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Top 2351-2400 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2351)   Unitix Site Documentor
It is a documentation tool which will be very helpfull for the developers and the project managers. This tool provide an automated documentation process along with the users needs and also it provide the rescan capablity to know about the changes and the updates in the developing project.

2352)   Popup Email Form
You can learn to include a pop-up form on your site to get suggestions and comments from your users and visitors using Javascript and ASP coding.

2353)   25+ ASP Tips to Improve Performance and Style
It is an useful tutorial for the ASP programmers and the web developers in which they can gain 25 useful tips regarding with improving the performance of ASP application.

2354)   HOW TO: Use Windows Script Components to Package ASP Scripts
This is a web based tutorial which deals with utilizing Windows scripting component for packing various ASP scripts to make use in ASP application.

2355)   Request.ClientCertificate
This article helps you to learn the Request.ClientCertificate property in detail and provides many examples to gather info about ClientCertificate collection.

2356)   Soft Contacts
Soft Contacts is a script built on ASP which can be used either by a sales team or a sales person for organising their individual sales contacts.

2357)   Ocean12 ASP Calendar Manager
ASP/Access 2000-based full featured calendar manager program.

2358)   Universal Link Checker
This is an article which deals with validation of a submitted URL. This article will be helpful for the developers to check whether the visitors URL is valid one.

2359)   FactoSystem
Facto is a Web publishing system. It is mostly used as a knowledge management system of sorts. It can be used for creating personal or group sites. It is written entirely in ASP. It uses Microsoft Access or SQL server as database backend.

2360)   To create a Multilingual Site
This is an article which briefs about the methods of providing differnt language options to your site contents using the 'Session object' of ASP.

2361)   CodeHungry Bulletin Board
CodeHungry Bulletin Board is a program which allows the users to generate forums for posting messages. The users have the ability to remove and edit forums.

2362)   Ocean12 ASP Contact Manager
An interactive address book written entirely in ASP and VBScript.

2363)   A Very Generic Database Insertion ASP Page
This tutorial really helps web developers and online business administrators which guides them how to insert a generic database on ASP webpages to market their new products.

2364)   Access DUMP
It is an ASP based database driven software which has batch processing method with the help of line support for migrating the content of the MS Access database into the MSSQL server.

2365)   DHTML File Explorer v1.1
IE File Explorer is a free DHTML based real-time file system exploration tool built on IE's powerful XSLT and XMLHTTP capabilities. Asychronous server-side navigation - no need for page refreshes. Intelligent real-time searching and sorting.

2366)   ASP Web Database Interface Builder
This utility is used for generating an ASP based web applications that allows users to store, update, remove etc., data from the website database. It uses MS Access database to store data.

2367)   Listing the Tables and Columns in a Database
In this article the author discusses about listing the tables and columns in a database. The author demonstrates this concept with an example.

2368)   Hit counter Using Stored Procedure
This database article describes about usage of stored procedures to update and display hit counter reports. It uses only one procedure hence memory occupation is very less.

2369)   SQL SELECT Command
This online tutorial explains about the SQL SELECT command. The author describes the SELECT command implementation in SQL with examples and sample source code.

2370)   View Source
View Source is a tutorial where users can learn about creating script for displaying source of the ASP pages. This article offers code snippet to allow users to create their own source viewer.

2371)   ASP MDB/DBF database converter
ASP recordset converter is a library for converting DAO or ADO recordsets to MDB or DBF files. It enables direct binary database export of MDB or DBF files from ASP pages with one row of code. The object also supports on-the-fly compression by zip/arj.

2372)   ClickQuote
ClickQuote is a program that randomly generates the quotes on Active Server Pages. This database driven application comes with a collection of 1,700 ready made quotes.

2373)   SQL Solutions
This tutorial gives solutions for SQL problems to the users. It briefly explains what are the basic problems happens in SQL and how to find solution for such problem in a simple form.

2374)   Recursive Sub-Procedures
Recursive Sub-Procedures is a tutorial for performing recursive subroutines in ASP using VB script. The author illustrates this by using an example database table.

