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Top 1901-1950 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1901)   WebWatchBot
WebWatchBot is a powerful utility that can be used by the webmasters to view and analyze IP devices on their websites. They can view the watch items after graphing and charting them well.

1902)   XAgent (browser detection)
XAgent is a set of ASP scripts to perform browser, crawler and plugin detection on web site visitors.

1903)   Mailing Form Results
This is a tutorial which shows the method of creating a email form for getting response from site visitors in email format.

1904)   Installed Objects Scanner
Installed Objects Scanner is a program which allows the users to test their IIS webserver for the components that have been installed.

1905)   Vu Case Manager
This script is used for managing a customer online and which is used in both internal and external business process. It helps business people to support their customers online.

1906)   DevWizard
This tool is helpful for business people or for the new programmers who want to generate ASP pages in seconds. Its also used for creating clean codes for VB as well as ASP and javascript.

1907)   LiveSession
LiveSession is a PHP based program using which users can perform collaboration, training or relationship building lively. This will be useful for the users to get collaborated without spending any traveling expenses.

1908)   Password
Password is a very simple password script that does not use any database.

1909)   How to Send Secure Mail in ASP-Based E-Commerce Applications
It is an ASP tutorial which deals with sending a secured mail in E-commerce applications. Here author gives detailed description about the multi purpose Internet mail extension.

1910)   WinLIKE Web Window Manager
WinLIKE Web Window Manager is an useful application for web browsers. This window-manager displays and administrates various overlapping of windows and no need for any plugins for the users on your screen.

1911)   Active Map
Active Map adds a searchable map to your site that has the provision to display the location of a place on the map when you type the name of the place.

1912)   True ASP CRM System
This tool is used for managing the customer online. Any private firms can use this utility to provide online customer support facility on their website. It helps them to achieve revenue growths gradually.

1913)   IISGate
IISGate is a program which allows the users to access and mange their websites. The users can perform validation process through window and cookie based authentication.

1914)   ASP Driven DHTML Slider Menus
This article gives you the hints for creating slick DHTML menu on your website. It works like a outlook express menu. It is an useful article for the ASP beginners.

1915)   How to Write ASP
How to Write ASP is an article that is helpful for the ASP programmer to develop applications. This article offers tips on various tools for the ASP beginners and advanced programmers.

1916)   From ASP to ASP.NET
From ASP to ASP.NET is a reference using which people can gather more information about how to build ASP.NET applications or converting present release of ASP to ASP.NET.

1917)   ASP Inet
This component is used to transfer files and data from FTP servers. This tool can only be used in server side. It does not retrieve data from client side.

1918)   VisualSoft SecureDev
VisualSoft SecureDev is a complete package of security and data transfer components that ensure complete security of data transfer.

1919)   MailBee IMAP4 Component
MailBee IMAP4 is a powerful and easy to use component required to search, receive, parse and delete email messages from IMAP4 servers.

1920)   VisualSoft FTP
This is an ASP component which is used to upload and download data as files or folders from local disk to FTP server alternatively. It is a COM component hence this utility can be used in both COM related IDEs and ASP. Users can transfer any type of data.

1921)   Cyberkenetix ASP FAQ Manager
This knowledge base generator can be run with ASP enabled websites to provide in-built answers to customers usual and common queries about all aspects of your website or products and services. Adding more categories can be done via admin panel to categorize questions.

1922)   .NET brings the fun back to programming
This article shows that programming with ASP.NET can be a fun. This article also describes about the improvements in software development in the recent years.

1923)   KFTP Component
This tool is integrated with ActiveX component which is used for transferring data between FTP servers. It supports custom command line to transfer data.

1924)   Pure ASP Whois
Pure ASP Whois is open source asp class that allows you to perform whois searches from any of your asp applications. It is totally free.

1925)   Website Translation Kit
Website Translation Kit is a ASP based site language tool used at google with which you would be able to convert your english language website into different languages such as, French, Italian, Chinese etc.

