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Top 2701-2750 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2701)   Alivesites Forums
Website administrators can utilize Alivesites Forums to build and manage a full featured online forum on their website. They can allow their members to share their views on various topics by using this program.

2702)   Aleza Portal
Aleza Portal helps you to build a full featured ASP based search engine with features like e-mail lists, statistics, and multiple resources to index links into them. A simple way to get more traffic and more ad-revenue.

2703)   Maximizing the Performance of Your Active Server Pages
In this ASP tutorial author guides the users to increase their ASP pages performance. In this article author describes about the ASP, file strandard, performance testing and more.

2704)   News Poster Pro
News Poster Pro is an ASP based content management program that provides graphical user interface and can be used to create and maintain contents on the websites.

2705) Forum Forum is an online forum through which members can perform a discussion about programming on VB script with ASP.

2706)   DUpics - Rate My Pic
It is an application which has provision for voting the pictures in the gallery, which has thousands of pictures. Each picture will have the display of statistics of its votes.

2707)   ASP Session Object
The ASP session Object's collections, properties, methods and events are tabulated in this ASP article with clear description. Easier examples help you to learn the usage of this object.

2708)   PowerTCP ZipLite
This is an ASP based compression tool which provide compression and uncompression functionalities for any applications. It compress the files with quickzip and decompress with quickunzip.

2709)   SimpleVote
SimpleVote is a script built on ASP which is a simple system that can be used by the webmasters in polling. It is easy to use this system on any website.

2710)   Xpansion UK
This website provides solutions in the areas of web development, ecommerce solutions, open source programming and much more.

2711)   Developing ASP-Based Applications
This is an article that contributes to application developers on building applications on ASP using session and application objects.

2712)   ASP Companion
This is a powerful ASP program that assists webmasters to construct and build database driven websites. This program can also create HTML views for the webcontents.

2713)   Spoofing the Referer during a Web Request
This is a tutorial that deals with spoofing the referer while a web request is made. The author explains this concept by providing examples.

2714)   HandyHTML Editor
HandyHTML Editor is a code editing tool that can be used to create and modify ASP, Java, PHP scripts. Image mapper and builtin FTP client can be included in this program.

2715)   Stripping HTML Tags using Regular Expressions
This is an article on stripping HTML tags with the help of regular expressions. Author discusses this concept by providing sample codes.

2716)   icq Component
icq Component is a program which can be used by the webmasters to build an ICQ messaging on their websites. It provides easier mode of message transports for the users.

2717)   Site Stat
This script is built in ASP which is used on the website to track daily visitors hits and their personal system information and their origin. Its a simple and useful online tracker.

2718)   Bullseye Pro Dealer Locator
Bullseye Pro Dealer Locator is an ASP program designed to help shopping cart owners and shipping providers to create convenient mappings and tables with driving directions to ship products to the nearest zip code locations.

2719)   Practice your debugging skills
This error handling ASP tutorial comes with several related articles to help you to get more knowledge to develop your ASP application by tracking the errors.

2720)   CoverYourASP - Hidden debug data!
CoverYourASP - Hidden debug data! is a tutorial that elaborates on debugging a complex ASP based web page to display optional information. The author makes it possible by using a variable.

2721)   UploadEncrypt
Easy to use web file encyption components.

2722)   Absolute Control Panel XE
Absolute Control Panel XE is a web application controlling tool that helps the webmasters to generate a centralized accessing control panel from where the users can control their whole web modules easily.

2723)   Replacing bad words in a string
One of the string manipulation tutorial that educates you how the bad words in the ASP form page can be removed or replaced by implememting the string array functions.

2724)   Variables and Values in VBScript
This powerful online ASP tutorial will be very useful for those who need to gather more information on variables and values in VBScript that can be accessed in ASP applications.

2725)   StreamlineDB - Bronze
StreamlineDB - Bronze is an active ASP program serving as a webdevelopment tool, can generate active websites with contents in DNS-less database.

