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Top 2301-2350 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2301)   Building Windows Script Components
This article deals with constructing com components using high level language scripts. The author explains the methods and the advatages of using scripts for creating com component.

2302)   ClassiDesign WebFiles
ClassiDesign WebFiles is an online file manager that allows you to build your own online file storage system or build a manager for your own web files.

2303)   Determining Component Scope
This online ASP tutorial discusses in detail about determining component ccope in IIS and tells the easier ways to instantiate an object in ASP scripts.

2304)   A Web-Based File Browser
This is an article which helps users to search for a file inside the directory on their webserver. Through this file browsing programme, the listed search results can be viewed.

2305)   gee! Mail Wizard
Compose and send personal emails to contacts. The gee! Mail Wizard makes it easy to do email marketing. You can send out mass emails to your contacts stored in the Contact Organizer.

2306)   Netcomments
Netcomments is a program using which webmasters can build a comments section on their websites. From this comments section users can pass any comment about the website or the products.

2307)   List-It Online Real Estate Manager
List-It is consists of scripts designed for realty companies. It enables them to publish and maintain property listings on the internet. There are two versions of List-It: List-It Basic and List-It Pro.

2308)   Response.IsClientConnected
IsClientConnected is one of the property of ASP Response Object and this tutorial helps you to learn client's status on the server.

2309)   Search db by Field
This tutorial explains about how to search DB by field. From this article users can search their targeted data from the database easily.

2310)   Puntex Classic® - Low Cost P2P Betting Exchange Platform
Puntex Classic® is a complete Internet management and delivery platform for operating a Person-to-Person (P2P) betting exchange. Puntex® handles all standard and special bet types to run a successful Internet P2P betting exchange.

2311)   ASPPGP
ASPPGP is a program which permit the users to perform file, email, and text encryption process on their web server. This program keeps track of sensitive datas and documents.

2312)   ASPFAQs : Arrays
Very useful ASP learning resource for all level of ASP developers to solve their problems with arrays in ASP and to get clarification for their doubts in realtime.

2313)   Handling the Error-Either to BOF or EOF
This online tutorial explains about handling the error "Either to BOF or EOF", which occurs often while accessing records from a database. The author discusses about the cause and the remedy.

2314)   Article Admin
Article Admin is an article data management program in ASP that can be used to add, edit or delete articles database. This program would be helpful for ministries, families, churches etc.

2315)   Software Development Conference & Expo
This is an useful conference that is conducted for 5 days. This conference has various sessions that helps the software developers to acquire more knowledge in application development.

2316)   Session.CodePage
From this web based ASP learning source, you will learn what codepage is and can learn how to retrieve it's value using Session.CodePage() function.

2317)   Eliminating Some Credit Card Risk for E-Business
This is an article in which users can learn more about how to avoid fake credit cards in the e-commerce business. This article will be helpful for the e-merchants and those users who include their site for e-business.

2318)   SQL Server Connection Pooling Myths
The main content of this online article is all about connection pooling. The author discusses all the aspects of connection pooling with IIS and SQL Server along with a small test to check the developer's knowledge in the same.

2319)   desSystemInfo
desSystemInfo is a server program which permit the users to enable the ASP application for specifying the systems operating system and virtual memory.

2320)   MSCABImage for Linux
MSCABImage is the best cure from nasty posting bots (robots). These bots create hundreds email accounts on your web-based mail servers and spam from them, fill your forums with thousands of commercial postings and screw your online polls.

2321)   ASP RichEdit
ASP RichEdit is a fully-working script component for Microsoft's Active Server Pages which renders a WYSIWYG edit control on Internet Explorer 4 and higher (Windows only)...

2322)   ASP and Databases
This is a tutorial that tells us how to use ASP component which connects database with web server with the help of user friendly interface. Here author explains about the various objects which helps in linking the database with web server.

2323)   Stonebroom.ServerZip
It is an compression component which is specially designed for file compression in the server. This component can compress the files in standard format and this zip file can be unzipped through any other zip program.

ASPBite is a modular application for content management system to built a poweful portal with all efficient web applications.

