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Top 2601-2650 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2601)   Login Check
Login Check is a simple and easy to use ASP-based Web page password protection program.

2602)   FXVerifier - Email Verification
Using the technologies ASP, VBscript in addition with the email component CDONTS, this article produces an email verification module from which you can obtain the all required working functions.

2603)   Force a Form Field to be Filled In
This is a tutorial which verifys the form field and make sure that it is filled. These are described with a code sample.

2604)   A Generic GetRows VBScript Class - Part II: Adding Update and AddNew functions
This online tutorial shows about building a class to add new record to table, and one that edits a row in a table. The author further explains about adding update and AddNew functions. This article uses few new properties to the expanded class which is explained.

2605)   Active WebMenu
Active WebMenu is a program built on ASP using which webmasters can create enhanced menus on their websites. This will be useful for site navigation.

2606)   Document Library Manager
Document Library Manager is an online file managing program and is written in ASP that helps users to store multiple files such as PDF files, MP3s, word documents etc on their websites and to share them.

2607)   Readymade PayPal IPN Access Database
Readymade PayPal IPN Access Database is a tutorial in which the author provides a PayPal Access database for a better reference for the users who use IPN script.

2608)   Writing Messages to the WinNT Event Log with a COM Component
It is an tutorial which specially concentrates on creating a component which helps in writting the messages to event log through a log buffer and methods to utilize the above said functionalities.

2609)   Master your strings
This ASP based string manipulation tutorial that illustrates some useful string functions with proper examples to let you understand quickly and easily.

2610)   VBScript Regular Expressions
This online VBScript article comes with several related articles which will be more useful for the VBScript coders to advance their knowledge in working with VBScript Regular Expressions.

2611)   Horizontal Percentage Gauge
This is an useful tip that helps users to create a horitantal percentage gauge. This graphical tool is useful to represent the test marks in the quiz section. This tip provides the example source code for the users.

2612)   w3 Upload
w3 Upload is an effective component that can be used by the webmasters to perform uploads efficiently on their web servers. This component allows multiple files to be uploaded simultaneously on the server.

2613)   ASP Content Management
Easy to use content management system with ASP and MS Access.

2614)   ASPCall
ASPCall is a communication program which permits the ASP developers to send recorded voice messages to a telephone device from their websites.

2615)   effengud Zipper
effengud Zipper is a program that enables webmasters to build a store locator with distance calculating facility. This program comes with all United States five digit zip codes and longitude and latitude details.

2616)   Best way to get HTML page from a recordset
Through this online tutorial the author explains how to collect a HTML page from the Recordset. The step by step procedures are explained in detail along with sample source code.

2617)   Displaying Records Using Stored Procedure
This tutorial helps the users to read and gather several steps to follow for displaying records from SQL server using stored procedures.

2618)   Request.Cookies
This tutorial shows how to access cookies information within ASP scripts and applications using Request.Cookies with ASP components and the required syntax is explained in this tutorial.

2619)   StrongCube Premium Upload Component
StrongCube Premium Upload Component is an efficient component that can be used by the webmasters to manage the upload files on their web servers. This component is simple and easy to use.

2620)   How to create ASP applications without writing ASP code
This is a tutorial for building ASP based web applications by using VB without requiring to write any ASP code.

2621)   Display all active session variables
From this online ASP learning course, you will come to know the ways to collect all the session variables in your ASP application programs.

2622)   Advanced Content Editor
Advanced Content Editor is a web-based content authoring and editing tool. It is entirely script and browser based. No downloadable ActiveX control or DLLs required. It allows you to create online HTML editing application for real time publishing.

2623)   Syndicate Your Content With ASP
From this tutorial you will come to know how to effectively use the combined effect of HTML, ASP, MS access database and JavaScript in syndicating websites.

2624)   MSCCrypto for Linux
MSCCrypto includes collection of the best encryption and hashing algorithms: RSA, AES, Blowfish, Twofish, MD5, SHA1 and 32-bit CRC checksum. Includes PGP/OpenPGP compatible component

2625)   Getting Hits Part 1
Getting Hits Part 1 is a reference guide where the author tells the readers one simple method to improve search engine ranking and thereby increasing the site traffic.

