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Top 2051-2100 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2051)   Using Index Server to Search
This is an article that covers on using Index Server in the place of database to search through their MP3 files. Author says that users are required to have Windows NT to succeed this process of building search functionality.

2052)   Verfiying User Input with ASP
It is an article in which author deals with checking the users input with the help of Xcheck COM object before allowing them to secure areas.

2053)   NT Authentication's Impact on Connection Pooling
The main core of this online article is about the ODBC connection pooling mechanism in NT Basic Authentication environment. The author expresses his complete description about this mechanism along with its overall features.

2054)   Infomentum ActiveFile
ActiveFile is an Active Server component that provides a robust set of methods for manipulating files and directories. ActiveFile's support for both file uploading and downloading lets developers of Active Server Pages applications have an integrated solution to the problem of exchanging data files with Web clients. Additional features include a download filter that makes it easier for users to download files, three new sample applications, and access to last-modification time and date of files. Also includes support for manipulating ZIP, StuffIt, and TAR files, download restarts, download failure detection, and two new sample applications. This update adds an inheritance property that lets you propogate permissions to files in a directory and an MD5 property to ensure file integrity

2055)   FunkyASP Topsite
FunkyASP provides a cost effective Topsite System.

2056)   Cars Ads Package
Cars Ads Package is yet another flexible car sales management system using which you can handle your online car sales transaction more easier. Supports many categories and allows you to upload any number of images with product page. Supports MySQL / MS Access in addition to ASP.

2057)   Improve Site Rankings with LinkHelp Software
Here is the LinkHelp Software which helps the webmasters to increase their site ranking. This software shows how to increase webmaster's site traffic by attracting the visitors.

2058)   A New Form of Redirect
This article discusses the pros and cons of utilizing Response.Redirect method to requset another page. And provides efficient solution to solve the problems with Response.Redirect.

2059)   Tell-A-Friend Script
This script comes with the source code that can be copied into your source directory to display a link on the webpage through which you can allow your site visitors to send email to their friends to refer your site.

2060)   Nu Community Portal System
This is an web based online ASP resources portable program that can be installed into the server. This program offers several applications in several sections like, weathers, news and business listing.

2061)   ServerZip ActiveX Component
ServerZip ActiveX Component is an utility which helps to compress the files in industry-standard zip format. This tool helps to reduce network traffic and save your time.

2062)   Deal with empty tables
In this online tutorial the author explains about connecting to a database. The author explains about dealing with empty tables as the main hightlight of this article.

Whether selling e-books, e-zines, unique photos, digital arts, mp3 music, graphics or video, ringtones.. this neat web-seller is all you need.

2064)   A Beginner's Guide to Using Active Server Pages (ASP)
An online ASP guide that teaches you about the creation of ASP pages, differences between ASP and conventional HTML, converting web pages to ASP using JavaScript and VBScript.

2065)   Counting Records In A Database Table
This ASP tutorial is easily understable by the novice. You can display the number of records in the database table with the help of this tutorial.

2066)   XP Crypt
You can use this software to encrypt all the records of oracle, MS SQL server and MSDE database using the server side encrytpion algorithms.

2067)   HOTT ASP.NET Training
This technical training center teaches ASP.NET from the basic to the advanced level. They conduct onsite training programme. This center also conducts training in XML, Java, SQL programming, Linux, Unix, Network security and administration etc.,

2068)   Easy ADO RecordSet Paging
From this online tutorial the webmasters could gain more details about the usage of ADO Recordset paging. The author explains about retrieving a Recordset from a data source.

2069)   iDevResource Breaking News
It is an online community which displays all the breaking news that had occured in the latest ASP development. This site will be very helpful for the developers and the webmasters.

2070)   Add Item to array
An array based ASP article which is more useful for the beginners in ASP to how to add an item into an array via ASP language.

2071)   HOW TO: Use the ASPError Object to Build a Custom Error-Handling Page in Internet Information Server
This ASP guide helps you get familiar in handling errors using ASPError Object. Gives the solutions to create custom error pages and to include email notification facility etc for IIS errors.

2072)   Web Wiz Rich Text Editor
This is an online text editor and is developed with ASP that can be used to create and edit text on the web pages. This program supports any browser and runs on any platform.

2073)   Database Summary Info
In this online article the author describes about the usage of OLEDB which is more powerful to database connections. The author explains all categories under this title with examples.

2074)   Set the InitialFocus for an ASP.NET WebForm
It is a tutorial which specially deals with setting the initial focus control in the ASP.NET web forms. The author describes about the procedure to execute the above said procedure.