2325)   Compacting an Access database from ASP code
Now through this online tutorial the webmasters can learn about compacting and repairing their MS Access database files. The author narrates this concept with an example.

2326)   Headers
The author of this article has explained the readers about the techniques involved in changing and modifying the headers of website pages through ASP.

2327)   TurboCMS
TurboCMS is a content management system and is written in ASP that can be used to create and manage contents on the websites. This program is intended for chinese language.

2328)   Creating a News management system
This is an online tutorial that contributes to ASP users on building a News Management System by using MS Access database.

2329)   PacLog w/Cookies
Description: This Login System uses cookies. Comes with admin area for adding and removing users.

2330)   How to Use Forms
This is a tutorial which shows the method of getting the information from the visitors and sending information to the server.

2331)   Active Server Bricks
The result of that work is Active Server Bricks the Site Building Components Library we are presenting on this page. It is based on Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages) technology and implemented as a set of JavaScript functions and objects in files you can include into your pages. Though the functions has been written in JavaScript, you can use them with your VBScript pages as well.

2332)   XStandard Pro
XStandard Pro is an online WYSIWYG editor suitable for all types of content management applications with which you can format the contents using CSS style sheets.

2333)   Resolver
Resolver is a simple COM object built in Visual C++ and can look up and reverse look up IP address and host name.

2334)   Show The Size Of A Directory Using ASP
This is a simple tutorial teaching you to script codes in ASP to evaluate and display the exact size of all the files available in your main and sub directories.

2335)   Index Server Companion
The Index Server Companion extends the functionality of Index Server to allow indexing of content from remote websites and ODBC databases. The Index Server Companion contains full documentation and ASP code samples for use in a variety of scenarios.

2336)   MSMS Go Component
MSMS Go Component is a script built on ASP that can be used by the webmasters for redirecting their visitors on their websites. It is very easy to use this script.

2337)   ZapEdit
This is an ASP based content management software that helps users to add, delete, edit or update content on their websites. Admin can access WYSIWYG editor to edit contents on their websites.

2338)   EzASPSite
This is an ASP based website solution that can be used by users for all their website needs. This program can be used to develop either personal or business websites.

2339)   Postcard Mentor
This utility is an instant messaging tool that notifies users if their postcard has been that were sent to friends. A copy of the sent postcard will also be mailed to the webmaster and the sender.

2340)   ASp-Nuke
ASP-Nuke, Is a Continent management system. Thats coeded in ASP. ASP-Nuke is all most like PHP-Nuke.

2341)   System DSN or DSN-less Connection?
In this article the author compares the system DSN and DSN Less connections. The author suggests DSN Less connections are superior which is proved in this article.

2342)   ManasTech MiniUpload
ManasTech MiniUpload is an efficient component that enables uploading of the files through a remote web browser to their websites. This component offers swiftness and compactness to its users.

2343)   Poll Pro by
Poll Pro is an application built on ASP to be used by the users to have their own surveys on their websites. By using this users can create any number of polls.

2344)   RRAS server component
RRAS server component is a server based program which is capable to control RAS access and dial-in enabled ports that runs on windows NT server using RAS.

2345)   "Cool" ASP.NET Features: Web Forms
This is a simple tutorial which deals with constructing web forms using advanced features of ASP.NET application. Users can learn about the web form which helps in carrying the visual basic forms and events model to the web server.

2346)   What is Global.asa?
A complete description about global.asa is given on this ASP tutorial and a clear demonstration is available for creating this global.asa file in ASP applications.

2347)   The General Merchandise Shopping Cart
The General Merchandise Shopping Cart is an ASP program designed with MS access database as backend for selling any kind of products online with taxing and shipping options. This online script can work with SSL programs.

2348)   CyberWHOIS
WHOIS allows you to retrieve WHOIS information for .com, .net, .org and .edu.

2349)   Mayja Intranet solution
It is an ASP based scripts that can be integrated into user website. This site offers various ASP scripts for generating website or portal from the scratch.

2350)   docNext Lite
docNext Lite is an online document management ASP application to secure, send, view and to store the documents present in the database. This program is capable of managing acrobat files, audio, video, MS office docs etc.

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