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Top 2751-2800 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2751)   Web Desk
This utility is basically for generating a customer support management tool on the website. It uses MS Access database to store the data and this utility has complete customization facility.

2752)   AcrossCommunications SDK
AcrossCommunications SDK is a program where the users can utilize the power of across communication services with SDK. The users can design their programs with across communications framework.

2753)   Implementing Error Logging
The uses of ASP Error Object are given in detail in this online ASP learning material through which you can track the errors that occurs with your web based projects.

2754)   fipsPicRotate
fipsPicRotate is a program that allows site visitors to view a new image every time they visit the website. This program is based on ASP and can be easily used.

2755)   Convert to Comma-Delimited File
This online tutorial narrates the demonstration of converting SQL statement to an ASCII comma-delimited file.

2756)   XMLTreeView
This ASP software can be used either as a standalone product or with XMLDB to generate menu trees for all web pages and products of online applications.

2757)   ASP Tutorial
It is an online ASP tutorial in which the author elaborates the basics of ASP and it's working principles. How to connect a database via ASP and updating / retrieving info are discussed in detail.

2758)   Inserting data into a Database table using ASP
This tutorial is helpful for the beginners. This tutorial shows you how to open the database connection and execute the SQL query that adds the values to the database table.

2759)   Meta Parser
This tool is a web application tool which is used for parsing the meta names from any where by using any web pages. It fetches their properties and display them to the users.

2760)   Web Development in Visual Studio.NET with ASP.NET
It is an ASP reference article in which description of changes that have been occured in the Visual studio.NET is discussed and this article will be helpful for the developers and webmasters.

2761)   Referral tracking
More useful information about HTTP_REFERER property of ASP Request object is given through this tutorial using which you can track your visitors location.

2762)   Image Uploader
Image Uploader is a simple ActiveX control that enables the webmasters to easily transfer the images on their server to another. It also enables easy uploading of the image files between the HTML code and the server.

2763)   Screeninfo counter with ASP
This article steers the users about how to create an ASP based hit counter program. Sample codes and examples are shown in this tutorial.

2764)   Siteographer web publishing
Siteographer web publishing solution is an ASP based content management program that helps users to create and maintain content on their websites. This is suitable for both small and medium sized business websites.

2765)   Pseudo-Persistence with VBScript 5 Class Objects in ASP
This ASP tutorial analyzes the problems with the persistence of VBScript classes while accessing them through ASP pages and provides the solutions by creating Pseudo-Persistence objects.

2766)   CDO Email Form
To send email using the text field in the ASP form is executed through this ASP program. You can get the report after the mail has been sent.

2767)   The PseudoRequestDictionary Script Class
This is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about the PseudoRequestDictionary Script Class- a class, users can utilize it for fileupload.

2768)   Freekot - Quote Of The Day
FREEKOT is a free tool which allows you to insert a random quotation system or a quote of the day in your website. You will be able to customize the text colors and background colors. In the admin part you can add, modify and delete all the quotations in the system.

2769)   Filester project, File manager
Filester project, File manager is an excellent web based application that can be used by the webmasters for their users to place web space for free on their IIS servers.

2770)   Database Basics
This simple article describes everything about database basics. The author explains the fundamentals of database with its entire features. Tables, Records and Fields are the other sub topics described.

2771)   Elite Developer Academy 2004
Elite Developer Academy 2004 is an interative training program which is useful for the Solutions Architects senior developers, system engineers and systems analysts. This program is conducted for 5 days.

2772)   FileSystemObject: Read & Write Textfiles
How to access text file to read, write and to add content is taught clearly through this tutorial by easier means of description and sample programs.

This is an ASP related messageboard program where users can post their doubts and questions regarding ASP developmental issues and get answered from fellow developers and programmers.

2774)   RDF Gateway
RDF Gateway serves as a platform for development and deployment of Semantic Web Applications. It has a stand-alone HTTP 1.1 Web server without any third party dependancy.

2775)   Login using a session variable
An online ASP tutorial that lets you understand the creation of login pages with password protection in ASP by simple means of explanation and coding.

