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Top 2401-2450 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2401)   Find all zipcodes within X miles from you
Find all zipcodes within X miles from you is a tutorial that deals with finding distance between any two locations. This program can be used by the webmasters to faciliate their site visitors to calculate their nearest location.

2402)   WebChecker
WebChecker is a program that comes with the ability to verify the websites in a periodic interval. It verifies whether the internet connections https, http, ftp and ghopher are functioning properly or not.

2403)   SmartASP Ad
This script can generate ads on the web pages. It uses MS SQL database to store data. Webmasters can use this script to facilitate their site with secured and flexible banner ads. It is easy to install and to use.

2404)   SQL2TablePro
This is an ASP based online c++ com component which can be integrated into the users website to display the datas of the sql data base with templates and edit grid.

2405)   Retrieve a Record Identity from an Access Database Autonumber Field on INSERT
This online article deals mainly with the method to get back the record identity from an Access database autonumber field. The author explains this concept with an example.

2406)   ImageGlue
ImageGlue is a program that provides users a collection of ASP extensions which can be used by the users in image creation for their websites. They can generate images including PNG, JPEG, Photoshop, Macromedia flash, BMP etc.,

2407)   SiteBeater Online MP3, Music Catalog
SiteBeater Online MP3, Music Catalog is a program and is developed with ASP that helps users to create and maintain different types of files such as, audio, video, winamp files etc.

2408)   A-CART
A-CART is a simple and easy to use shopping cart software written in ASP through which sellers and merchants would be able to sell their products online from a powerful administrative backend.

2409)   Action Calendar
This is a calendar program built in ASP which is used to create a powerful web calendar. Visitors of the website can easily add their events on the calendar and it uses database to store data.

2410)   CyberVoya
CyberVoya is a software program created to permit travel agents have complete over their website contents. It offers the high-end capabilities typically found only in expensive custom solutions.

2411)   CoverYourASP - How I moved to CoverYourASP
CoverYourASP - How I moved to CoverYourASP is a tutorial that covers on redirecting visitors to new website. Here the author elaborately explains this topic by providing sample codes.

2412)   What should my connection string look like?
This article explains all about connection string. The author proves that creating new DSN for our own purpose is more easier and fulfills all the important necessities.

2413)   Basic Database Concepts
This article is used for referring about the basic functions of database and also it guides the users to connect database and how to access data from database in an easy way.

2414)   ASP Scripter Easy Portal
ASP Scripter Easy Portal satisfies the entire need of a good portal website. The complete tools for building the website is available. Special offers are also available along with the product purchase.

2415)   DbNetFile.Net
DbNetFile.Net is a powerful tool which helps to maintain the information of file system. You can copy, move, view and edit files in the webserver using this tool. This tool has a rich user interface.

2416)   An ASP Error Report Emailer
You can have a handy tool to track the errors in your ASP source by understanding this online ASP error handling tutorial. Provided program tells how to incude an email feature with error pages for error notification.

2417)   SOTINET Developer's Suitcase
SOTINET Developer's Suitcase is a program enabled with ASP which contains a suite of COM objects to be used for site developments in a safest mode.

2418)   Absolute News Manager Plugins
Absolute News Manager Plugins is an ASP based plugins collections that can be used to enhance news functionality. This collection has 4 plugins such as, rate and review, article ranking, newsticker collection and quick navigation bar.

2419)   Make your Web Page the Clients Home Page
Those who want to enable their clients to use their website page as their homepage using javascript can go through this online ASP article.

2420)   Creating Secure Documents on the Net
This is a tutorial which offers information about how to secure the documents in the internet. This article discusses about storing the files in the non-web accessible folder to secure them from the site visitors.

2421)   Collaboration Server
Collaboration Server is a program with which the organizations can get collaborated. This program will be useful for building relationship with suppliers, customers and partners.

2422)   MushuHTTP
This is an useful tool for the web developers to retrieve other websites pages on their own web page. It uses GET method which is a HTTP request for retrieving web page.

2423)   UltraApps Portal
It is an ASP based online portal system which has pack of applications that helps in generating community management system like association, corporation, club, and more non profit organisations. This website has package of e-content modules like event list, links classified, news and discussions.

