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Top 2251-2300 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2251)   ExcelEverywhere
This script is used for creating an online form on the web pages by the webmasters. Users can use this program to put their financial report, expense report, calculation etc., online.

2252)   E-Store Kit Pro PayPal Edition
You can sell all type of tangible products from your cart with several options in colour and size through the secured paypal payment processor.

2253)   Blogopedia
Blogopedia is an ASP blogging script that allows you to blog without having a database.

2254)   ASP Stats Basic
This is an ASP based powerful hit reporter which is used for tracking the website traffic. It displays daily, weekly, monthly traffic report on the screen.

2255)   DbNetEdit
This program is used for generating a powerful customizable form on the website to manage the data inputs online. Its an user friendly component that helps users to manage form easily.

2256)   Simulate an MS Access Datasheet in ASP (Part I)
The main objective of this online tutorial is to teach the learners how to display records from an MS Access table and how to store the changes made by the clients.

2257)   Script and Code Snippet Library
Script and Code Snippet Library is a program that enables users to save and organize all downloaded code snippets and scripts.

2258)   My file archive
My file archive is an ASP based program that helps users in listing files in folders. This program comes with all basic features of a file archive program.

2259)   ASP LaunchPaD
ASP LanuchPad allows you to have a global login system for your website, and protect any no. of pages on your website.

2260)   A search engine in ASP and without DB!
A search engine in ASP and without DB!is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about how to build a search engine on ASP supported websites without using any database.

2261)   advDirectory
advDirectory is a program enabled with ASP, using which users can manage their web directories including creating, removing or renaming them.

2262)   Smart Publish Light
Smart Publish Light is a web based content management software and is written in ASP that can be used to create and maintain contents on the websites.

2263)   HOWTO: Using a Java Class with Active Server Pages
This tutorial concentrates on utilizing java class as an ASP ActiveX server side objects. Through this tutorial users can grasp the method involved to execute the above said process.

2264)   VBScript Examples : DatePart Function
How date function in VBScript can be used with programs is illustrated in this ASP article using which individual part of date can be retrieved.

2265)   Credit Card Number Checker
webmasters who deals with online payments can utilize this ASP script to check their users credit card number is true or not in no time using provided string functionalities.

2266)   etiveDNS
etiveDNS is an ASP component that allows you to carry out DNS look up and reverse look up.

2267)   XsiteEdit
XsiteEdit is a very simple and easy to use content management software that helps users to add, delete or edit content on their websites. This program is developed with ASP.

2268)   ASP and log files
Several methods to create hi-speed log files in ASP/VBS using Scripting.FileSystemObject and LogFile class of ScriptUtils. VBS Samples and performance comparison.

2269)   Vote User Poll (With a db and IP Capture)
Vote User Poll (With a db and IP Capture) is a script built on ASP through which users can conduct their surveys and polls perfectly.

2270)   gee! Document Collections
Create an easy to use document collection with gee! Document Manager or gee! Document Collections. Allow users to download important documents, forms, and information from your website.

2271)   PowerSite
PowerSite is a bundle of packages used to create a website or web portal. It includes FAQ, Banners, Polling system to built an efficient portal.

2272)   .NET Developer Conference & Expo
This .NET developer conference is conducted by the .NET experts which is useful for all the .NET application developers. This conference cover all the important aspects of .NET technology.

2273)   PacPoll
PacPoll is an ASP based script, by using this application webmasters can add a survey to their web pages at where ever they want. It is very simple to use this script.

2274)   SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit
SiteAdmin Webware Development Kit - Ultimate XML driven web project deployement solution for webware developers.

2275)   Imager Gallery
This is an online image gallery which helps the users to organize their photos. This program can support JPG, PNG and GIF image formats. Automatic thumbnail will be created and adding or deleting of images can be done.

2276)   ASP Variables
Declaring variables in ASP applications to manipulate their values all over the source code can be quickly understood from this online ASP tutorial.

2277)   PowerTCP Emulation Tool
PowerTCP Emulation Tool is a program that uses telnet and VT controls to create terminal emulation facilities on users applications. This program can set display options with properties.

2278)   CDIS Paypal
CDIS Paypal is an unique shopping cart software with which you can sell products online with secure transactions through paypal gateway system.

2279)   File Access Tutorial
Manipulating server files through the ASP File Access Component is described with detailed explanation on this tutorial which provides example programs.

2280)   CrazyBeavers Upload
CrazyBeavers Upload is a program built on ASP that allows website visitors to upload files in a quicker manner. This is a simple program which can be easily used by the users.

2281)   EncryptCC
EncryptCC is a COM Object to Encrypt and Decrypt credit card numbers for Active Server Pages.

2282)   ASP Response Object
This tutorial will be more useful for the learners in ASP programming to gain more information on ASP Response object. Also, they can learn the usage of this object simply through the given examples.

2283)   Beyond the Basics with SQL
This is a center for the users to learn about SQL online. It explains them about SQL in a step by step mode with example in order to develop their own SQL codings without error.

2284)   ASP Event
This tool is used to access the specific events in specific time and provide that particular events to a specific email address perfectly. This reporting tool is useful for webmasters.

2285)   AbyssLabs.Settings
Provides some methods to save/restore/enumerate/delete application settings in the Windows registry.

2286)   Use ASP to create an HTML table that supporting paging and sorting
This online article deals mainly about generating an HTML table which accepts paging and sorting. The author describes the above said topic with an example.

2287)   SSW Access Reporter .NET for IIS
SSW Access Reporter .NET for IIS is a tool that help the developers in converting MS Access database. It helps converting existing Access database in no time.

2288)   Next Record Please
Next Record Please is a tutorial which helps you to scroll through the table one record at a time. This tutorial offers two methods for doing this. This tutorial is easy to learn.

2289)   PortXML
PortXML is an ASP based website with PPC scripts, which helps in generating instant search engine in the users website. This system provides XML feed which support both ASP and PHP. This system provides attractive features for searching.

2290)   Universal Table Editor
This script is helpful for the users to manage their data in any databases. The layout of universal table editor is basically style sheet driven and it is adjustable to any layout.

2291)   DUclassified
DUclassified enables the ASP webmasters to build and manipulate an ad manager on their websites with customizable options. User can contact ad owners via web based form in real time. It is capable of handling numerous ads.

2292)   Ikon Banner Manager
Ikon Banner Manager is built in active server pages technology to display banner on the web pages by the webmasters. This script can run in any type of pages and stores information in log files.

2293)   Menuj
Menuj is an ASP based online utility by using which users can build any type of pop out menus for navigation on their websites. It is a simple and effective tool to be used for menu building.

2294)   IBiz E-Payment Integrator
IBiz E-Payment Integrator can process credit cards and echecks, has customer support and more.

2295)   True Dynamic Includes
True Dynamic Includes allows you to dynamically include a file into your script. By doing this it is possible to increase performance of existing code, add files based upon a variable value and even change the structure of page creation.

2296)   DUnews
DUnews is an ASP based news content management program that can be used to create and display news data on the websites. This system can hold huge number of data with description and can be easily customized.

2297)   Grabbing a file
Three ways are described in this tutorial to parse the text from the file and the author suggests to use the File System Object method to execute this process effectively and quickly.

2298)   myLittleGrabber
wsc component to grab web sites META information from your asp pages.

ANPOP POP3 COMPONENT is an efficient component that can be used by the webmasters to send and receive mails based on POP3 protocol from their ASP applications. This component offers high performance.

2300)   Compact (compress) mdb database from ASP and VBS script.
The main objective of this online article is to teach the developers how to compress MDB database through ASP by DAO or JRO. The author explains this with an example in this article.

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