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Top 251-300 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

251)   Banner Ad Rotator
Banner Ad Rotator is a program that enables webmasters to display ads on their ASP websites. They can use this program to display any number of ad banners.

252)   EZ Text Messenger
EZ Text Messenger provides enhanced features with instant message system so as to enable your users to chat effectively among each other. Without database and server components inclusion you can run this flash and javascript supported chat script.

253)   CodeHungry GuestBook
CodeHungry GuestBook is a guestbook program where the visitors can make comments about any topics on the guestbook created by the users. It has many enhanced features.

254)   ASP shoutbox
A basic shoutbox with a professional look that can be customized to fit your site's theme. Supports smilies, uses access database and it's really fast.Delete,Update post from the admin using session. Admin can prefer how many characters should be allowed in the shoutbox and the minimum characters

255)   ASP Zip Component
ASP Zip Component is ActiveX component offering high performance WinZip®, PKZIP®, and UNIX gzip compatible compression and decompression functionality.

256)   Using the QueryString
This web based ASP article helps the ASP developers to advance their knowledge about querystring - the ASP technique used in transmitting data between web pages / forms etc.,

257)   Inserting the contents of a two-dimensional array into a database
This is an ASP tutorial that helps you to add the values of the two dimensional array into the database table. This tutorial clearly explains it with the sample code for the users.

258)   SK guestbook
SK guestbook is a guestbook software which permit the visitors to post comments on the guestbook. The entries made by the visitors are saved in a text file.

259)   Database Journal Forums
Database Journal Forums is an online communication forum that allows members to discuss about databases. ASP users can utilize this forum to gather information about using various databases with ASP.

260)   SQL string processing
A more easier way to send an array which contains the items seperated by comma into the SQL server can be acquired from this online ASP tutorial.

261)   Site Search using Microsoft Indexing Services (Index Server)
This is an article that guides users to use Microsoft Indexing Services (Index Server) to create search functionality for their websites. This tutorial elaborately discusses every thing for a better understanding.

262)   AspMap
AspMap is a program that enables the web applications and services for displaying and making analysis. This program is specially built for generating map images.

263)   IStringList Interface
One of the ASP learning resource that comes with clear explanation about QueryString, ServerVariables and Forms in ASP applications and describes the requirements to access them.

264)   Email Validation with VBScript
An easier and simple way to check the basic format of an email address can be obtained from this ASP article which comes with a sample program.

265)   Member Area
Member Area is a membership system that acts as a gateway for the members or clients who wish to place orders and access contents on your website.

266)   EBA: Grid Control V2.5
A lightweight JavaScript and DHTML based data-entry and data-browsing control designed to render data asynchronously from a remote database (or unbound) in a familiar Microsoft Excel style interface. J2EE (JSP) and ASP versions.

267)   SQL apostrophe error handling
This is one of the ASP based error handling course that describes how apostrophe errors in SQL queries can be eliminated. ASP programmers can utilize this article to improve error handling in ASP.

268)   ASP Lotto Number Generator
ASP Lotto Number Generator is a simple utility to choose loto numbers. This could also be called as Lottery game with complete features.

269)   ISC-Guestbook
ISC-Guestbook is a guestbook which allows the users to post comments along with name, url and email address.

270)   Split()
Split() is a function available in VBScript language that can be used with ASP programming to cut off array elements into individual parts and is explained clearly in this tutorial.

271)   MDB COM Creator
MDB COM Creator is a tool through which you can develop COM interface using MS-Access database. This component helps to save your money and speed up your development process.

272)   Agenda Online
Agenda Online is an online ASP based script which can be used by people to organize their appointments, contact details and for sending SMS through a web interface.

273)   Free-PayPal-Shopping-Cart
Free-PayPal-Shopping-Cart is an unique e-commerce software designed solely for selling products online through paypal payment gateway system.

274)   XcClassified
XcClassified is a full-featured and powerful online classified ad listing system for running a free or fee based classified listing site.

