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Top 2501-2550 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2501)   Protectit Pro
This software for you to creat a membership area or protect any .asp web page.

2502)   Simple Counter With Graphics
This is an online tutorial from where the web programmers can read and know about how to develop a perfect counter on their website.

2503)   ASP Site Search-SearchSimon - Lite
Now the web administrators can start their ASP site search through this newly launched ASP Site Search. This ASP Search Engine could search for any static pages within the ASP sites.

2504)   ZBit Win-FTP-Crypt-Encode API
ZBit Win/FTP/Crypt/Encode API is a COM component which transfer files from FTP server to your desktop or vice versa. Using this tool you can easily identify logged user and objects can be generated on remote locations.

2505)   Concatenate strings in sql
It is an easier means of ASP online learning resource through which you can learn the steps needed to add a string with a query result in SQL and MS Access database.

2506)   Emails in ASP
One of the easier way to learn about ASP through web based online study material that particularly teaches about the various aspects with sending emails in ASP.

2507)   newObjectsScript Manager2
newObjectsScript Manager2 is a tool through which you can access text, binary and record base files as well as file-like , directory like objects. This application has script packaging tools that helps you to write COM objects in script.

2508)   Seven Simple Steps
This is a database tool which is helpful for the users to generate SMART web forms to store data by following seven simple steps. It offers several important features.

2509)   Lets Play With Arrays
This online ASP article educates you what an array is and how it is used to store the data type values and many more array functions.

2510)   Sending a User's Feedback to the Webmaster in an Email
Webmasters and learners in ASP programming can get benefits from this online ASP tutorial to know how feedback results can be got via email forms from users.

2511)   Grab Access data online
Grab Access data online is a tutorial that details on downloading data from an Access table by using IIS or PWS to provide them in HTML format.

2512)   Request.BinaryRead
The benefits and working principles of BinaryRead method is clearly illustrated on this tutorial. The author explains how to use this method to retrieve data posted bythe client.

2513)   ASPEdit
ASPEdit is a browser based WYSIWYG HTML editor and is written in ASP that can be used to create and edit contents on the websites. Web developers can convert standard text area into rich text box.

2514)   ASPSE - Clean Object
In this web based ASP material, the errors arising when objects are not closed in ASP application is given eloborately and also the solutions are also given for correcting it.

2515)   ZienceCMS
Zience enables users to control their websites. It is an easy to use content manager. All the functions of a website can be controlled using an IE browser. So users can update their sites from anywhere in the world.

2516)   dynamXsite
dynamXsite is the perfect tool for users with limited internet knowledge to update web driven information. It is built for groups like churches, schools or clubs. It can be used whenever dynamic content is required to be uploaded effortlessly and quickly.

2517)   Using the VBScript Drives Collection
The author of this article has illustrated on the topic how to retrieve disk drive details from your web server using the object functions of ASP.

2518)   Contacts Database
Our Contacts Database script allows a user to add, edit, or delete contact records through web forms rather than writing HTML. The script is like a rolodex that keeps track of phone/email information. The script is easy to setup! The data is stored in an Access database. Try our on-line demo!

2519)   XML Organization Chart
XML Organization Chart is a script based on ASP with which corporates can build organizational charts with personal information of their employees. It does this process after getting input data in XML format.

2520)   User Tips: Using the ISO Date Format for International Dates
This tutorial explains about using ISO Date Format for International Dates. All datebases used by ASP easily understands this ISO format.

2521)   Advanced Password Protection and User Registration
Advanced Password Protection and User Registration is an advanced script that allows visitors to register, then login.

2522)   ZBit B+Tree
It is an ASP based online multithreaded component with COM object. This tool can be implemented in the users website to display the data collection with the help of B+ Tree algorithm.

2523)   ipMonitor
ipMonitor is a simple and useful network monitoring software designed to help webmasters in tracking the performance of their online applications with SNMP tools.

2524)   Ublog Reload
Ublog Reload is a complete weblog system.

2525)   VBScript Operators
Four kinds of operators in VBScript is illustrated in this web based tutorial that also explains the Operator Precedence clearly to let you understand them quickly as well as easily.

