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Top 1951-2000 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1951)   E-User
Simple free user management system created with dreamweaver MX. With a simple code you can convert your website into a members only site.

1952)   iisPROTECTcc
It is an ASP based software with the solution for processing and real time billing. It has an interface for providing billing solution. It has several features.

1953)   ClickAuction
ClickAuction is an internet auction script which when integrated on any existing website enables webmasters to run online auctions without any server side components.

1954)   ASP Techniques for Webmasters
All errors from basic level upto the browser compatibility are illustrated with detailed explanation in this tutorial which tells the ways to handle and stop the errors using ASP together with other technologies.

1955)   ASP Databases - Using VBScript
This is an online database tutorial which is helpful for the database administrators to facilitate their website with database utility to store and update their records.

1956)   OLEDB For Me
This online tutorial deals with OLEDB in ASP. At the end of this online article the developers can link to their SQL and Access Data stores with the help of OLEDB which is proved in this article.

1957)   Submitting Web Form data from one ASP.NET page to another
This article discusses different options you as a developer have in ASP.NET to send data from one ASP.NET page to another. Since you cannot use ASP.NET Web Controls in such a scenario this article discusses other ways like using HttpContext object.

1958)   Share a Link
This tool is helpful for your site visitors to send your web pages to their friends. It helps webmasters to increase their website traffic. This program has an intuitive user interface.

1959)'s Chat Room
This is an ASP chat application available in two versions. One is Basic Chat with standard chating features and the other is Pro Chat having advanced features than basic chat.

1960)   Smart Multi Poll 1.0
Get simple and fast feedback from your visitors in seconds. Created integrating ASP & Flash, it's super-fast, small Flash file (14KB) with 3D Bar Graph & Pie Chart Statistics makes your web site interactive and sticky. SQL Server & Access versions. No reloading the page. Create unlimited site polls!

1961)   Bravenet Message Forum
It is an ASP based interactive message board that can be integrated into users website. It has features like threaded messages, adding images, colour customizing and more.

1962)   Web Source Info
Very interesting and helpful website for developers, designers and programmers. Thousands of learning tools and softwares for beginners as well as professionals. Free ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, CFML, CGI / PERL scripts. Free flash FLA, templates etc.

1963)   DataBound Index style menu (ASP)
This program is helpful for the webmasters to create menu list on their website. It uses database to store data. It can be used for both top level to child and child to child format.

1964)   WDVL
WDVL is an free encyclopedia of java, HTML, javascript, cgi, dhtml, XML, perl, web design and domain name tutorials and resources.

1965)   Including files in ASP
This simple article helps you to know how to include a file in html or ASP pages. It provides two common ways to include files in the web pages clearly.

1966)   Enabling Client Updates
It is an ASP article in which author gives few tips for the users to enable the visitors to update their information to the database or to text file.

1967)   Referencing Windows in JavaScript
How to implement the pop-up window to show information to the users or enabling them to input some data in new window can be learnt easily through this online ASP article.

1968)   Directory Listing
Directory Listing is a simple and useful article from which you can learn to script ASP codings for displaying thumbnails from every file of a given directory.

1969)   Debugging Active Server Pages Scripts
Debugging Active Server Pages Scripts is a tutorial that covers on error handling with VB script and javascript on ASP. The author starts this tutorial with a detailed explanation about debugging.

1970)   Populating select fields
The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the developers how to generate various functions in various formats. The author highlights the importance of generating option fields which helps in retrieving values from a table.

1971)   NetStreams
The NetStreams library is one of the latest to the new objects Active X with more utility objects. The main advantage of this NetStreams is that its objects helps to undergo operation applications for connecting to another node.

1972)   Using XML and XSLT in VB.NET Jeopardy
This is a tutorial that deals with utilizing XML and XSLT with VB.NET jeopardy. This will be useful for the users to learn about performing XML and XSLT on VB.NET.

1973)   Bulletproofing Your ASP Components
This tutorial deals with call stack component which prohibits the problems of run time error and helps in detecting the error in exact place in the source code.

1974)   Adventia Chat Server Pro
Adventia Chat Server Pro 3.0 is an ASP program that allows you to easily add multiple HTML-only chat rooms to your site, transforming your web site or intranet into a dynamic and successful online community comprised of customers, users, suppliers or employees.