2424)   Sorted Record Listing with Search
This script is used for facilitating a database table with sorting, pagination, filtering, searching etc., Webmasters can use this tool on their database table.

2425)   Easydocs
Easydocs, is an online document management system. It is completely a web based low cost system which is easy to use and administer the existing infrastructure.

2426)   Response.PICS
The usage of PICS property of ASP Response Object is described in this ASP tutorial which will be of great use for developers in ASP programming.

2427)   Next 5 records
The main core of this online article deals with controlling the number of records which is returned from a recordset. The author explains about all the process with an example.

2428)   Akmin's Online Site Creator
Online Site Creator is a user-friendly tool for developing websites for small and medium-sized enterprises. This product is for ISPs, ASPs, Dotcoms, Hosting and Web Design companies which can provide this service to their clients.

2429)   The Server Object
More details on Server Object can be learnt clearly via this online tutorial which describes the property and methods of this object to access server variables, to encode strings etc.,

2430)   Kaos news
A web based news/article publishing system. The display functions run through an XSLT engine, so you have near total control of the output. Includes various toys including a WYSIWYG interface and expandable (dhtml) comments on articles.

2431)   AbyssLabs.INIFile
This component provides methods to save/restore data in INI files.

2432)   ASPCACHE
ASPCACHE is an efficient tool that has been designed for maintaining the files on the ASP pages. This component performs cache and thread safe collection of files.

2433)   Hospedagem de Sites a R$6,90 ASP PHP MySQL SQL Server
Hospedagem de Sites Web a R$6,90. Hospedagem de Sites ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL Server, MYSQL, ANTI-VIRUS, ANTI-SPAM

2434)   MPImage
MPImage is a image manipulation script. You can modify or create images for your website. You can create solid color or gradient fills.

2435)   Browser Wars Part 1
Browser Wars Part 1 is a tutorial that details on building a simple text based system to count the visitors browser type as a count in a text file.

2436)   Representing Numbers Graphically
This tutorial is for displaying numbers in image format on the websites. In this tutorial the author illustrates a page counter for a better understanding.

2437)   iisTREE
iisTREE is a powerful tree generation and site navigation component which will allow you to generate cross browser compatible tree structures quickly and easily.

2438)   CodeAvalanche RateMySite
Website rating scripts.

2439)   Xceed Zip for .NET Compact Framework
It is an ASP based library component for data compression and file processing for various applications. This component has the capablity of compressing the datastream, zipping, unzipping various compact applications.

2440)   TabToy
TabToy is an ASP based program that lets the webmasters to create tab menu for their websites. It is an easy to use program that helps webmasters for their site navigation.

2441)   MetaFiler
MetaFiler is an efficient component that allows the webmasters to create file metadata and store it with files. This component avoids the data loss problem.

2442)   MyInfo Component
This article tells about MyInfo Component which helps in storing personal information of the user from the web server.

2443)   Ultimate HelpDesk Billing
As well as being able to track support tickets, Ultimate HelpDesk Billing is a complete billing system, maintains your knowledge base and enables you to generate reports which are all built into a sleek user interface which your customers and staff will enjoy.

2444)   Search Auction
Search Auction is a full featured perfect auction software that enables sellers and vendors to conduct online auctions similar to eBay and QXL. This is a web based program that can be acessed from any remote location.

2445)   gee! Content Management
Content management and email marketing software for website design professionals - an extensive suite of web tools to let your clients manage the content.

2446)   Create a Stored Procedure using ASP
This article provide code snippet which creates a stored procedure that helps the users to calculate number of products on their database table.

2447)   Web Site Size
Web Site Size is a online file management program that has been written using ASP and can be used by anyone who need to know the size and content of a remote website.

2448)   TDS Smart Cart
TDS Smart Cart is a template based shopping cart software with which sellers can putforth their products online for sales through the powerful admin control panel.

2449)   X13 DB Editor
This tool is helpful for the users to create a database table on their web site to add, edit, delete or retrieve records from the database. It offers several customization facility and it is easy to work.

2450)   Creating a Simple Server-Side JavaScript Page
In this ASP tutorial, the author explains the effeciency of integrating Javascript together with ASP programming to protect your source code, to design professional code etc.,

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