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Top 2451-2500 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2451)   ActivSocket
ActivSocket is a high-performance, comprehensive COM component for client/server communication.

2452)   TaskTracker Pro
This task tracker Pro is a very simple and unique task management program. Through this the webmasters can manage any sort of task from anywhere.

2453)   ASP FileSystemObject Object
An effective online ASP tutorial that describes in detail about the usage of FileSystemObject through several included examples in an easier manner.

2454)   How to Recover a Table Deleted from an Access Database
This tutorial helps the users to recover the deleted table from an Access database using two methods. You can use any one of the method in your application to recover the deleted table from your Access database.

2455)   Recommending your site
Getting information about how to include a link into website to allow the users to share their opinions about your site service, products with others is taught with little coding snippet in this tutorial.

2456)   VPF Info Reader
VPF Info Reader is an ASP based program that helps users to read font details from VPF files. Users can easily utilize this program for their ASP applications.

2457)   AdvFile
AdvFile is an efficient component that has been designed mainly for performing file management functions. This component is simple and require a low memory for uploading large files.

2458)   NChartEditor
This is an application tool for creating the 3D chart images and chart templates. This has an application like visual interface with docking views and toolbars, standard set of predefined excel like charting types, capablity to create reusable chart templates and more.

2459)   Storages and Files
Storages and Files is a component that has been designed mainly for the maintenance of files efficiently. This component can be easily integrated into any custom website.

2460)   Viewing and Printing Access Reports with ASP and VisualBasic
In this online tutorial the author describes about viewing Access reports with the help of ASP. The author also discusses about accessing Office applications in ASP.

2461)   swsMail POP Component
swsMail POP Component is an ASP based component that enables users to retrieve and remove email messages on pop3 server.

2462)   Stonebroom.RemoteZip
Stonebroom.RemoteZip is a web file manager that runs easily on any modern web browser. This application has a security manager to control access of unauthorized users.

2463)   gee! Feedback Manager
Gather valuable customer feedback instantly and easily. Share positive feedback as testimonials for others to read. Take advantage of the good things others say about your business!

2464)   Security
It is an article in which author discusses about securing the server component using getthreadtoken and setthreadtoken methods in the session objects.

2465)   Miraplacid Scripting Components Blob
It is an ASP based component which helps in transmitting and storing packed data. These data are represented in binary or string and has as-is, hexadecimal and Base64 binary strings.

2466)   SocketWrench
SocketWrench is a general purpose TCP/IP component and library which provides network communication services for Windows applications.

2467)   Performance Monitoring the .NET Way
It is a tutorial that deals with monitoring the performance of the ASP application using performance counter that resides on ASP pages. Here author elaborates working with .NET framework for performance monitoring.

2468)   Index Server Tutorial
It is an ASP article in which author concentrates on index server. Here author offers various description, statement and functionalities about index server. Users can learn more about index server.

2469)   The Http Runtime - An in-depth look at ASP.NET Internals
Learn about: Role of the HttpRuntime; What is the HttpRuntime; Drill-down; HttpContext; HttpHandler; Application Events; Global.asax; HttpModule and Hosting the HttpRuntime. Source code included.

2470)   Poll Manager by
Webmasters can create more number of polls by using this ASP based script Poll Manager. Users can manage any specific poll while using this application on their websites.

2471)   ASP.NET Starter Kit: Time Tracker
A line-of-business application allowing users to track the time worked on projects.

2472)   MagicWay Knowledge Base
MagicWay Knowledge Base is a program that enables administrators to build an enhanced knowledgebase for providing support to their clients.

2473)   Primal Blue Basic News Editor
Primal Blue Basic News Editor is an ASP based content management solution that helps users to add, edit or delete news content on their websites and is also a news reporter that can be used to publish news online.

2474)   Absolute FAQ Manager XE
You can provide online support to give answers to your customer's common doubts and questions through this web based FAQ manager. Any ASP based platform can utilize this powerful program.

2475)   Uploading Multiple Files
By going through this article you will be able to upload and submit your files online to a web server through FTP from both the Netscape and Internet Explorer.

