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Top 2151-2200 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2151)   WebPageSnapshot
WebPageSnapshot is a activeX component and a browser program which generates a snapshot of a web page along with URL. The users can save images in formats like jpeg, GIF, PNG and BMP.

2152)   Codejay - Code Generator Tool For Asp, Coldfusion,, Php
Multi functional code generator.Choose among ASP, PHP, COLDFUSION, ASP.NET.

2153)   PowerWeb99 MiniShop System.
PowerWeb99 MiniShop System is an unique shopping cart software that helps you to create and manage a full featured light weight e-store on the net.

2154)   Access2ASP
This script is used for creating asp code to view, retrieve, search etc from microsoft access database tables and to put it online. It also generates footer and header for asp pages.

2155)   WordToy
Word Toy is an application which produces an online microsoft document which used to control all the modification done in that document, Even in the absence of word server it works in ActiveX server and ASP web class components.

2156)   SiteBeater Foundation
SiteBeater is a web site management tool. It is enough to create and manage an unlimited number of websites. It offers accounts and domains, message boards, image galleries and online MP3 radio service.

2157)   ItemAction
ItemAction is a full featured action software designed with all essential features of task management, timesheet, help desk and bug tracking solutions.

2158)   Javascripts Methods
Javascripts Methods is a catagorized quick reference guide that has all javascript methods under several catagories. Using this reference article programmers can make a better reference.

2159)   safeSQL secure SQL - ASP
It is an ASP based database security tool that make the database of the users website secure. This program provide high security with valid sending format and check options for ASP pages.

2160)   Maximus Poll Professional by Easy K Designs
Maximus Poll Professional is a script built on ASP, through which users can conduct numerous polls on their websites. It is easy to use this script due to its flexibility.

2161)   Articles & Papers Package
Articles & Papers Package, is an ASP script which can be accessed through MS Access and has the capability to run through SQL. With this the designer can create an Article and paper package in database.

2162)   Broadboard
Broadboard is a message board program where the users can generate unlimited number of message boards. This program has the ability to show the statistics of the message board.

2163)   Kalky
Kalky a simple ASP calculator that can perform basic arithmetical functions like add, subtract, divide and multiply.

2164)   IntrPage
It is an ASP based online database tool that can be integrated into users website for retriving information from the database and the datas in the database can be automatically displayed in the desired format.

2165)   Server Side Includes
This tutorial explains that using server Side Includes (SSI), you can create your web applications in ASP programming to include standardized header, footer, newsletters, survey, database etc., into all pages of websites.

2166)   Free SQL Tutorials
This is a very simple online tutorial explains about the SQL. Further this article extents narrating where to use these SQL statement.

2167)   Insert New Record
This simple tutorial shows you how to add the records in a database table. This tutorial demonstrates it with an example to the users. This is an useful tutorial for all the users.

2168)   Component vs. Component
This is an useful tutorial for the ASP programmer to learn more about various components and its advantages. The author elaborates about various auctions regarding with com components.

2169)   Update Fader
Update Fader is a program that allows webmasters to have an automated 'new' icon displayer for updation. This program has the ability to display the icon according to pre-defined duration.

2170)   Ocean12 FAQ Manager Pro
One of the ASP script that assists you to generate a FAQ list with most common questions and with proper answers. Admin interface lets you customize the look and feel of FAQ system. All FAQs can be stored with database.

2171)   CDBL instead of CSNG
This tutorial concentrtes on CDbl function which deals with working with high precision numbers. In this article author describes about advantages of using CDbl over CSng function.

2172)   ASP To DLL
ASP To DLL is an online article giving you the codes for converting an ASP page into a VB-Class file. You will also come to know how to automate the compilation of project files to DLL files.

2173)   Browser Capabilites
Here is a tutorial in which you can learn about the property of the browser, which is capable of working with com component.

2174)   Magiclamp Networks
Magiclamp Networks is a website that offers service for people to have their own websites. Magiclamp Networks offers service for building websites, hosting domains etc.,

2175)   ASP Fanlist
ASPFanlist is an ASP application which allows the users to place any information regarding their favourites and allow other members of the site to post the comments.