275)   Guest Book Script
Guest Book Script is a program which allows the users to make comments on any topics with their location, name, email address and URL.

276)   aspWebCalendar
Web based calendar that looks and feels like a desktop application.

277)   HTML charting in ASP - basics
This chart tip helps you to create the charts using html directly on the web pages. You do not need to use the gif, jpg files and server objects to draw the chart.

278)   BlogMe
BlogMe is an ASP based program that helps users to allow their site visitors to post comments from any remote location through a web based interface.

279)   ASP/PHP Web Application Builder
Builds sophisticated, secure ASP/PHP Web Database Apps without programming, but unlike many wizards, it does not sacrifice flexibility for advanced users/programmers. With these applications you can add/search/edit/delete data in your web database.

280)   PollMentor
PollMentor is an ASP based script, by using this users can conduct surveys on their websites. It is enabled with database to let the users to store the questions.

281)   Matthew1471 ASP BlogX
Blogging script which runs classic ASP, just install, login and click "Add Entry".

282)   eNews
eNews is a news data content program and is developed with ASP that can be used to create and maintain news data on the websites. This program can be used by news companies.

283)   HTML Chat script
HTML Chat script is a program that can be used by the webmasters to create an online chat system on their websites. This program is based on ASP and generate chat program in the format of HTML.

284)   Blogger
It is an ASP based online discussion board tools through which user can send their comments in fly about politics, diary event, and many.

285)   ASP Hyperlink Tracker
ASP Hyperlink Tracker is an online tracking tool used to track the website. It gives reports of the hosted website on clickthroughs. It gives real time report of the website accurately.

286)   StyleQuiz
StyleQuiz is a script based on ASP, by using this users can generate quiz on the web pages of their websites. It is easy to use this application without any programming knowledge of ASP.

287)   Address Book
Address Book is a program which can be used by the users to store and manage all their contact details and take any one of the details whenever they want using its searching capability.

288)   Deep Tree
This is an ASP based navigation tool helps the users to create a tree like menu list with checkbox facility. It can be used on any webpage to navigate users easily.

289)   DynuUpload
DynuUpload is an efficient component that can be used by the webmaster to manage the uploads on their web servers efficiently. This is a simple and easy to use component.

290)   ASPWebLog Part 3 - CMS
This is an useful tutorial that illustrates the basic idea behind the process of creating a web based log content management system for your website blogs.

291)   Upload.Asp
Upload.Asp is an efficient tool that has been written using ASP and can be used by the webmasters to manage the uploading of files on their websites easily.

292)   gee! Calendar Manager
Full-featured web calendar grids and lists. Supports recurring events. Display upcoming events and important dates on your website. Automatic removal of past events - "set it and forget it"

293)   XMLNuke
XMLNuke is a content management system and is written in ASP that helps users to create and maintain contents on their websites. This program doesn't require any database.

294)   ChartDirector Charting and Graphics Component
A fast and powerful charting component for creating professional and clickable charts in ASP/COM/VB and .NET platform. Supports all major chart types - pie, bar, line, spline, trending, area, bubble, scatter, polar, box-whisker, finance, gantt. Easy to use, highly flexible and customizable.

295)   IFRAME's and IE 5.5
Using the HTTP 404 handler, how the errors with IE 5.5 can be tracked into an email address can be learnt quickly through this easier ASP tutorial.

296)   Session.LCID
You can acquire the clear details on LCID property of Session Object in ASP via this tutorial to display dynamic content using location identifier.

297)   Detecting disabled cookies
It is an article in which author describes about the method for detecting the disabled cookies of the site visitors web browsers.

298)   Transactions in ASP
This article guides about database transaction method briefly and it has given sample code to test on database table.

299)   MembersPro
MembersPro is a program which permit the users to generate a password protected members division with security on their website. This program provide three levels of membership option to the users.

300)   WhoisDLL free whois component
WhoisDLL is used for querying domains names. The Whois server is automatically found by WhoisDLL, and the lookup is then done using this.

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