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Top 201-250 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

201)   Encoding and Decoding URL strings
This is a tutorial that deals with encoding and decoding the query string used in the URL. This article discusses about formatting valid query string to execute the URL.

202)   Passing Variables from Page to Page
An ASP tutorial that educates you on how to send form values to another page with hidden fields. Gives more suggestions to access the hidden values without storing it.

203)   VBScript 5.0 Functions
VBScript 5.0 Functions is an effective online reference that elucidates all the in-built functions that are available in VBScript language. This is an invaluable resource for all web programmers.

204)   BunnyCMS
BunnyCMS is a program based on ASP which can be used by the webmasters in managing each and every aspect of the articles and pages of their websites. It uses MS Access database to perform perfectly to suit the users needs.

205)   DSN-less Database Connections
The author proves the simplicity in linking to a database in an ASP script. This article deals about opening an Access database using a DSN Less connection.

206)   ASP FileUpload
ASP FileUpload is an efficient component that enables the uploads of file uing HTML codes easier. This component is very simple to use.

207)   Ticker symbol Lookup
Ticker symbol Lookup is a tutorial in which users can find information about writing code snippet to perform search for stock market symbols of Yahoo.

208)   My ASP Page Lock
My ASP Page Lock is an easy and fast way to restrict access to any page in your site. Completely idiot proof, you should have no trouble installing and using it within a matter of minutes.

209)   Quick ASP Date
This script can display the date with little code. This is a simple and an useful script for the users.

210)   Flash and ASP
This tutorial clearly explains features of the Macromedia Flash and ASP. Flash is used to create interactivce movies and images in web pages. ASP is a server side programming tool.

211)   Creating a Guestbook in ASP
Creating a Guestbook in ASP is a tutorial that elaborates about generating guestbook on ASP using database. In this tutorial author clearly explains this subject by providing sample codes.

212)   Databound Vertical Scrolling List (ASP)
Databound Vertical Scrolling List (ASP) is a program built on ASP that has the ability to display a scrolling marquee using database.

213)   XML Login
XML Login is a tutorial that covers on allowing webmasters to have a faster login system using XML instead of database.

214)   ASP Quiz Manager
With Quiz Manager you can create, modify, and delete quizzes with a single click of the mouse. Quiz Manager has a password protected admin menu that permits you to create, edit, and delete quizzes without having to worry about restricting access to certain users.

215)   UBound Function
A smaller online ASP article from which the beginners in ASP programming can get detailed information about the benefits of UBound Function.

216)   Flash Banner Rotation System
This script is basically built in ASP which is used for displaying rotating banner ads on the website. Customizing banner ads and their images are allowed.

217)   Select Case Example
Many times we need to perform an action or display something different based on some different parameters. Using select case is one such way to do this.

218)   ISO8601 Component
This script is used for formatting date and time for ISO8601 industry standards. Users can change the display settings easily. It converts VB date object to ISO8601 format.

219)   Creating a Datagrid Class in classic ASP - Introduction
This is a very simple online article that explains about generating a datagrid class in ASP. The author demonstrates an example using the RecordCount property of the Recordset.

220)   Dynamically Write Office Documents
Article about writing Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Office documents using ASP.

221)   A Simple guestbook in ASP
A Simple guestbook in ASP is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about installing and creating an ASP based guestbook on websites.

222)   Sids guestbook
Sids guestbook is a guestbook program which enables the users to post comments and the comments can be viewed by visitors on the websites.

223)   BanManPro
BanManPro is an useful tool for the webmasters to design their web pages with rotating banner ads to increase their website traffic. It is easy to use and not so complex to understand and it has many enhanced features.

224)   ASP and HTML bar graph (chart) creating
Short samples to create plain and stacked bar chart, with HTML code only, without external images (.gif etc.). Lets you create simple graph and trend indicator from database recordset/dataset.

225)   Signit Pro
A full function guestbook for you to creat a feature guestbook for you business.