2176)   StrongCube Upload Component
StrongCube Upload Component is an easy to use component that can be used by the webmasters to manage the uploads and downloads of files efficiently on their webservers.

2177)   Apostrophes in SQL statements
Through this simple online article, the author explains about the problem of using apostrophes in SQL statement.

2178)   C2GEREAD
If you want to parse MIME or UUENCODED e-mail files then C2GERead component allows you to do so. C2GERead is an ATL COM component.

2179)   Convert MDB database to another format
This article deals with converting MDB database format to Access 2000 format. Here author offers few codes which will be helpful for converting the database format.

2180)   ASP Eight Ball
ASP Eight Ball is a tutorial that covers on a magic eight ball script, this illustrates three things, which are a dim statement, a tautology and a random number.

2181)   My ASP Score Table
My ASP Score Table is a program which allows users to build a score table for adding match results to their existing websites. This is an easy to use program that can be completely customize by users.

2182)   DigiAffiliate ASP Software
DigiAffiliate is a comprehensive affiliate management software that offers Commission per sale or per click, 2-Tiers of commission, a banner manager (upload without dll), and customisable interface, and more. The system gives you full online access to banners, text links, logos etc...

2183)   Storing Web Application Variables
The steps needed to retrieve timestamped applicaiton variables and data and to save them in a database is clearly taught in this tutorial where the code snippets provide the functions, methods in functionable format.

2184)   Hosting Manager
The author of Hosting Manager is allowing people interested to download the beta version of the script. The script lets users management interface for webhosts.

2185)   XDE Spell Checker
XDE Spell Checker is an ASP based program through which users can meetout their needs in spell checking and finding synonyms looking on their given text area.

2186)   Utilizing the INNER Join
This article explains about how to work with SQL database and how to make an ASP page interact with SQL server to store data using SQL statements.

2187)   Creating an ASP COM Component in Visual Basic
This article deals with developing ASP COM object with the help of GUI application(VB). Here the author discusses about its advantages and methods involved in generating component.

2188)   Maximus Poll Professional by Easy K Designs
Maximus Poll Professional is a script built on ASP, through which users can conduct numerous polls on their websites. It is easy to use this script due to its flexibility.

2189)   Vote or User Poll (Hyperlink Input, DB and Cookie)
Vote or User Poll (Hyperlink Input, DB and Cookie) is a tutorial which is a guidance and reference for webmasters to create polls with four hyperlinked options using cookies.

2190)   Dedicated ASP Hosting
This is a reference article which gives some points to select your host. By the end of this article you can able to select the appropriate hosting plans from a hosting company without getting chaotic.

2191)   ASP Server Object
A clear overlook on ASP Server Object can be gained from this ASP tutorial and through the provided examples you can learn the usage of this object.

2192)   How To Configure REMOTE_HOST to Perform a Reverse DNS Lookup in IIS
This tutorial enables users to let the REMOTE_HOST to achieve a DNS look up in reverse manner by configuring it. The author describes elaborately by providing exact sample codes.

2193)   Listing and Viewing SQL Objects
This online article helps the learners to fetch the records present in the database. The author describes about how to generate an ASP page which would show all the tables and the procedures saved on a SQL Server.

2194)   Connecting UNIX Systems to The Web with ASP and VB
The main article deals with the process of linking UNIX systems to the web with the help of VB and ASP. The author discusses about how to generate a DLL in VB. Further the author tells that this tool could control the process in UNIX server.

2195)   Towards Next Generation URLs.
Towards Next Generation URLs is an asp article.

2196)   E-Mail Protector
This is an article which explains about method involved in protecting the e-mail address of the website from the spammers to harvest the email address.

2197)   Load Down: Application Center Test
This ASP tutorial analyzes the problems with sending dynamic data from page to page when executing load-test on an ASP application and provides alternate ways to perform the load-test successfully.

2198)   Tamber project
Tamber project is an n-tier website engine which is built with ASP and javascript. The entire presentation is handled by XSL transformation.

2199)   Implementing Dynamic Arrays of Objects
You can gather more details about Dynamic Arrays of Objects to store the data and learn the easier ways to manipulate the data related functions using ASP technology.

2200)   Login Management
This is a session-based Login System. You can log in and run around all the protected area until you close the browser.

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