2726)   Pre Webform Generator
re Webform Generator generates online web forms within few steps. Pre Webform Generator has ability to create multiple form handling, dynamic results page, field verification, custom error messages, HTML autoresponder, multiple admin notification.

2727)   iChange
iChange is a content management software in ASP that helps users to add, edit or delete contents on their websites. This program is suitable for both small and medium size business websites.

2728)   Desregedit
Desregedit is a program built on ASP with which users can allow an ASP application to read and write the server registry details.

2729)   Random Numbers with ASP
Random Numbers with ASP is a tutorial that elabotately discusses about how to generate random numbers.

2730)   Text Preview in ASP
This is a tutorial which elaborates about the procedure involved in briefing the bulk text messages and display it as a preview with the help of ASP application.

2731)   Sending Mail from ASP with CDONTS.NewMail Object
A detailed explanation about the objects and methods of the server component CDONTS can be obtained from this online ASP tutorial. Example program is available.

2732)   Add a search utility to your site
It is an ASP article from which users can learn to generate a search engine. With the help of this search engine users can utilize multiple search from the files and the folders.

2733)   ASPIP
This ASP Script logs the IP of everyone that passes through the page the script on to a TXT file.

2734)   Site Builder
Site builder is one of the ASP based portal system which helps the user to generate business oriented websites with the help of user friendly interface. Customers, members, partners can login to the site and they can add their informations.

2735)   Absolute Live Support
Complete eCRM Live support Help Desk system.Increase your sales by providing live customer support on your site.

2736)   Dynamic Field Updating
Dynamic Field Updating is a tutorial that guides programmers to have an application managing system to minimize their work in applications updation.

2737)   Event Listing Manager
Event Listing Manager is an ASP based program that helps users to market or promote any kind of events online. This program uses a database and hence clients can modify event related datas themselves from a browser interface.

2738)   PacLog w/Cookies
This Login System uses cookies. If you check the Remember Me box, you will not need to log in again until 2010, otherwise you are only logged in as long as the browser remains open.

2739)   List all files in a directory
List all files in a directory is an ASP based script that facilitates webmasters to list entire files in all directories.

2740)   Paypal IPN Made Easy!
IPN can make your online store deliver a notification email, send a file attachment, record and save the order in you order database in realtime.

2741)   CoverYourASP
CoverYourASP is a membership system which allows members to register through a form. The members using email and password they can login or logout from the application.

2742)   ASP Report Wizard
This tool is helpful for the users to create a powerful database table to keep the reports of organizations or any private firms. It is featured with fast dynamic reports, sorting, data filtering, report saving etc.,

2743)   Select Statement Code Generator
The main purpose of this online script is to help the webmasters to create code for all select statement. The author comes with an code wizard in this article.

2744)   Jin-Tak Kim's Shopping
Jin-Tak Kim's Shopping is a powerful ASP application with which you can sell computers and its peripherals through web based administrative backned.

2745)   Xceed Streaming Compression for .NET
It is an ASP based data compression library component which helps in compressing data in stream, disk and in database. This component helps in compressing files in microsoft .NET and ASP.NET.

2746)   DB Documentor
This tool is used for creating database documentation for SQL objects. DB Documentor can be operated on tables, triggers, store procedures etc.,

2747)   iAmJobs Posting Website
Employers, job seekers can get more benefits from this ASP application. Admin allows members to provide job opportunities, job application details through secured admin interface. You can redesign this module to suit your needs.

2748)   SloppycodeVBScript Reference
This is an useful VBScript Reference which describes all VBScript tools. This tool shows all the functions, properties and events of the VBScript language with working examples of code.

2749)   The Data Access Dilemma
This online tutorial deals mainly with the experimentation about data access. The author discusses about the different implementations of data access with examples.

2750)   MailAmi
MailAmi is a web based mailing solution that offers antispam feature that safeguards the users mail accounts efficiently. This system can be easily installed on any IIS servers.

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