1926)   Built in ASP Events
Built in ASP Events is a tutorial that guides users on accessing all the events that are available with ASP.

1927)   Page Counter Component
When the webmaster want to clarify and need guidance for making their own web page counter on their website this tutorial really helps them for such kind.

1928) - ASP FormTo-Email - ASP FormTo-Email is an application that converts the given ASP form into a complete email. This is a simple application that generates the codes quickly.

1929)   Secure Your Access Database
This simple online tutorial explains about the security of the Access database. The author explains the steps involved in securing the access database in detail.

1930)   An ASP Tutorial to create your own News Letter
This is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about the importance of the mailing list manager and provides explanation and sample codes to guide the administrators to have news letter section on their websites.

1931)   Walking through server folders and files
It is an article through which users can learn more about file system object and walk folder function and how these function helps in developing search engines.

1932)   Data Shaping
This online article helps the developers to update their knowledge about data shaping. The main task of data shaping is to return a recordset as an element of another recordset. The author tells about the relational databases and their features with examples.

1933)   Media Processor
Media Processor is a component that has the ability to import files which are in different media formats like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, Mac PICT, Kodak FlashPix Image etc., It can generate thumbnails, draw, crop, rotate text etc., to the images and files which are loaded.

1934)   Writing a COM Object with VisualBasic 6.0
Here is an article which teaches you about COM objects, construction of COM objects using VB, storing the componet in the server, and the methods to access COM component through the ASP pages.

1935)   Database Lock Types
The main theme discussed in this online tutorial is about database lock types. The author describes the LockType property with an example through this article.

1936)   CoverYourASP - Subscription
CoverYourASP - Subscription is an article that allows users to create a mailing list with subscribe and unsubscribe options to the visitors.

1937)   E-Store Kit
This is an ASP based online portal system through which any one can genegrate e-commerce website and they can able to take care of webstore. It has attractive features like providing graphical and functional interface, acceptable pricing and more.

1938)   Arclab Email Toolbox
Arclab Email Toolbox is an efficient COM component that offers many enhanced email capabilities to the ASP aplications. This component is very simple and easy to use.

1939)   ASP Search & Replace
This little ASP program allows you to search words and lets you replace the found text with other words you specify. Comes with a web based interface to implement this searching with dirctories and sub-directories.

1940)   WebEdit Professional
Powerful browser-based website management with file management and WYSIWYG editing. Enables any user to create, edit and update their entire website right through a browser.

1941)   SHA-1 Hash Algorithm
SHA-1 Hash Algorithm is a simple ASP program enabling you to compute the condensed representation of data files. This program is easy to configure and install.

1942)   Help Desk 5.2 by
Help Desk 5.2 by is an important tool for maintaining an online helpdesk. Through this the clients can submit new questions or doubts in the online form of this helpdesk.

1943)   Midori Crypt ActiveX component
Midori Crypt ActiveX component is a program enabled with ASP, by using this system users can either encrypt or decrypt the data via AES algorithms and Cast128.

1944)   DVD Zone :: Boast Your DVD Rental Business
You can boast the revenue generated by your DVD Rental Business by allowing the users to order online. We have provided many features which can be really useful for the users who may wish to rent a DVD.

1945)   Accessing ASP Intrinsic Objects From Java Component
This is a simple tutorial which teaches the method of executing the in-built objects available within COM, which is constructed in java with the help of Visual J++ application.

1946)   ASPToday
ASPToday offers articles related to ASP subjects.

1947)   What is
This article gives the definition of It also describes about the usage of ASP.NET to the web applications and more.

1948)   Shopsmart
Shopsmart Store is an ASP based shopping cart written in VBScript.

1949)   SpreadsheetConverter to ASP & ASP.NET
Good-looking calculating ASP-page from Excel. 190 functions. No Excel on server.

1950)   HostingController
This is a complete hosting automation tool for Windows 2000 servers. Hosting Controller is all what you need to put your hosting business on auto functioning. Also Hosting Controller does complete invoicing/billing for all its resellers and Hosting Administrators.

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