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Top 151-200 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

151)   ASP Form Input to HTML
This is a tutorial which shows the method of creating an HTML documents from ASP form input and some examples are explained.

152)   Mayja Guestbook
Mayja Guestbook is a guestbook program which permit the users to post comments along with entries like name, country and email address.

153)   Form to mail form (.asp)
This tutorial explains how to generate a email form with the help of three examples and they are described in detail.

154)   Free ASP Guestbook
It is an ASP based content management guestbook which can be integrated into users website and it is easy to use. It supports multiple languages.

155)   Generic Title Case
Converting a text sentence into title case using ASP can be learnt easily with the help of this online ASP learning source which demonstrates on how to do that.

156)   Free Simple Ad Rotator (.asp)
Free Simple Ad Rotator (.asp) is a tutorial that clearly explains about creating and managing Ad banner rotator on the ASP supported websites.

157)   Read and write SQL image data, store binary file to sql table
This is an ASP tutorial that helps you to read and write the binary data such as images using the ASP objects. This tutorial is easy to learn by all the users.

158)   MonsterCommerce's Shopping Carts for Small Business
MonsterCommerce's Shopping Carts for Small Business is a simple shopping cart script designed to assists small business vendors to sell their products by generating e-stores.

159)   Multi-Page Forms
This tutorial teaches the method of working with multi-page forms with the help of ASP.NET applications. Here author describes various methods to submit multiple forms in a single page.

160)   e-Calendar Lite
This script is used for creating an online calendar on your website on which visitors can add their events and also they can edit and delete the events.

161)   Mxmania ASP Upload Script
ASP Upload Script will resize and upload pictures and images as well as display them.

162)   Last Monday Script
This is a script which estimates the last monday of a month or year. This is a simple script for the users to use in an easy way.

163)   Using Custom Recordsets
The art of utilizing custom recordsets is the main core of this online tutorial. The author suggests, the users can able to create their own custom recordsets.

164)   How To Use ASP to Retrieve Authentication Information About Web Users in IIS
This is an tutorial which helps the learners by providing various information about how to retrive user authentication information from IIS by using ASP application.

165)   Free Frontpage Logon ASP script
Free Frontpage Logon ASP script is a program which permit the users to protect their frontpage developed websites by providing password. This program is useful for the system admins and the users.

166)   Rename files using the FileSystemObject
Useful tips can be gained through this online ASP article that tells an easier way how to rename a file with a simple example.

167)   Retrieving file names and file paths in ASP scripts
All ASP learners and beginners would find this article useful in giving an indepth knowledge in the procedures for getting the file names and file paths using ASP codes.

168)   NASCAR Guestbook
NASCAR Guestbook is a program which allow the site visitors to post comments along with their desired NBA teams name and logo. Users can either view or sign the guestbook with an eight form field.

169)   Reading a File into an Array
An useful tip on array functions is available for the ASP developers on this online ASP resource. Reading the text file contents and storing them into array is taught in detail.

170)   Online Album
Online Album is a web-based application that allows one to create photographic-albums effortlessly. Online Album not only creates links to pictures it also creates thumbnails, slide shows and also contains various other exciting features.

171)   FormatDateTime() Function
This is a tutorial that briefly explains the functions of FormatDateTime(). It allows the users to set the time up.

172)   The Xceed Zip Self-Extractor Module
This is an ASP extractor library component that provide module for creating the customizable extracting package through which user are allowed to extract the content from the zip file.

173)   Drop Down menu with the months between two dates
This script is based on ASP that helps the webmasters to create a combo box on their web page to get input from the website visitors. It redirects them to other link.

174)   ASPSimpleSearch
ASPSimpleSearch is an ASP application to search through the text of your website for a particular word or phrase. Real time searching of the actual files at the time of the search.

175)   Free Guest Book
Free Guest Book is a program which permit the users to add comments and messages on the guestbook that can be displayed on websites with thank you greeting card.

