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Top 2901-2950 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2901)   Highlight keywords from a page
This script is built in ASP which is used to highlight the search keyword on the search page. It uses very simple code and easy to use. It's an important tool for search applications.

2902)   adenin DynamicIntra.NET CMS
adenin DynamicIntra.NET Content Management system enables you to manage and publish the content of your website. It dramatically reduces your maintenance costs.

2903)   ASP Driven HTML Outlines
ASP Driven HTML Outlines is a tutorial that covers on building web page with outline. Here the author describes about two types of forms one is without space and another one is with paragraph space.

2904)   eFAQ
eFAQ will assist you to construct a FAQ system to provide round the clock support to your customer requests. Supports ad rotator and offers it's functions in various modes for administrators, workers and end users.

2905)   Explicitly Freeing your ADO Objects
The main objective of this online tutorial is to help the developers while dealing with database connectivity. The author narrates about the importance of closing the ADO objects and keeping the memory free.

2906)   Transforming ADO Recordsets to XML with XSLT
This online tutorial is about transforming ADO Recordsets to XML with XSLT. The author describes about the step by step process of transformation along with an example and sample source code.

2907)   Community Wizard Auction
Community Wizard Auction is a program that allows administrators to have an enhanced auction system on their websites. This program is based on ASP.

2908)   The Replace Function
It is a web based tutorial through which users can gather information of replacing function which helps in developing database programs.

2909)   Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum is an online forum that allows members to post questions or reply answers which are related to ASP and thereby sharing between each others.

2910)   Free SMTP Server Software
Free SMTP Server Softwares is a program that provides a collection of seven softwares for the users to have a email facility on their system. these are all free to use softwares.

2911)   Realtor Pro
This web based real estate manager has been coded using ASP which offers you several features to maintain your created property listings and to add more new ones within seconds. Every process can be done via user oriented web panel.

2912)   Macromedia HomeSite
This is an ASP based program from macromedia that can be used to create and edit codes and tags with ease. This program can be configure and customize to user's preferences.

2913)   Vu Mass Mailer
Sending mass mail is now very much easier for the web administrator through this Vu Mass Mailer. This acts as a very good E-Commerce tool in sending emails.

2914)   Templates for Proc-Blaster
Proc Blaster is a code generator that interacts with MS SQL data server which helps users to generate code patterns for different languages(ASP, It generates code instantly and easily.

2915)   NetVIOS Content Management Suite
NetVIOS Content Management Suite is a content management program that can be used to add, delete or edit contents on websites. This program is capable of handling any size websites.

2916)   Working with Built-In Objects
The simplest ways to create an instance to utilize the features of objects within scripts and programs can be learnt through this ASP tutorial that gives a detailed demonstration for ASP built-in objects.

2917)   Darkroom Gallery
Darkroom Gallery is a program that allows users to build an image gallery without using database. This program is based on ASP and displays images in a particular directory.

2918)   Pre ASP Job Board
Pre ASP Job Board is most enhanced job boards for internet job seekers and providers. Easily customizable and fully featured job board written in ASP.

2919)   jsTemplate
jsTemplate enables users to build a web application by seperation the programming and design logic.

2920)   Insert Records - XML or ADO Marshalling Over The Net
The main concept of this online tutorial is about how to marshall the ADO recordset and insert a record in one database when a record is added into another Access database. The author describes the code to find the solution for the above said concept.

2921)   Display Top 10 Records
This online tutorial helps the webmasters to display the top 10 records from a database on the web. Here the author instructs the steps involved to display the recent records only.

2922)   Active Auction
Active Auction is a full featured, affordable auction program for your web site. It can handle Standard, Dutch, and Reverse auctions. Active Auction can easily be integrated seamlessly with your existing site because is completely configurable.

2923)   News Manager
News Manager is an online news management program and is written in ASP that helps users to create and maintain different types of news items such as, media advisories, press releases etc.

2924)   NewsCMSLite
NewsCMSLite is a secured online content management system and is written in ASP that prevents unauthorised users to create and manage news related contents on the websites.

2925)   ASP Site Search Engine
The ASP Site Search Engine script will search an entire page for matching keyword(s) or phrase. This script matches keyword(s) or phrase and display the results with the highest matches first.