2476)   IPTCInfo ActiveX
IPTCInfo ActiveX is a component that retrieves the IPTC (International Press Telecommunication Tools) data from images using JPEG files. It collects data including object name, category, created date, city, country, credit, caption writer etc.,

2477)   Calling scripts within scripts
This tutorial that deals with constructing an AspRetrieve component for calling an URL from an ASP script and displaying an output from the ASP script.

2478)   MaxWebPortal
MaxWebPortal is a web portal and online community system including advanced features such as web-based administration, poll, private/public events calendar, user customizable color themes, classifieds, user control panel, online pager, link, file, article, picture manager and etc. The Best Around!!!

2479)   mssqlXpress
mssqlXpress is a simple and useful MS SQL server development tool automating connection with MSR Visual SourceSafeR to work on source control environment.

2480)   The Code Project
The Code Project is a community of Windows developers specializing in C++, MFC, C# and .NET who have come together to share source code, articles and tutorials. We have some o

2481)   BeMail - The ASP based Group Mail Sending Program
BeMail - The ASP based Group Mail Sending Program can be used by the webmasters to send emails to group of persons at the same time. They can send either HTML or ordinary text.

2482)   How to Connect to a Database (DSNLESS)
This simple online tutorial teaches the beginners about how to connect to a database with the help of DSN Less connection. The author explains the code behind this concept.

2483)   FileCache Component
FileCache Component is a component that has been designed for managing the files easily. This component performs everything right from reading to writing back the files to the clients.

2484)   Klf-Realty
Full realestate website with the ability to create new listing and upload unlimted images.

2485)   Response Object
All aspects of ASP Response Object is clearly taught on this online tutorial and it will be more useful for the learners in ASP programming.

2486)   UltraApps Issue Manager - Web-based Issue and Task Management
UltraApps Issue Manager is a script built on ASP to be used by a team to track the tasks and issues when they are involving in any project like software development.

2487)   AspQMail
AspQMail works just like AspMail except that messages are queued up for delivery using the AspMail component.

2488)   Image Studio
Image Studio is a program that helps webmasters to construct and manage an image gallery with all basic functionalities.

2489)   Volusion E-Commerce Software
Volusion E-Commerce Software is a program that enables administrators to build and manage a full featured shopping cart system on their existing websites for their e-commerce businesses.

2490)   ANEI-ODBC
ANEI-ODBC allows web pages to add, display, and delete system DSN's from the Server. The ODBC Active Server Page component is a server side .dll.

2491)   Selecting Records Using ASP
The main core of this online article is about selective records accordingly with the help of ASP. The author shows how to list records and see them in detail in a table format with the help of HTML and ASP.

2492)   Storing Individual Varaibles and Application Varaibles in Session
This online article shows the developers about how to save individual variables and application variables in session. With an example the author demonstrates the concept.

2493)   NexCMS
NexCMS gives entire solution for the web administrators who deals with knowledgebase creation. More content per page and data uploading are the main advantages.

2494)   ASPSoftware Engineering
ASPSoftware Engineering is an useful article that provides various tips for the development of efficient code. The various development stages of an ASP project can be understood in this article.

2495)   Choosing the right hosting service for your site
This is an article that deals with guiding users to select best hosting service for their websites. This tutorial can be used by both beginning level and advanced level users.

2496)   MSCPack for Linux
MSCPack is a collection of Miraplacid Scripting Components. It includes MSCUpload 1.1, MSCGzip 1.1, MSCExec 1.1 and MSCBlob 1.1.

2497)   News script
A fully customizable news system in farsi and english language

2498)   Mylist
Mylist is a fully featured mail list and newsletter application that can be easily installed on IIS servers. This application is simple and easy to use.

2499)   ECS Whois
ECS Whois allows for easy retrieval of Whois information. It is a server-side component. It can be implemented on ASP pages or from any other COM enabled environment.

2500)   File navigation and searching
In this article the author has illustrated several methods by which index.asp and recursive.asp can be employed in navigating and searching through the files.

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