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Top 2551-2600 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2551)   Optimizing ADO Calls
This online tutorial helps the webmasters to learn about optimizing ADO Calls. The author suggests a new method while referencing recordset values in the code which is explained in this article.

2552)   Dynamic Dropdown Box
This tutorial helps you to display the list of items in the drop-down list box dynamically. You can create the dropdown list box in your HTML form dynamically with the help of this tutorial.

2553)   LINE9 Shopping Cart Lite
This package includes shipping calculations, secure transactions, the ability to modify quantities directly, interactive checkout page, and a receipt page for your customers to save and/or print.

2554)   Receiving a List of all Tables in a Database
This online article describes about the method to get a listing of all tables in a database. The author explains this method with an example.

2555)   iNetSoft Workspace
iNetSoft Workspace is an online document management system. It has an interface through which web designer can built, store and manage online documentation. The program can be installed in the users existig web sites to connect the document management functionalities in that web site.

2556)   Kakoo ToDo
ToDo is an Server Control for task list management.

2557)   Cloanto's Currency Server
This is a DCOM compatible currency convertor with COM and ActiveX interface. This software supports almost all currency types and locales to process the conversions.

2558)   Sticky Table Headers
In this tutorial users can find information about Sticky Table Headers. This tutorial defines that Sticky Table Headers are tables features that keep a table's HeaderRow static when scrolling the data rows.

2559)   SQLAnimal
This is an ASP based database tool which is used for querying required data from database quickly and it allows them to manage their SQL server remotely in the absence of enterprise manager.

2560)   ZipCodeToy
ASP ZipCodeToy provides US zipcodes with latitude and longitude coordinates. Retrieve cities, states, zips and distances between zip codes.

2561)   DSN vs DSN less Database Connections
By the end of this online tutorial the developers learn about the two unique ways of connecting database with and without Data Source Name. The author gives the complete structure of these two connections.

2562)   ISAPIZip
ISAPIZip is a program based on ASP that can be used by the users to present quality content with a minimal quantity of bandwidth.

2563)   Combined plain and HTML email
Sending of both HTML and plain text message within a single mail through ASP page is explained in this article with simple executable file. The source code is avilable for free download.

2564)   Response.Redirect
This easier online tutorial demonstrates the required steps to implement the URL redirection functionality and provides more details about this process.

2565)   Dynamic Style Sheets Simpler and Easier
This is a powerful article that discusses about the creation of dynamic style sheets. Style sheet is an useful tool for the web page development.

2566)   ASP WordToy
ASP WordToy creates Microsoft® Word® documents on the fly and does not require Microsoft­® Word® on the server. Demo Available.

2567)   URL Indexer
URL Indexer is server-side software that allows you to add a public or private search engine to your Web site where visitors can submit their own Web pages for indexing. Submitted Web pages are indexed and become searchable immediately, there is no waiting period

2568)   Good Practices in Form Design
This is an article which provides guidelines for creating and designing cross-browsers HTML forms. This article provides several steps to construct various HTML forms.

2569)   Populating Drop-down List Boxes
In this tutorial author demonstrates how to populate the drop-down list boxes in the HTML form. This is very helpful for those who need to list the items in their applications.

2570)   Using the built-in ASPError object
With the help of this online ASP study resource, you will be able to collect all errors with detailed info using the ASPError object. Educates how to handle with 500-100.asp file to log all coding defects.

2571)   Xtensible Shopping Bag
Xtensible Shopping Bag is an effective shopping cart script written in ASP with which you would be able to create and manage efficient shopping bags for the products.

2572)   r-Access
r-Access is a database management system that provides fast and convenient way to view/edit remote (web hosted) databases over the Internet.

2573)   iWeb
iWeb is an effective enterprise content management system in ASP that helps users to create and maintain contents dynamically on their websites. They need not have any HTML knowledege to use this program.

2574)   Formating Date and Time
This is a tutorial which shows how to display the date in various formats. This is a simple tutorial and more useful for the users.