2926)   Using ASP to Send a Wireless Text-Message
This tutorial explains how to use the SMTP component of ASP to send SMS to mobile phones, it also gives a sample code for easy understanding.

2927)   Using SQL Server Stored Procedures To Prevent SQL Injection
This database tutorial gives tips to the users about how to prevent SQL injection by using SQL server stored procedures. It explains each module briefly.

2928)   DataBase Editor
This is a database tool that allows webmasters to facilitate their website with database table to allow visitors to store data on their website. It allows users to create multiuser system on the databases.

2929)   ASPActiveConverter Component
ASPActiveConverter Component is a program based on ASP that has the ability to let web applications to make an interconversion between documents which are in different formats.

2930)   File Last Modified Script
Displaying the date last modified is a simple thing to do. All it takes is calling up the ol File Scripting Object and there you have it! The last modified date, DYNAMICALLY! Every time the file is modified this info is written into the file. The FSO knows just how to read that for you.

2931)   MetaBid
MetaBid Auctions is an Active Server Pages application that easily adds simple auction capabilities to your web site.

2932)   Senner.Net Website Templater
This is a templating website that allows the extraction of data from other websites.

2933)   What is ASP?
Beginners in ASP language can get more information from this ASP article which lets you learn from the basics upto advanced aspects in ASP programming.

2934)   ASP Security Notes
This is an article to guide users about the security warnings regarding ASP. The author suggest users to signup with any security bulletin board to overcome the security issues

2935)   MiniApp - AddressBook
AddressBook is an Server Control for contact management. It's like having your Rolodex on-line.

2936)   AspID Password System
AspID is a dynamic password system with Web-based administration. It is designed for Webmasters who want to control entry into certain Web Pages on their site.

2937)   ASP Source Control
This tool is helpful for the programmers to work with the same project without disturbing others by accessing easily to an online interface. It offers several enhanced features and it is an user friendly tool.

2938)   Cookie Debugger
It is an ASP tutorial in which author deals with creation of cookies and how to assign a value for each cookies.

2939)   Sending Binary Data from ASP
The easier ways to send several types of documents to the client machine and enabling them to save the sent files in their hard drives is demonstrated in this ASP tutorial.

2940)   The Diary
The diary is a tool stored in a database. It allows users to post any amount of chit-chat in it. It allows to add, edit or delete entries. It consists the option ShowDiary.asp that gets the data from the database, sorted by date, and displays it all.

2941)   AutoImageInfo
You can query for image properties like the exact image height, width, file size etc., for all your images in the gallery. This program supports PNG, PSD, TGA, JPG, BMP, PCX and TIF.

2942)   File and Directory Viewer
This simple ASP program can display all files and folders of your directory with the type of the file, size of the file etc., along with the date at which it has been created.

2943)   Using Classes within VBScript
Basic introduction on Objects and it's related terms like properties and methods are clearly explained in this tutorial which would be more useful for those who are engaged in ASP programming.

2944)   HTML to AnyCode Converter
HTML to AnyCode Converter is a program which can be used by the users to convert HTML into Active Server Pages. It does its processs in a quick manner.

2945)   ReleaseBox
ReleaseBox is a music content management program and is developed with ASP that helps users to administer music related contents that is updated on a daily basis on their website.

2946)   Generating Valid Mailto: URL's
Here, you will learn how to create valid 'Mailto' Urls with the help of ASP technology. Suggests the needed steps to create email sending from the ASP page.

2947)   Alivesites Email Blast
Alivesites Email Blast is a program that helps webmasters to create and manage a newsletter system on their existing websites. This program comes with the ability to manage bulk email lists easily.

2948)   Limit the HTTP request buffer
More information on HTTP request buffer can be gained from this online ASP tutorial. Also, it teaches about IIS registry key, MaxClientRequestBuffer to protect web pages.

2949)   Form to email
This ASP based tutorial provides you the functions and methods which can be used for sending emails from ASP form using ASPMail component.

2950)   Displaying Sub Folders
In this online article the author has given his explanation on how to list and view all available sub folders in the current folder of your web server.

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