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Top 2951-3000 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2951)   Installed Objects Scanner
This is an ASP application which detect current installation of component in the web server and displays the description and links for the particular components.

2952)   Exporting Data From a database in a Excelsheet
The author of this useful article has explained the way and means of exporting data from your database directly to a excel spreadsheet through ASP codings.

2953)   Context menu Script
This tutorial describes the users about the creation of context menu on their webpage. It opens a pop-up custom menu when the user right clicks their mouse on the webpage.

2954)   Advanced Cart
Advanced Cart is an advanced shopping cart software written in ASP that allows webmasters to sell their products with customizable store front administration.

2955)   WebQuest
WebQuest is a script based on ASP which can be used by the webmasters in generating questionaires on their websites. Users can easily create more number of questions using this application.

2956)   Minute Function
Web programmers can obtain functions in VBScript through this scripting tutorial to display minute values for the given time.

2957)   PropertyManager
This ASP program has been designed for small to medium real estate companies to enable them to maintain properties with up-to-date information. Summarized listings can be given with detailed info links. Viewing and searching of properties can be done more easier.

2958)   Defect Manager
Defect Manager works with any sized website that supports ASP programming and bugs on those sites projects can be tracked with reported details made by their clients. More useful to create qualified products for your clients.

2959)   To save a recordset ADO in Xml format
In this online article the author explains about how to store recordset through ADO in XML format. The author explains in detail along with the sample source code.

2960)   Using A mySQL Databases
The author narrates the building of SQL databases and how effectively it could be used to work it ASP websites.

2961)   aspEasyZIP
This is an ASP based component that can be installed on IIS server through which the user can zip, unzip the zip files and they can retrieve the content of the zip file. This component is availbale for free.

2962)   Active User Panel
Active User Panel allows you to create an exclusive area for members only by creating a panel for members to register.

2963)   DbNetFile
DbNetFile is a component that enables the webmasters to maintain and present the files on their websites efficiently. This component can be easily integrated with any custom website.

2964)   Format Phone Number
Format Phone Number is an ASP script that will allow you to easily format 10 and 11 digit phone numbers.

2965)   Sending Mail
Without the help of third party COM objects, this learning resource describes how you can send an email using IIS and SMTP server objects along with ASP.

2966)   No Dimensions! Stats
This script is helpful for the webmasters to build their website with online tracker which tracks total number of visitors ever visited their website and it displays the report on their web page in a statistical form.

2967)   ASPThread
aspThread is very simple and easy to use, you can develop forums in minites. It is GUI based. You can use CSS to customize the look and feel.

2968)   Generic VB Component Building Steps
It is a tutorial which concentrates on procedures that have to be adapted to generate VB component. This article will be helpful for the VB programmers.

2969)   CMS One
CMS One is an ASP based "one man" content management system with which only webmasters would be able to generate content and maintain them on their websites.

2970)   Multi-dimensional arrays
This online ASP lesson shows the easier ways to create multi-dimensional arrays in ASP resources. Provides several relavent articles for more information.

2971)   Queues in ASP Using Strings
More useful tips on advertisement rotation system can be gained from this ASP tutorial that implements the string functions effectively with ads in ASP applications.

2972)   i.MeetNow ActiveX
i.MeetNow is an ActiveX with video and audio conferencing ability, which can be integrated into users applications easily.

2973)   Source Edit
Source Edit is a program that can be used as a source editor for editing ASP codes. This program comes with several functionalities including producing function list, code completion, supporting keyboard macros recording etc.,

2974)   Executing Applications on a Server Through an ASP Page
This articles deals with implementing applications on a server from any remote location via ASP. Author provides detailed explanation and sample codes for a better understanding.

2975)   Tracking and Reporting Ads
This site is helpful for the webmasters from where they can get help to create a program based on ASP to track and view the reports of advertisements.

2976)   Encapsulate Code
This ASP tutorial teaches you to store the reusable code into subroutines and functions and in order not to repeat the particular code over and over in your source files.

2977)   iisCARTexchange
iisCARTexchange is a powerful ASP program that assist e-commerce professionals in evaluating exact currency values and to convert currencies to and fro between various currency forms.

2978)   Email A Report with WSH
You learn the uses of Windows Script Host to send reports, emails on scheduled time to the persons of your choice. Describes how to set the scheduler in windows control panel briefly.

2979)   myLittleWriter
myLittleWriter is very efficient when you need to create reports, invoices or quotes on the fly.

2980)   MidiCart
MidiCart is an e-commerce shopping cart software to run an ultimate online e-shop with image uploadings for your products on your website.

2981)   Letter Builder
Letter Builder is an ASP script that can you use to keep in contact with your websites visitors, it can be used as a website mailing list, or a newsletter with the ability to send HTML encoded newsletters or plain text.

2982)   WAPReetings: You’ve Got WAPReeting
This tutorial shows how to send Greeting cards to a WAP device through an ASP website.

2983)   Port80 Software Towards Next Generation URLs
Under this topic Towards Next Generation URLs, this tutorial elaborately discusses and distinguishes the pros and cons of the Dirty URLs.

2984)   Use an include file for database connectivity!
This online tutorial deals mainly with the database connectivity. The author gives a simpler solution of using an include file instead of retyping all commands.

2985)   Dynu TCP Socket
This is a network component which uses TCP/IP socket that allows web administrators to connect their system with the hosts on any port for delivering and receiving data from remote server.

2986)   Downloading any file using ASP, FSO and the ADODB Stream object
This is a simple article intended to teach webmasters in providing file downloads for their customers using the ADODB Stream object and FSO of ASP.

2987)   SureGrid Control
This is an graphical OLE data base data provider. This application collects informations, process the data about the information and display the response according to the request, that is collected in rows and columns.

2988)   Free Simple Ad Rotator
Free simple Ad Rotaor gives to visitors distinct ads each time they access a page from your server.

2989)   ODPac Search Engine
It is an ASP script which is used in generating a search engine in the users website. This script allows your site visitors to search a file in the internet from your site itself.

2990)   Reason to use XML
This is an online tutorial that explains the role of XML in transmitting information between systems. This tutorial also discusses on using XML with XSL.

2991)   Contaclick
This is a website tracker tool which is used for tracking the web visitors information and also it counts the number of visitors visited the website.

2992)   AbsoluteEdit
AbsoluteEdit is an unique text editor designed specially for ASP and HTML codes using statements automatic completion techniques. This program is available with ASP code explorer for user defined variables and functions.

2993)   WebSiteSearch Object
This is an ASP based search tutorial in VB script which offers search facility to the users website. This application searches for the text in the users website.

2994)   Friends Online
Friends Online is a message board program which allows the users to contact their online members or friends. The users can customize the site with admin control panel.

2995)   Nu Quote Calculator
Nu Quote Calculator is a program which can be used by the users to quote their services on their websites. It provides seven applications including web design, car rental company, computer company etc.,

2996)   Use Option Explicit
Through this ASP educational tutorial, beginners in ASP will be able to know the ways to declare variables explicitly in their ASP applications.

2997)   Using a query string to send information
Sending data, values, information etc., from one ASP page to another ASP page can be done easily using QueryString which is taught with a sample program in this ASP learning course.

2998)   Restarting PWS
Users can gather information about restarting PWS without disturbing their systems. This is an easy to understand tutorial.

2999)   IRequest Interface
The usage of IRequest interface and more details on Request object is eloborately given on this online ASP tutorial which will be more useful for the developers in ASP.

3000)   Ocean12 Calendar Manager Pro
This script is used for creating an online calendar that allows webmasters to create their website with event calendar. It has customization facility and it stores data in MS Access database.

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