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Top 2201-2250 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2201)   Extremely useful ASP functions
Extremely useful ASP functions is a tutorial where users can find some useful functions for their own use. Users can utilize these provided functions on any content or comment in the page source.

2202)   Reservation ASP
Reservation ASP is a database driven program, by using this application users can run an effective online reservation program for all types of businesses from a browser based interface.

2203)   eDate Web Calendar
eDate is an event calendar that is a great Internet or Intranet application. With easy account setup, an already overworked webmaster can manage user accounts that easily allow events to be added, deleted or updated.

2204)   Email Domain Validation
This multi-purpose ASP script is capable of checking the existence of a domain, verifying the email format and the checks if the domain is valid which is given in an email address.

2205)   dgTree
dgTree creates hierarchy diagram for display on a web site. This is not a simple expanding list but a true tree. You can have unrestricted number of branches, levels, nodes, and leaves.

2206)   Document
This is a simple article in which the author has pointed out the importance of code commenting and external documentation for ASP codes and programs.

2207)   Click&Email
Click&Email is an advanced and very easy and flexible to use ASP script for mailing Newsletters and managing Subscribers. This system supports unlimited Newsletter groups which can belong to other websites or making a distinction, e.g. clients, suppliers, etc.

2208)   Ecs Internet Toolbox
ECS Internet Toolbox Is a Component Package that includes 6 highly useful Internet Tools for developers.

2209)   Virtual Frames
This tutorial gives several tips about how to change the look of website by changing four files. Users can easily follow the given steps to change their website look.

2210)   CSSEditor
CSSEditor is an XML based product that manages CSS files while maintaining amaster list of shared CSS styles for use within all or some of the CSS files.

2211)   String
String is a tutorial that will help users to learn how to work with strings: [UCase / LCase], [Trim / LTrim / RTrim], [strReverse], [Left], [Right], [Mid], [Replace].

2212)   Randomly Reordering an Array
This ASP article helps you to obtain an easier method to reorder the single dimensional array items randomly and displaying them on screen.

2213)   Gc Multiple Hit Counter with ASP and MS Access - -Part I
It is an article that deals with the counter which helps in counting the number of hits the page faced. Here there are codes that users can utilize this for counting their site hits.

2214)   VideoQuota
This is an ASP protection software through which user can protect their video and audio streaming files through password and also protect IIS directory from the integrated application control panel.

2215)   ASPLogin 2000
ASPLogin provides user authentication and management for Active Server Page (ASP) based web sites and applications. ASPLogin uses an ActiveX server component to automatically send users to a login page, and then checks their authentication information and document permissions from a database.

2216)   Serial Communication ActiveX
Serial Communication ActiveX is a serial communication ActiveX component for serial port communication.

2217)   Sort a VBScript array
This ASP online educational system teaches you how to implement a faster sorting system in ASP using arrays in VBScript and JScript with clear explantion.

2218)   Whois Lookup & Domain Checker
This tool is used for checking the availability of domain and also used as whois lookup and which supports more than thirty domain suffixes. It searches and shows result instantly.

2219)   MPCSoftWeb Photograph Album
MPCSoftWeb Photograph Album is an pure ASP application in which thousand of photos can be stored under various categories.

2220)   The base href tag
The every aspect of HREF tag is analyzed in this ASP article that provides a detailed explanation on relative links made using HREF.

2221)   MSCUpload for Linux
MSCUpload is an Active Server File Upload component. It allows web developer to receive forms with multiple files from user end and easily handle form fields as well as sent files.

2222)   What you get in .Net
This article describes about the category of ASP.NET. It has four categories. This article provides multiple web services associated with .NET.

2223)   Developing IIS Applications
Developing IIS Applications is a tutorial that deals with IIS application development. Here the author details on different levels of architecture offered by the IIS 5.0 and specially about the architecture which are involved in application development.

2224)   Is It Human?
Through this tutorial the web owners can find some solutions about hit counter and it provides several tips to them for making their logging traffic on their website.

2225)   DB Results
Learn how to get the results from a DB query: [Error / Vield Value], [TRUE / FALSE], [FOR ... NEXT], [WHILE ... WEND] with this java tutorial.