2776)   Response.Clear
This tutorial will be useful for those who need to gain knowledge in ASP response object and it teaches in detail about Response.Clear function to clear the buffered HTML output.

2777)   Use ADO to Return a Summary Row
Using ADO how to get the value of summary rows is the main core discussed in this online article. The author describes the usage of SQL statement in retrieving the summary values.

2778)   Retrieve data from the server without refreshing
This is a tutorial that discusses about fetching data from the server without refreshing with the help of XMLHTTP object. The author provides step by step procedure to let the users perform this process.

2779)   pcEasySite
pcEasySite is an easy to use web content management system. It is powered by MS Access 2000. It is entirely script. No downloadable ActiveX control or DLLs required.

2780)   Miraplacid Scripting Components
Miraplacid Scripting Components is a suite of components which lets users to transfer websites from Windows platforms into Linux or Unix platforms and serves users in several aspects to build their system independent web application.

2781)   csASPUpload
This is an ASP component which allows the uploading of files using html forms. It supports multiple files. The files can be saved to disk or as a binary stream.

2782)   ISAPI Authenticator light
It is an ASP based user management software with ISAPI custom authentication filter. This tool manages user authentication requests on servers. this program comes with many advanced admin tools.

2783)   How to manipulate a text file database
In this online tutorial the author explains about generating and manipulating a text file database. This article demonstrates about how to add, getback, update and erase records and fields.

2784)   Response.Expires
This tutorial clearly describes about the Expires property of ASP Response Object from which you learn the usage of Response.Expires function within web applications.

2785)   Webstores 2000 developer
Webstores 2000 developer is an easy to use shopping cart software that helps small and medium size website owners to create and manage active online shopping malls on their website.

2786)   Hard Search
This ASP oriented program that searches for meta tags, text message and web page content according to the given keywords.

2787)   Affilius Shopping Cart
Affilius shopping cart which stores a database of all customers and allows you to start your own affiliate program.

2788)   Auction On the Fly
The product has been designed for both the ASP webmaster and the customer with no scripting knowledge. It features easy to use interfaces for bidders and administrators and allows you to update your auctions "On the Fly" with no FTP.

2789)   ZmeY ASP Shopping cart
ZmeY ASP Shopping cart is a simple and efficient online shopping cart system that allows sellers and merchants to sell their products online through their own cart.

2790)   Session ID Does Not Persist in Active Server Pages
In this ASP article, the usage of cookies session variables are taught to implement the session variables within ASP pages effectively until the session is in active.

2791)   Searching and sorting records in a recordset from the database
This tutorial provides basic steps to the users for facilitating their database or website with searching and sorting recordset in a reliable manner.

2792)   Revize
This powerful content management is a handy tool for both novice and programing experts to create online applications. There are several content editing tools to help you in the tasks.

2793)   Title Case Converter
An easier means of string manipulation program that helps you to convert a string to title case dynamically using ASP and VBS string functions.

2794)   FuzzyCode
FuzzyCode is one of the world's first ASP-specific code-versioning systems. Avoid coding conflicts between multiple developers working on your mission-critical applications.

2795)   A Dynamic Journal
A Dynamic Journal is an application that allows users to manage journals on their web sites. It is written in ASP. It is a user friendly application that enables you to update your web site with ease.

2796)   ASP Graphical Hit Counter
This is an online guidance tool for the webmasters to create a hit counter on their website. Codes has been given for the users to understand easily about how to create a powerful hit counter.

2797)   Dwc_Articles
Dwc_Articles is a great application built in ASP. It is used for adding articles or news items to a portion of your website.

2798)   Cover Your ASP - What is ASP?
This is an article which gives definition of ASP. It gives out the reasons for using server side scripting and some advantages of using ASP.

2799)   Easy Basic ASP Guide
The easier ways to learn how to create ASP pages and displaying information, function result on web pages can be gained from this easy to learn ASP tutorial.

2800)   ASP Power Widgets - WebHelper
ASP Power Widgets-WebHelper is an utility developed for both client and server side applications. Using this utility you can read and write log events in the system's log file easily.

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