2375)   Paging Code Generator
Through this online article the webmasters can learn more about paging code generator. The author demonstrates the concept with an example.

2376)   Plan for debugging
This article explains how you can add debugging tools using Active Server Pages technology. Gives more benefits for the web programmers to find the errors with their applications.

2377)   Remote File Explorer
Remotely manage files on a web server via Internet Explorer with a very simple interface that almost anyone can use. Access and permissions can be tightly integrated with Windows Authentication to create a secure environment.

2378)   IP*Works! S/MIME V6 .NET Edition
IP*Works!S/MIME is a powerful tool through which you can encrypt and decrypt files, emails and even news group postings whose size is upto 128 bits. This tool is very fast, reliable and easy to use.

2379)   ADEX Connect
ADEX Connect is a program where the developers can establish and disable connections to share on network with various operating system. The users can map and disconnect network drives.

2380)   Delete Using SQL Statements
This tutorial explains two method of deleting the records from the database without using recordset object. You can get the sample code for these methods in this tutorial.

2381)   Inkorus
Offshore software development & IT Services outsourcing company with India software development center providing offshore outsourcing consulting, software programming & custom software solutions.

2382)   SoftArtisans XFile
SoftArtisans XFile is a client side component that can be effectively utilized by the webmasters to manage the file uploads on their web servers. This component is very simple and accurate.

2383)   Integrated OnLine Forums
This is an online discussion board tool that can be integrated into user website. This tool provides forum solution along with the users existing website.

2384)   ASP Performance Issues
ASP Performance Issues is a discussion forum that covers topics related to ASP performance. Through this online forum members can discuss about the performance of IIS server, SQL and ASP scripts

2385)   Paginate a recordset
This simple article is all about using ADO which helps in paginating recordset. The author explains this concept with an example and sample source code.

2386)   SPROC Function Builder
This tool is helpful for the users who want to create code for accessing SQL Server Stored Procedures. It supports multiple languages. Its easy to use.

2387)   Complete ASP Data Driven Web Site
This is a professionally developed ASP data driven web site. It uses full range of Microsoft Internet and Database Development features. It can be used for a crash course in web development. It can also be adapted to get your own web site up and running much faster than normal.

2388)   Sorting an Array Using Combsort
An useful ASP source for web developers in ASP code to get more tips on array handling functions and this article differentiates the uses of combsort and bobblesort functions.

2389)   Generic Database Record Insertion Script
This utility is used as a guidance tool by the developers which teaches and steers them to insert records into multiple database tables.

2390)   Database Web Explorer
This tool is used for managing web based database through networks. It permits users to store their data records inside the database through internet.

2391)   String Concatenation Component
It is an ASP based string component that helps in cancading the data represented in string. This component offers array and built-in join() function.

2392)   Inserting Form Responses into Databases
This is a tutorial which shows the method of tracking the users information into the database.

2393)   StarScope
StarScope is a program through which webmasters can display horoscopes for their visitors. This database driven program comes with several enhanced features.

2394)   Determine execution time in ASP
It is a web based tutorial which helps in determining the executing time of the codes in the ASP pages.

2395)   Ecordia
Ecordia is an online content management solution in ASP that helps web developers to create and maintain content on their websites. This program comes with enterprise class features. This program reduces time while developing websites.

2396)   Using the global.asa to schedule ASP code execution
This ASP tutorial explains a simple mechanism to carry out the scheduled process effectively via ASP scripting. Required functions can be learnt from the given sample programs.

2397)   Where do I save my ASP files
This is an online tutorial in which the author clearly explains about placing ASP files on the web server. The author discusses this concept by providing sample codes.

2398)   Passing Arrays from One ASP Page to Another
From this ASP learning course, developers in ASP will have the capacity to generate ASP form pages and can pass the array from one ASP to another one using querystring function.

2399)   Adding Your Logo to a Bookmark
Adding Your Logo to a Bookmark is a tutorial that can be used by the users who have bookmarks to include a logo to their bookmarks. This helps users to identify favourite bookmarks over other bookmarks.

2400)   Polly
Polly is a script based on ASP, by using this users can conduct surveys to gather visitors opinion. Users can generate any number of polls using this application.

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