2226)   gee! Coupon Manager
Create and display internet coupons on your website. Promote sale items dynamically with Coupon Manager. Visitors only see the current coupons; all expired coupons are automatically removed.

2227)   Integrate Web Content
Integrate Web Content is an online article for the webmasters guiding them to implementing common internet protocols on their websites through ActiveX COM components.

2228)   EasyPollAsp
EasyPollAsp is a script which can be added to any user site in a quick manner to be used for survey purposes. Users are allowed to create new poll, delete and display poll.

2229)   DSN-less Applications
The author of this article explains about the importance of DSN Less connections. The author describes with a javascript application which gets the input and generates the DSN connection for inducing into ASP.

2230)   SQL Distributed Management Objects
Processing SQL Distributed Management Objects (SQL-DMO) through ASP to utilize the SQL server's management features can be learnt online through this ASP article.

2231)   Handling exceptions when opening database
Avoiding the 'Exception handling errors' while running an ASP application in your machine can be performed by reading this online ASP tutorial. Describes how to connect database to your ASP based applications.

2232)   Knowledge Base Search
Knowledge Base Search enables your visitors to find required articles that are available in your database. Many features are available with this ASP program so that you can provide powerful knowledge base article searching on your ASP supported websites.

2233)   ASP Help 'Server Object'
Through this tutorial, you can learn clearly about Server Object in ASP that enables your ASP components to implement the methods and properties of server object within your scripting.

2234)   Counting Records with SQL and ASP
This is an ASP tutorial that generates you the code for counting the number of records in your database table. You can copy the sample code generated by this tutorial in your application.

2235)   Character Codes
How to avoid the complexity while assigning values to the variables in an ASP application is depicted with example in this ASP onlne educational system.

2236)   Lundlay ASP Script Chat
Lundlay ASP Script Chat is a complete plug-and-play chat application. This is available with full source code

2237)   MetaGenerator Object
It is a web based tutorial which concentares on meta generator objects which helps in generating unlimited numbers of meta tag simulataneously.

2238)   iLogin
iLogin is a user management program where the users can protect their webpages and can manage their clients. This program provides admin managing system for the users.

2239)   Procedures
This ASP guide explains in detail about the procedure types in ASP programming which helps you to gather more knowledge about the procedures in ASP in an easier way.

2240)   Bang Calendar
Bang Calendar is a ASP calendar that allows full dating site solution. The users can create a profile, and search through the site for a soulmate, the site has a lot of nice member features and statistics, the admin has full control of the script and users on the site.

2241)   Wirednow NewsScript
The main task of this NewsScript is to help the webmasters in site administration. Features are more updated versions along with future hopes.

2242)   Database Session and State Management with ASP
The Sessions component from frameWERKS stores user info in any ODBC database. This state info can persist across Web Farms, and also across application boundaries. We call it a Sessions component, but in all actuality it manages more than just session info.

2243)   Web500 CMS Professional
This is a ASP based content management solution that helps users to create and maintain contents on their websites. This program supports multilingual interface.

2244)   aspSyndicator
aspSyndicator is a great tool for managing your content delivery needs. It enables users to magane their content with just a few mouse clicks. It is easily installed onto any ASP server.

2245)   Free Tell a Friend ASP script
Free ASP script that can be readilly added to your site. Let your site's visitors invite their friends and relatives to your site with easy-to-use interface.

2246)   ActivComport
A high-performance, comprehensive COM component for serial, asynchronous communications from any ASP, VB or other COM environment applications.

2247)   ASP ProgressBar from VisualASP
ASP ProgressBar from VisualASP is a component that provides a visual indication of the work or task in progress on Internet Explorer.

2248)   Photo, Thought of The Day
'Photo / Thought of The Day' is a program which helps webmasters in displaying a photo or cartoon with a text passage every day to their visitors on their websites.

2249)   Friendly Addressing
This article gives several tips about how to query a page using ID number. It guides them to create a separate ID number for each page that allows the users to query their required data easily.

2250)   Always Updated Copyright
This article will help you to update the copyright of your website. The author of this article has provided simple and effective ASP code snippets for keeping the current patent.

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