1975)   Converting Your existing HTML to XML
This is an online tutorial that guides users to transform the HTML files into XML. This will help users to split the presentations and content which are present in the HTML page.

1976)   Polar Knowledge Base
With Polar Knowledge Base ASP application, you would be able to offer customer service without any operational cost. Clients on your organization can get required information in no time.

1977)   AspUpload
AspUpload is an efficient COM+ component that enables the ASP application to capture, process and manipulate the uploaded files on their websites.

1978)   Generic ASP Database Editor for Access Tables
Generic ASP Database Editor for Access Tables is a tutorial that guides users to build an editor to manage the contents on MS Access database tables using with ASP.

1979)   Restricted Access - database authentication
This script allows you to filter unwanted visitors out of any ASP file in your web site. It does not allow unwanted users from viewing any part of your web site. This is done by using a database to authenticate the user names and passwords of authorized viewers.

1980)   Power Stock
Power Stock is an ASP based script which can be used by the users to incorporate the display of stock quotes in their websites. It is enabled with free yahoo quote service.

1981)   Multiple selectbox in classic asp
Through this online tutorial the author describes about the multiple select box. The author explains the task of it along with the sample source code.

1982)   Active Server Page Programming Standards
A lot of useful tips to produce ASP programming source code in an easier understandable way can be gained through this online ASP tutorial which describes how to define variables, HTML comments etc to make your code more sense.

1983)   Incipio inQuest
Incipio inQuest is an ASP based script which lets the users to build poll boxes on their hosted websites. Webmasters can utilize this simple application in conducting surveys.

1984)   FingerTips
FingerTips is an ASP software application that allows webmaster and web designers to offer their users the provision to create their own web sites.

1985)   Arrays
The various basic functions in arrays can be learnt using easier means of examples provided in this ASP online educational module.

1986)   PpAsp.Form
PpAsp.Form is a program that comes with a collection of utilities to facilitate programmers to create and perform form processing.

1987)   Wise ASP - What is Active Server ?
This article gives introduction to ASP.NET. It discusses about the compiled language, functions and uses of ASP.NET, its important features and more in a simple way.

1988)   ASP Tell a Friend Script
This web based tutorial provides the effective solutions and ways to increase the traffic to your site by including a 'Tell-A-Friend' tool on your system.

1989)   Help Desk
Help Desk is a full featured ASP based knowledgebase system which is available with advanced features to include an effective FAQ system to solve your customers clarifications. Database can be included to maintain your FAQ content effectively.

1990)   InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor
Build a good looking content with more stylish presentation using this InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor. Helps the webmasters to create a high quality word processor.

1991)   Instant ASP: Another tool in making Active Server Pages universal
The author of this article gives some reference on some softwares that could enable other non-windows operating systems to execute ASP files.

1992)   A real easy way to add tables: ADOX
The main core of this online article is to add a table to the database using ADOX. The author tells how to add a table to an Access database with an example.

1993)   WebExplorer Server
WebExplorer Server is an efficient file management solution that enables the webmasters to effectively share their files providing access levels and quota limits to the users.

1994)   Downloading Files with VBScript and ASP
This is a simple and useful article in which the author has explained the procedures for creating a full featured download systems for your website using ASP and VB.

1995)   Generating Random Records from the Database
Through this online tutorial the author explains the task of displaying random records from the database. At the end of this article the developers can learn to display the records in different ways.

1996)   Web Navigator
Web Navigator is a program that helps webmasters for navigating their websites. By using this tool they can build a full featured and flexible navigating system on their websites.

1997)   SessionBridge
This is an ASP based migrating component that helps in coverting ASP codes into ASP.NET codes for retreiving simultaneous access of variable between ASP and pages for same applications.

1998)   Remote Scripting With JavaScript and ASP
Those who want to become experts in remote scripting can utilize this online ASP tutorial and can make their own effective applications in ASP using javascript.

1999)   Intrinsic Objects
In-built objects in JScript are taught with detailed explanation on this tutorial and how to implement their properties and methods can be learnt with the help of provided respective articles.

2000)   a.shopKart
a.shopKart is a simple and easy to use shopping cart software with which webmasters can build their own e-stores on the net with simple and customizable store front design.

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