2075)   Account List Manager
This is an ASP based program that helps users to maintain an organizations contact directory on the net. This program has the ability to add details like, photos, address and even a map to the location for each contact.

2076)   inexSurveyor
Allows you to create multiple surveys or questionnaires 'on the fly.' How important is it to get constant feedback? This program provides the option to get open-ended answers (they write anything), pick one answer option, or allow users to select multiple answers. See how easy it is!

2077)   Real Tracker
Real Tracker is a website counter script used for counting total number of visitors ever visited the website and their system information. This tool is helpful for the webmasters to view their sites track report.

2078)   Random Password Function
It is an article in which author details about few functions that can be utilized while installing a password system in the users website to generate password for the site visitors.

2079)   Setting Microsoft Access Write Permissions
To update the database the developers should have the file or folder write permissions while using MS Access which is explained in this online tutorial.

2080)   IIS 5: Programmability Architecture
IIS 5: Programmability Architecture is a tutorial that details on developing the programmability architecture on Internet Information Servers. This tutorial will be useful in developing web applications.

2081)   PowerTCP FTP Tool
This component is used to transfer files and folders from FTP server. It supports both client and server side applications to transfer data. Data listings are retrieved as objects and also it supports ActiveX control component.

2082)   ActiveEmail SMTP Toolkit
ActiveEmail SMTP Toolkit helps users with an easy to use SMTP programming interface. It can be easily integrated into any application.

2083)   GSFile
GSFile is an effective COM component that can be used by the webmasters to manage their text files efficiently. This component is very simple and easy to use.

2084)   Windows Scripting Components (WSC) in ASP
This is an article in which author describes about methods that have to be adapted to construct Windows scripting component in ASP. Here there are few procedures which helps in using the component in the ASP applications.

2085)   ClipURL
This script is helpful for the webmasters to provide short URL for the long URL. To get short URL users have to just type URL or they can paste the URL on the given box.

2086)   CodeAvalanche LinkExchnage
Using CodeAvalanche LinkExchange webmaster can automate link exchange, get valuable hits and boost page rank.

2087)   ZBit zip-unzip component pro
This is an ASP based component that helps the user to zip or unzip the files present in the codes. This tool helps in creating password protected file and hence provide secured files.

2088)   Sending Email Function Using CDOSYS (Windows 2003 IIS6)
An online ASP course that gives you the alternate way to send your email using CDOSYS instead of CDONTS component from the ASP form.

2089)   AdJuggler
AdJuggler is a ad management tool used to enable business persons to run a full advertising network. It is a powerful online ad serving and ad tracking tool.

2090)   Access Database Connection DSN-Less Code
This tutorial helps you to learn how to connect to an Access database with DSN-less connection in different methods. This tutorial shows each of the method with sample code.

2091)   Left() Mid() Right()
A simple means of ASP online guide that is more useful for the beginners in ASP to get more information on ASP and VBScript string manipulation.

2092)   Digirez Room Booking / Reservation
Digirez V2.1 is an ASP application that allows you manage facility reservations through your website. New features are: multi-days booking, images manager, colors picker, dates picker, position vertical or horizontal, email configuation, etc.

2093)   Subscribe to Our Newsletter
Subscribe to Our Newsletter is a tutorial that guides users to include an email functionality to send email automatically when a visitor signsup and to send email to the visitors about whether their addresses are added or not.

2094)   URL Replacer
URL Replacer is a program that will replace the urls.

2095)   ScriptingContext
Using ScriptingContext interfaces can be accessed together with ASP objects by the ASP components which is clearly explained through few pages on this tutorial.

2096)   Looping
This is a tutorial which shows the use of loops and the two types of loops available in VB Script.

2097)   ASP Wrap Format
ASP Wrap Format is an ASP tool which provides format fuctions of Visual Basic. If you have Visual Basic 5.0 with Service Pack 3 installed then you can easily download DLL file.

2098)   Legacy Meets .NET: A Real-World Scenario
Visual Studio .NET and the Windows Server System provide the best platform for extending the reach and life of existing legacy systems running on AS/400s and Mainframes. See why .NET is the best tool available for extending their reach to the Web using ASP.NET.

2099)   Report of press from database to MS Word
Report of press from database to MS Word is the main topic discussed in this online article. The author explains about the importance of a press function.

2100)   fComp Web Creator
fComp Web Creator is a program based on ASP which can be used by any user who needs to build their own website. It is easy to use this script in creating websites.

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