2626)   Len()
This little ASP article teaches how to use the LEN() string function to obtain string length and is useful for the beginners in ASP to learn string functions.

2627)   EditAce
EditAce is a full-featured online HTML editor. Its functionality is similar to applications such as Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

2628)   Random Quote, Joke
Random Quote, Joke is an easy to use program in ASP that can be used to create and display different types of contents such as jokes, quotes etc in a random manner on websites.

2629)   SalesAhoy
SalesAhoy is a program with which administrators can analyze their business. This program provides reports lively about business activities, takes care about team management and posts email to the contacts.

2630)   Optimizing Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services : Optimization Tools: Partition Wizard
This tutorial covers optimizing MS SQL server analysis services, its optimization tool and especially in here discusses about partition wizard, an optimization tool.

2631)   Working with ActiveX Server Components
This is an useful tutorial for the ASP programmers to learn more about the ActiveX server components and its attributes. The author discusses about methods involved to utilize ActiveX server components.

2632)   The CoverYourASP front page
This online tutorial helps the webmasters to cover ASP front page more easily. The author explains the procedures to undergo the task and states about the flexibility and easy maintanance.

2633)   Response.AddHeader
From this online tutorial, you will learn the method to add a HTML header with a particular value using Response.AddHeader method and examples are provided for easier understanding.

2634)   Getting Information from Another Web Page Without Using a Third-Party Component
This is a tutorial that guides users to retrieve the information from other ASP web pages. Here the author uses MS Internet Transfer Control to perform this process.

2635)   Advanced Data Form Wizard
ADF Wizard helps users to build ASP code to edit the records on their database. Users can build different types of pages in different models as they like and also they have ability to edit the statements.

2636)   Protecting Your IIS Server and Web Application
This is an article which deals with the methods that have to be included in securing the users IIS server and their web application with the help of instruction that the author offers for them.

2637)   Thread Safety Issues
In this tutorial the author discusses about Thread Safety Issues. The author explains that thread safety runs in web server.

2638)   ASP Mail Component
ASP Mail Component is ActiveX component designed to allow e-mail sending from Active Server Pages (ASP). With this component installed you can send simple text E-mail message as well as HTML e-mails with attachments and multiple recipients.

2639)   Stump the SQL Guru!
Stump the SQL Guru! is an online community that comes with the ability to reply all your critical questions related to SQL database.

2640)   Membership GUARD
Easily protect ASP pages from those that you don't want to have access.

2641)   OR-Mega XCAST
OR-Mega XCAST provides ASP based scripts for the webmasters for gathering the visitors opinion and suggestions. These scripts are most effective in nature.

2642)   Ensuring numeric values in text boxes
This simplest online ASP article will be useful for the ASP programmers to get the usage details on string functions to be used with web based applications.

2643)   Type System for ASP Script Programmers
Topics: IIS Basics, ASP - where it falls short, CLR Basics, ASP.NET Basics, ASP.NET and OOP, Type Anatomy.

2644)   WeatherTool
WeatherTool is a script enabled with ASP which helps webmasters in displaying weather reports on their websites. Users can display full detailed data on weather using this tool.

2645)   Encoding your script files
This is an article in which author offers script encoder program which helps in encoding scripts of the users to provide security to the users intellectual property.

2646)   Easy Web Bar
This is a development tool which is basically built in ASP that allows web developers to create a mighty web bar on their website for easy navigation to their website visitors.

2647)   EZ Street
This script is used for managing a timesheets, holiday scheduling, expense reports, project management, invoicing, billing etc., It can also be used in WAP devices.

2648)   ASP SiteSearch by Dotcom
Using this ASP application, you can implement a search engine to find static pages from websites. Any number of links can be included into unlimited categories which does not require database support.

2649)   Stellarite
This script is used in businesses to manage and support their customers online. Project tracking, customer care, invoice tracking, report generation and more modules are included with this tool.

2650)   NetLogin Lite
NetLogin Lite is a program where the user can secure their webpages or websites with password. This program is useful for the websites which requires username and password.

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