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Top 1851-1900 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1851)   Inserting Images ( binary data ) into Database
This simple tutorial shows you step by step process to add the images into the Access database table. The images can be added to the table using the binaryread method of the request object of ASP.

1852)   HTML to ASP
HTML to ASP is a very useful tool for converting your HTML files into an ASP page.

1853)   Server-Side Includes Reference
This reference article describes all the server side include directives and its uses. This SSI can be used to include a file in both html and ASP pages. This article helps programmers to know about all the server side directives.

1854)   Arrow
Arrow is an efficient and perfect email newsletter management system that can be used by the newsletter managers to manage their sending and receiving of emails easily.

1855)   Active Server Components with Borland Delphi3
This article deals with constructing Active server component with the help of delphi. Here the author elaborates the procedure step by step to create this component.

1856)   Real Solutions Upload File
Real Solutions Upload File is an efficient ASP component that can be used by the webmasters to manage the uploads on their webservers easily. This is a simple and secure component.

1857)   ADEX Schedule
This tool epitomize the functions of Windows task scheduler. It allows users to customize tasks in the task scheduler. It has password protection facility to manage task with full protection. Users can also manage the task settings either from local or remote system.

1858)   Stylusinc Team - What is ASP?
This is an article which gives description about ASP. This article clearly describes how ASP can be used for generating dynamic web pages.

1859)   Easy SQL Apostrophes Bug Fix
This tutorial discusses about the usage of apostrophe in SQL statements and also it explains them where the error occurs while passing variable to SQL statements using apostrophe.

1860)   Efficient XML: Some Basics for the Windows Platform Developer
This is an online tutorial that covers on XML technology and its efficiency. Here the author explains about usage of both XML and XSL.

1861)   Advanced Data Shaping Techniques
In this online tutorial the author deals with the advanced techniques in data shaping. Along with the table definitions of the example the author tells about data shaping.

1862)   fipsCounter
fipsCounter is a program built on ASP, which can be used by the users to build a counter on their websites for counting page views.

1863)   Displaying Unicode with the HTMLencode Method
In this online tutorial the author describes about displaying Unicode on IIS's Server object. The author explains this concept with an example.

1864)   News Connect
Using this ASP based 'News Connect' you would be able to display world news on your website pages without edting or uploading seperate files.

1865)   Nevron Chart for ASP.NET
Add presentation quality 2D and 3D charts to your web applications.

1866)   cASPer.GrabPage
The main function of this tool is to extract the contents of other web pages to repack it. It extracts information using string processing techniques.

1867)   Imagellence
Imagellence is an activeX component that enables the web applications to generate images on the websites. It uses formats including JPG, PCD, TGA, BMP etc.,

1868)   Meet and Conquer Class
This is an useful training program that helps the .NET developers to gather more information. This training program helps the students to build powerful and dynamic .NET applications. This training is more informative to all the participants.

1869)   iisTAB
iisTAB is an ASP based program which can be used by the users to create tab navigation on their websites. Users can set their own texts and also images on the tabs.

1870)   Catalog Manager
This is an ASP based program to catalog products online. Visitors can easily browse, see details, product images, descriptions, price, availability etc of a product.

1871)   ASP Tip : Cookie Security
This is a tutorial which deals with how to secure the cookies that have been created in the site visitors computers. Here there are few discussion about why you have to secure the ASP cookies and what are the method you have to take to secure the cookies in your site.

1872)   ASP File Finder
ASP File Finder ASP file searches your hard drive or web server for files containing a given string. While doing a search you can specify a string to search for and the directory to search in or leave the default c: directory.

1873)   Active Server Pages: General FAQ
This script is a FAQ collection of answers for the commonly asked questions. Visitors can understand the comparision between the VBscript and Javascript.

1874)   Adding an XML Newsfeed To Your Site
By reading this article you will find it easy for displaying XML news feed for your website news publishing tasks. You can learn to convert XML feeds to HTML codes.

1875)   Surveyor
Surveyor is an ASP based script which lets the webmasters to have surveys on their websites. Users can have instant results while using this application and can utilize those results for better analysis.

