articles, tutorials and resources for the more advanced.

1821)   1Stop Shopping Cart Software
1Stop Shopping Cart Software is an easy to setup online e-comnmerce software that assists webmasters in designing their cart with customizable HTML templates.

1822)   ATL COM under ASP
This article deals with com components written in visual C++ with the help of ATL and MFC. Here is the step by step procedure to generate this component.

1823)   Server Side Email Addresses Validation using VBScript
Using server side components and scripts how an email address can be validated is explained in this online tutorial that also provides the functions with syntax through sample programs.

1824)   How to Disable Form Elements in a HTML Page
This is a tutorial which shows the method to disable form in a HTML page. It is described with an easy to understand example.

1825)   How to access SQL Server in Active Server Pages
The main objective of this online tutorial is about connecting to SQL server with the help of ActiveX Data Objects. The author explains about the connection pooling feature too.

1826)   Request info and save it to a file (.asp)
This is a tutorial which permits the users to include any type of input fields in the forms to request information from the site visitors to store it in a separate file.

1827)   MemoBook Notes
MemoBook Notes is a regular notepad program integrated into the IE browser which allows the users to access their links and notes from any remote location. The users can copy bookmarks and favorites from their system to IE notes bar.

1828)   UA Block (ASP)
UA Block (ASP) is very handy in keeping out unwanted e-mail harvesting programs, programs that copy websites, etc.

1829)   Vote User Poll (Without a db)
Vote User Poll (Without a db)is an ASP based script which helps webmasters in creating their own surveys on their websites. It is easy to use this system on Internet Information Servers.

1830)   Returning a Random Number of Database Records
Through this online tutorial the author explains the webmasters about how to return a group of random records. The author explains about every step involved in proceeding this task successfully.

1831)   WAP Mail
WAP Mail is a tutorial through which users can understand how to send emails using a WAP enabled phone and ASP.

1832)   IBiz E-Payment Integrator
The IBiz E-Payment Integrator is the easiest way to add secure and reliable Internet payment processing to your applications. Includes components for Credit Card & Electronic Check (ACH) processing via major Internet payment gateways.

1833)   Displaying the contents of files on the server
It is an article through which users can learn about index services. Here author discusses about few functionalities that are involved in displaying the content of the files from the server.

1834)   Timing & Benchmarking ASP Scripts
How to integrate ASP and VBScript string functions together with COM object to generate performance monitoring system for scripts is clearly taught through this ASP tutorial.

1835)   WS-MP3 for Web site
WS-MP3 (flash MP3 reader) is especially intended to stream your MP3 in your Web site.

1836)   CNU 5 Xtra
CNU 5 Xtra is an online news content management software and is developed with ASP that helps users to create and manage their site news related data. This program comes with syndication addon tool that helps to update user's content on other websites.

1837)   N2D AspGUID
N2D Asp GUID is a tool through which you can create unique strings. You can easily install this tool in your system by copying and registering it in your system.

1838)   Tell A Friend - aka Refer a Friend
This ASP script helps you to make your website more popular by enabling you to add 'Refer a friend' system to allow your user to email your featured articles to their friends.

1839)   Power-Web Image2D
Power-Web Image2D is an ASP based program that allows users to create images including graphs, charts etc., on their websites. It supports JPEG and GIF image formats.

1840)   List database objects using ADO and ADOX
The author through this online tutorial describes the different ways to collect a list of database objects from a database.

1841)   Power-Stats
Power-Stats is a program built on ASP that is capable of tracking and reporting real time visitors on the websites. This will be useful for the webmasters to gather their website statistics.

1842)   Response Object - Redirects
This ASP tutorial contains easier sample programs which let you learn the usage and working principles of response.redirect method.

1843)   COM: Caffeine for your ASP
This tutorial deals with developing COM componets using VB. Here users can gather information about ASP, COM and VB, which helps in working with easy environment to create com components.

1844)   Easy FTP
Easy FTP is an efficient tool that enables the users to access their files from any remote server using web browsers. It is a highly secure, online file sharing system.

1845)   DatingSite
DatingSite is a program built on ASP with which administrators can construct a dating website with several features. This program can be easily configured to suit administrators need.

1846)   Subscription kit
This is an ASP based program that helps users and webmasters to put a user subscription facility on their website. Subscriptioning could be for an online journal, newsletter or any other purpose, this program helps to manage subscribed users effeciently.

1847)   VBScript Language Reference - Methods
All methods that exist in VBScript are listed in this VBScript tutorial from which web programmers can learn how to use them with objects easily.

1848)   How do I deal with MEMO, TEXT, HYPERLINK, and CURRENCY columns?
In this tutorial, the possible errors with database text fields are discussed in details to which the solutions are given with proper example coding snippet. Provides useful tips to use hyperlink and currency with database.

1849)   LizContent
This is an ASP based secured content management solution that prevents unauthorised users to create and maintain content on their websites. Users need not use any complex web publishing software.

1850)   Basic XML3: XSL
Basic XML3: XSL is a reference guide that clearly explains about how to use XSL for building XML data. This article explains about the function of XSL with ASP.

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