2575)   Hy Tech Professionals
Hy Tech Professionals offers software outsourcing services with more quality and within time and budget. Offshore Outsourcing Matrix is one of their main task.

2576)   Porting of some (little) PHP functions
Porting of some (little) PHP functions is a collection of PHP functions that are not available in VB script. This collection includes urldecode, base64_decode, bin2hex, addslashes and md5.

2577)   Intrexx Xtreme
Intrexx Xtreme is a platform independent program that allows administrators to create their own application. This program comes with all required components to meet out entire portal needs.

2578)   RBarcodeX
It is simple script that supports all barcoding symbologies. This product can run through Visual basic, ASP, MS Access and .Net applications.

2579)   XcAuction
XcAuction is a full featured and complete turnkey auction system. From the clean, easily customizable user interface to the comprehensive administrative features.

2580)   Download multiple files in one http request
This article shows a way to download multiple files in one http request. It let's you send an HTML page along with image preview, prepare more files for download and send the files as one data stream. One request, one authentication per multiple files.

2581)   Running SQL Queries Using Web Forms
This online article shows about how SQL statements could be executed using Web forms and few ASP code against a database. The output would be displayed in the Web browser.

2582)   ASP Hit Counter with database
This is an website hit counter script which is helpful for the webmasters to create their own web counter on their website. It gathers and gives more information about the site visitors.

2583)   Password Login Protection
Password Login Protection is a program based on ASP with which administrators can have a secured password and user name validating system.

2584)   AskMars
AskMars is a website that visitors can ask questions related to ASP and other topics.

2585)   Nuts Mailing List
Nuts Mailing List is a simple and easy to use mailing list administrator that can be used by the webmasters to manage the mails on their webservers.

2586)   httpZip
httpZip is a program with which users can compress and decrease upto ninety eight percent of the size of their web pages. This will enable users to lessen their bandwidth cost.

2587)   Active Server Pages: Global.asa
Basic information about Global.asa file is described clearly on this tutorial. A sample code for creating an online user counter system for your ASP applications is explained here.

2588)   Manipulating Arrays in ASP
Those who need to acquire more basic function in arrays on ASP can go through this online ASP course from which they can learn to manipulate the database in an easier way.

2589)   WebGenerator
It is an online website generator. It works with ASP and MS Access. It allows users to build a site easily by choosing the site template and custom colors, fonts, themes, etc.

2590)   PCS WebGantt
PCS WebGantt© allows you to define your project schedule and then create a Gantt chart that graphically displays your timeline. The resulting chart is pure HTML -- no client-side controls or components are required! The chart will also display in virtually any version of any web browser!

2591)   Startup Jobs Special
This site is for the employers who need qualified engineers or employees for their projects. Employers should post jobs description with requirements.

2592)   Request Object
Passing values to web server via client browser is taught on this tutorial. Also, ASP learners can obtain detailed information about Request object.

2593)   Munging a Data Binding Expression
This is an online tutorial that explains about a technique that can be used in data binding for customizing the data format.

2594)   JAL App
This program is helpful for business administrators who want to provide online appointment tool on their website. Clients can easily use the appointment utility to book appointment with the company.

2595)   ASP Documentation Tool
Creates project documentation for ASP 2.0 and 3.0 websites written in VBScript and JScript

2596)   Ad Mentor
Admentor is an ad management system which is built in ASP. This script is used for building website banner ads to increase the website traffic. It uses very simple source code and easy to install.

2597)   How to Email Your Resigtered Users Their Lost Password
Using this tutorial, you will be able to create your email application with password reminder facility. Provides the methods with detailed description to email the password to the members who have forgotten it.

2598)   Custom Icons in IE5
Custom Icons in IE5 is a tutorial that deals with representing book marks with icons. This will be very useful to distinguish bookmarks for the users.

HTML2SCRIPT is a program that helps users in generating Active Server Pages using HTML code. This program effectively performs for building a web site using ASP from the scratch.

2600)   Reading a text file in ASP
Reading a text file in ASP is a simple and useful article in ASP that explains the basic concepts of file and folder handling operations in ASP.

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