1876)   zlib
This is an ASP based compression component which provide various functionalities for zipping the files and allow the user to send the zip file through the http connections.

1877)   SiteSecurity
SiteSecurity allows user authentication and management for websites running on Internet Information Server (4.0+). SiteSecurity can also be used in along with SSL to transmit user credentials securely.

1878)   WYSIWYG HTML editing form in 5mins
This is a tutorial which shows how to use HTML editing text box in your web forms. The procedure is explained with an example in this tutorial.

1879)   VPASP Cart Templates
VPASP Cart Templates is a place where users can find tips, tutorials and scripts for creating shopping cart templates. This will be useful for the ASP users to meet out their needs in creating shopping cart system.

1880)   Analog Clock (static) All
This is a script which shows the time as an analog clock on the website. This is a simple and an useful script for the users to show the time in a standard format.

1881)   FIX: Internet Explorer Error When Posting to an ASP Page That Initiates Redirects
With this article the resources that cause for the internet explorer error when posting a HTM form to an ASP page that activates the redirect pages is taught with examples and the solutions are also available.

1882)   UPL Compression
It is an ASP based compression library component. This component has the capability to zip and unzip the data, string, single files and buffer.

1883)   Outputting a Vertical Table
This simple article is all about outputting a vertical table. The author explains how to output a vertical table with the help of GetRows method.

1884)   gosmart forum
gosmart forum is a message board program where the users have the ability to post new messages in the message board. Users can make a reply for the messages which is already posted.

1885)   Search Engine Indexer
Search Engine Indexer lets you submit either your own URLS or your client URLs into most popular search engines. Supports about 16 search engines. Also, allows you to maintain your included user accounts, compaign module and a lot more.

1886)   CyberOffice Club
CyberOffice Club (CyberClub) is a universal, multi-purpose database-driven online membership module. It can work standalone or as an add-on to CyberShop or CyberBuild.

1887)   Including a file in a ASP page
All aspects of Include files are taught in detail via this online ASP article using which you can produce your code in ASP language effectively.

1888)   Internet File Explorer
You can use this simple ASP program to manage all your files and folders of your website on the server. You can administer your files from anywhere on WWW.

1889)   XCartMan
XCartMan is an active shopping cart script written in ASP that offers custom solutions for all website owners to implement e-stores on their web with powerful site configurator.

1890)   RichardHealey's Shopping Cart
RichardHealey's Shopping Cart is a simple and effective e-commerce software that allows webmasters to create and run active shopping cart websites with their own logos and designs.

1891)   Loops
Learn how to use the loops: [FOR ... NEXT], [FOR ... EACH ... NEXT], [DO ... WHILE], [DO ... UNTIL]with this ASP tutorial.

1892)   XcDirectory
XcDirectory is a flexible and feature rich link indexing and rating system that is easy to add to your existing site.

1893)   State & Session Management COM Intro
This article gives introduction about state and session management with COM layer. It gives several followups in four different stages and also it describes about both merits and demerits of such function.

1894)   ASP:Source
This is an ASP based program that analyses ASP files and helps users to view its source. The content, code and words like if, else, then, etc are highlighted and colour coded.

1895)   New MDB Component
This is an ASP based online database tool with MDB component that helps the users to generate dynamic Access database from an ASP recordset object.

1896)   Generating a GUID
It is an article which deals with creating a library guide for accesing various information through it while developing a programme with the help of ASP application.

1897)   Banner rotator
Banner rotator is a tutorial in which ASP users can find more information about how to build banner rotator using VB script.

1898)   Alivesites Newsflash
Alivesites Newsflash is a program with which website administrators can have a news publishing system on their websites. This will be useful for any organization to publish news and articles.

1899)   Seeing current connections
This is a tutorial for reading and for knowing about whois currently connected with the website. Webmasters can use this for their reference.

1900)   NY Freelancers
This site is more useful for the web administrators in finding the right freelancers for their right task. This is also useful for the freelancers to find a good task which could be done by them more efficiently.

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