2526)   Auctionsoft by NTS Graphics
Full featured auction system with database driven and written in ASP.

2527)   Adiscon SimpleMail
SimpleMail is an efficient email component that can be used by the webmasters to send and receive mails from within their ASP applications easily and quickly.

2528)   Domain Registration Handler ( For Web hotels, or Internetcompanies )
Domain Registration Handler ( For Web hotels, or Internetcompanies ) is a program that has the ability to modify domain names by adding, removing, arranging and editing.

2529)   Web Database Interface Builder
This tool is helpful for the users to build their website with powerful database to store data. Databases may be either MS Access, SQL server or MySQL databases. It allows user to customize their data inside the database in secured manner.

2530)   Site Fits All Resolutions
This is a tutorial in which author elaborates about the procedure involved in detecting the screen resolution of the visitors and changing the width of the users website accordingly.

2531)   Yabber
Yabber is a simple Web based chat application. It makes no claims to being overly spectacular or doing anything that other Web based chat applications can't do.

2532)   Using Includes
Aim of this tutorial is to help you to write your code in a standard way and instincts the need of 'includes' within the source code to utilize them for code repetition.

2533)   Ultimate Poll
Ultimate Poll is a script built on ASP which can be used as a poll application on users websites. It is easy to customize questions, answers, behaviours, fonts etc., to suit the users needs in surveying.

2534)   Simple - Poll
Simple - Poll is a program that collects the suggestions from the site visitors by letting them vote. This ASP based program comes with the ability to prevent duplicate voting.

2535)   Subroutines and Include or Virtual
This article gives the complete description and features of subroutines along with include and virtual in ASP. The author explains the above said features with examples.

2536)   ASPWN - ASP What's new
ASPWN is an online content management solution and is written in ASP that helps webmasters to create what's new contents and control them on their websites.

2537)   Kakoo BrailleDisplay
BrailleDisplay is a web control to translate text into Grade 1 Braille. It is very easy to use and even translates punctuation.

2538)   Real-World Tips for Real-World Web Applications
Creating a flexible Web application is more than just putting together a bunch of ASPX pages. Learn the top 10 things to do to make an ASP.NET application sizzle!

2539)   Gallery ASP
It is an ASP driven application which helps to create an image gallery on your website. It has support for input of information like description, title, etc.

2540)   ActivComport
ActivComport is a a simple high performance scripting interface for serial asynchronous communication over a comport.

2541)   ASP and CSS Drop-down
In this tutorial author describes about the creation of CSS Drop-down list box. This css crop-down list box is very useful for your web applications to enhance the attraction.

2542)   MS Access Stored Procedure
This is an online tutorial and the users can use this as reference guide for learning about MS Access stored procedures to store and retrieve data from database.

2543) Forum Forum is an online discussion forum through which members can post their questions and coments related to databases, HTML, javascript etc.,

2544)   Bootstrap Content using Active Server Pages and Databases
This is an article which deals with creating a database driven booster strap with the help of ASP application and MS Access database.

2545)   File System Function Library
This is an useful article for the software developers working on ASP, containing all available functions of FileSystem object in ASP along with the right syntax format.

2546)   FileUploader
FileUploader is an efficient and advanced web based tool available for upload that enables the webmasters to upload the files from any remote web browsers.

2547)   XML - Table of Contents
XML - Table of Contents is a tutorial that comes like a study materials to let the users gather knowledge on XML. Users can gather information about XML and its usage from this tutorial.

2548)   ASP Message Board
ASP Message Board is a program which allows the users to generate multiple forums and can post unlimited number of messages on distinct topics. Users can organize forums with categories.

2549)   Chili!Soft ASP Windows Administration Console
Chili!Soft ASP Windows Administration Console is a tool that allows Sun ONE Active Server Pages to administrate the software under the Windows framework.

2550)   HOW TO: Detect Which Version of the .NET Framework Is Installed in a Deployment Package
This article shows how to detect the version of .NET framework installed in a deployment package. It gives the functions and features of ASP.NET which is very helpful for the beginners.

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