Updating a record in a database is the main objective of this online tutorial. In this article the author gives a solution for the clients to change their password.

177)   If..Then...Else Statements
The benefits of conditional statements within the script is taught in this ASP tutorial to perform particular process according to the values got via inputs, result of previous functions etc.,

178)   Forgot Password Page
This is an ASP application through which users can send the forgotten username and password of the site visitors. This application collects the stored information of the visitors from the MS Access database.

179)   Importing a CSV file into Access
The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the developers how to import a CSV file in Access. This easier method is proved by the author through this article.

180)   ASP huge file upload with progress bar
Hi-performance ASP file upload component with progress bar indicator.

181)   aspSmartUpload
aspSmartUpload is an efficient ASP component that enables the webmasters to handle both uploads and downloads of files efficiently on webservers.

182)   Multiple Question - Multiple Choice Online Questionaire (ASP)
Multiple Question - Multiple Choice Online Questionaire (ASP) is a database driven ASP based application which can be used by the webmasters in creating questions and answers or options on their websites for survey purposes.

183)   NatterChat
This ASP driven script implements functions to create a chat module with many features like multiple rooms, several language, private messaging window, word filter etc.,

184)   Q-Shop
A complete ASP storefront featuring a shopping cart, dynamic catalog, purchase history, web-based catalog/order/user administration, and more. Shipping and taxes calculation.

185)   Getting Information from Another Web Page Without Using a Third-Party Component
This is a tutorial that guides users to retrieve the information from other ASP web pages. Here the author uses MS Internet Transfer Control to succeed this process

186)   GuestbookPro
Free simple guestbook.

187)   Picture Effector
Picture Effector is an unique ASP software dealing with image manipulating techniques. Using this program you can add several graphical effects for all your images.

188)   Inserting data into a database
Inserting data into a database is the core content of this online tutorial. The author describes about this procedure with an example through this article.

189)   Ploma Dbedit
Ploma Dbedit is a program built for ASP, an IT professional can utilize this program to let their database online and a company director can use the same as a web office utility to sort date in office.

190)   Building an Event Calendar
Building an Event Calendar is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about how to create and manage event scheduling calendar on ASP supported websites.

191)   Dundas Mailer
Dundas Mailer is an efficient ASP component that can be used by the webmasters to enhance the capabilities on their web sites. This component can be easily used from within the ASP pages.

192)   Wise ASP - FileSystemObject Object
All files and folders in the your local drive and network drive systems can be manipulated using the ASP FileSystemObject and it's properties and methods are listed with detailed description on this tutorial.

193)   Web Wiz Forums
Web Wiz Forums, written by Bruce Corkhill, is a powerful free feature packed ASP Discussion Forum, Bulletin Board, system, with many powerful advanced features that would only normally be found in applications costing many hundreds of pounds.

194)   ASP FAQS : Convert the contents of an array into a string
Both the simple and complex way to convert the array elements into string values can be got from this ASP based string and array tutorial.

195)   Get the number of days in a month
This is a tutorial which shows the method of getting the number of days in a month. A detailed description is given with an example.

196)   Ourline Message Board
Ourline Message Board is a forum program that permit the users to post messages and the admins are provided with rights to delete online messages.

197)   Virtual Guestbook
Virtual Guestbook is a guestbook program which allows the users to make multiple entries in the guestbook. This program uses Access 2000 database.

198)   NHL Guestbook
NHL Guestbook is a guestbook where the visitors can post entries on the guestbook. The visitors can select their desired hockey team and logo.

199)   XML parsing and creating Dynamic HTML elements using VBScript
In this tutorial the author explains about parsing XML string with the help of VB script. Here the author illustrates this process by presenting dynamic data in the client side.

200)   ASP Password-Protected Pages with Secure Login ASP script
ASP Password-Protected Pages with Secure Login ASP script is a program that enables webmasters to keep their files or folders in a secured manner.

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