226)   Retrieve E-Mail from a POP3 Server
This article guides the ASP developers to construct a POP3 application to retrieve emails from a POP3 server. Gives all needed steps with detailed explanation and with sample coding.

227)   Server.ScriptTimeout
This tutorial educates you on how to fix the maximum time to a script to run using Server.ScriptTimeout function and provides simple examples.

228)   Creating User Polls
Creating User Polls is an article that covers about how to create polls for displaying them on the ASP based web pages. This tutorial guides webmasters to build online polls using database.

229)   File and Directory Viewer
This simple ASP program can display all files and folders of your directory with the type of the file, size of the file etc., along with the date at which it has been created.

230)   Dynamic Tree Menu of your site
This program is used for creating a tree view menu list with frames on your website. Without moving from the current location users can view their required data in the same page.

231)   Upload Files From an ASP Page
Upload Files From an ASP Page is an efficient application that can be used by the webmasters to add uploading facility to their ASP pages.

232)   How to Use Dictionary Object
This string functions are used to store the values given in a form with a dictionary Object which is clearly demonstrated through this online ASP tutorial.

233)   WeekDay() Funtion
This is a tutorial which shows the week number instead of its name. This tutorial is fairly easy way to display the week number.

234)   SQL: Select Birthdays in a Date Range
This is a tutorial which helps to select birthday dates that fell in a range. This tutorial is more useful for the users to show the range of dates.

235)   Form To Database
This is a tutorial which shows how to add items on database using forms. This tutorial is explained with an example in detail.

236)   EasyMail WebAccess
EasyMail WebAccess is a web based mail system that has been written using ASP and enables the users to access the emails through any browser. This is a simple and easy to use component.

237)   fipsGuestbook
fipsGuestbook is a guestbook where the users can add comments with their name, email address and home page url. This program handles DSN-less MS Access 2000 database for accessing guestbook contents.

238)   Automating Thumbnail Creation
This ASP tutorial provides an easy way to create thumbnails using the components of the serverobject. These thumbnails are very userful for your websites.

239)   VieBoard Portal
A content management portal system with powerful add-ons, skins and forum.

240)   ASP Banner Ad Management System
Banner ad campaigns management application written in ASP. Easy setup, real-time stats, web-based interface, text database, administrative control, payment gateway compatibility, etc. Low price and money back guarantee.

241)   ShoutBox!
ShoutBox! V2.0, the tiny chat application that will turn your entire site into an awesome discussion boulevard. This is a Free, Small, Twisted and Powerful Chat Application, completely developed using Macromedia Flash and ASP

242)   ASP or XML Guest Book
ASP or XML Guestbook is a program that builds a simple guestbook. This guestbook permits visitors or guests to post their name, subject and comments.

243)   Open Tracker
Open Tracker is an online tracker that allows webmasters to view their websites regular traffic report. It tracks unique visitor and their entire information.

244)   Comment Board
Comment Board is a program which helps the users to add comments or messages on any webpage. This program provides web administration facility for the users.

245)   AccessDUMP
It is a comparing software with graphical user interface for transferring the content of the MS Access database into the MY SQL database by creating a dumb files for performing the above said process.

ASPMFORUM is a forum program which allows the users to post messages and can communicate with other users with messages. The users can reply for the posted messages.

247)   Searching XML file
Searching XML file is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about using XML file for searching functionality. This is an easy to understand tutorial.

248)   Real-Time DHTML Progress Bar for Dundas Upload
This is a simple and useful tutorial in which the author has given ASP codings for creating a smooth flowing real-time progress bar based on DHTML for dundas upload component.

249)   Email Wizard
From this ASP article, you will be able to obtain a code snippet to send emails with as much of information as you want to send.

250)   Easy Basic ASP Guide 2
This web based ASP tutorial which helps you to implement conditional and looping statements within your ASP scripts to perfrom checking and repetitive tasks respectively.

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