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Top 3001-3050 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3001)   Hiding your META tags
It is an article which deals with securing the meta tag from the users competitor. Here the author describes about needs to hide the users Meta tag and the ways to perfom this operation.

3002)   Adding Objects to a Collection
From this ASP tutorial you will come to know the process of adding objects to a collection which provides solutions to work with collections without any complexity.

3003)   WebscribeX
WebscribeX is a html editor which allows the users to edit the contents on their webpages. The users have the ability to edit contents like emails, documents and chat messages etc.

3004)   Server.MapPath
From this online ASP guide you can get more knowledge in MapPath method of ASP Server Object to convert a virtual path into physical path.

3005)   Display results from your database in multiple columns
Through this simple online article the author describes the method of displaying records in multiple columns. This new concept is explained by the author with an example.

3006)   ASP Documentation Tool
A documentation tool that creates a technical documentation for the web application. The output will be displayed in HTML and in text format.

3007)   Event Log Management Information
Information about windows event log management.

3008)   How To IIS and SQL Server on Separate Machines with Trusted Connection
The main objective of this online tutorial is to show that SQL server could be used with IIS and ASP. The author also has enlisted the steps to activate the authentication.

3009)   FileShipX
FileShipX is a browser program that helps the users to upload selected files from the explorer with a button click.

3010)   A Simple Solution for Implementing Customization to an Existing Web Site
It is an article which helps in customizing websites according to the web visitors. In this article author discusses about precustomize.asp and postcustomize.asp function which helps in minimizing the number of codes.

3011)   Doing a Search and Replace with FSO
This tutorial teaches the easier ways to searcb for a file within the folder and tells the steps needed to change the content of the file via sample coding.

3012)   Application Object
More information on Application Object in ASP can be learnt through this ASP online tutorial that lists the usage of application objects to store information to be used all over the application.

3013)   IE Notes Bar
IE Notes Bar allows you to link with the note. The Notes Bar saves everything on the server side. IE Notes Bar can be accessed from anywhere.

3014)   DevSolutions Crypt
DevSolutionsCrypt library is a powerful and easy to use cryptographic ActiveX and DLL component for Windows developers that allows applications to encrypt/decrypt data or files using the latest industry standard strong encryption algorithms.

3015)   Using One I.P Address to Host Multiple Domains
This online article has the ability to guide users to host several domains under a single I.P address. Author makes it possible by using one of the features (Host Header Names) of MS IIS version 4 and 5.

3016)   Quickezine
It is a news and contect management script. It enables you to easily start your own news portal, run online ezine service, manage your web content, easily customize the look and feel of your web site, subscribe readers to reatured contents,syndicate contents to remote sites and much more.

3017)   smNews
This is an online news content management program that can be used to add, delete or edit news related contents on the websites. This is an easy to use program.

3018)   AspTear
This component is used to retrieve web pages from remote system and it saves those pages to a file. It can also retrieve documents as string. Users should enable their IE with ActiveX control.

3019)   GeoIP
This script is helpful for the webmasters to track their web site visitors to prevent credit card fraud, track banner ads and server logs etc., It provides detailed user information.

3020)   Gold Session.asp
Gold Session.asp provides a mechanism to support session state in a web-farm environment. It also features easy scalability, localizable error reporting, installation utility, web-based administration and other useful utilities. Supports MS Access, MS SQL, File Share. Pure ASP. 3-tier architecture.

3021)   BlackBytes TimeZoneConverter for .NET
The TimeZoneConverter for .NET provides classes that enables you to create time zone reference and convert current time from any time zone to other time zone and track the local time.

3022)   A brief introduction to ASP components
It is a tutorial in which author explains about COM objects and its advantages of using it to specialize the functions for the users web applications.

3023)   EZHomepageBasic
EZHomepageBasic is a program based on ASP which lets the webmasters to build the home page with several features in favour of their clients.

3024)   Email Address Valdation
Client-side validation: Javascript and server side validation : ASP are the two ways defined online in this ASP learning material to implement the email address validation program in ASP forms.

3025)   Fun With Stored Procedures
This tutorial teaches the users briefly and completely about stored procedures. After referring this tutorial users can easily write, get and call stored procedures from database in ASP pages.

3026)   Dynamic Authentication Filter (DAF)
Dynamic Authentication Filter (DAF) allows Web user authentication on an NT/IIS server.

3027)   Timing the Execution Times of your ASP Scripts
How to obtain the elapased time for an ASP page can be simply learnt using this tutorial that demonstrates a cost effective way to determine execution time of ASP codes.

3028)   Cuurent Date in Combo Box
This is an user friendly tool that helps you to display the current date in the combo box. You can easily download an install this utility on your applications.

3029)   Website Statistics
This article is helpful for the webmasters to read and create their web counter easily. This article guides them to create such counter to count number of visitors on their website.

3030)   Send mails with CDONTS
Creation of email application in ASP using the SMTP server component CDONTS is described with an example and you can get clear about it easily with the help of this ASP article.

3031)   Understanding File Upload
Understanding File Upload is an useful webmasters guide in developing ISAPI DLL and COM/MTS DLL and teaching you to deal with file upload transactions.

3032)   My ASP PayPal E-Goods Protector
My ASP PayPal E-Goods Protector is an e-commerce utility designed to protect digital products from hackers and frauds. This is an easy to use program.

3033)   DecMsgX
DecMsgX is a component that has been designed to maintain the decoding of the mail attachments on the web sites. This is a component that has many enhanced features like decoding MIME attachments, UUE decoding etc.,

3034)   Teraway LiveHelp
This tool is used for communicating with sales representatives online using web based chat. Email notification facility is available. It helps business owners to increase their revenue easily.

3035)   Cast 128 ActiveX
Cast 128 ActiveX acts as a encryption and decryption component where the users can encrypt and decrypt datas on websites.

3036)   ConvertRsToXml, A Case Study of Timing and Optimizing ASP or ADO Code
This is a tutorial in which the author optimizes the function ConvertsRStoXML. This tutorial elaborates about moving this function into a VB component.

3037)   ShotIp
ShotIp is a fast COM automation application (ASP component) that allows your scripts to connect with other computers on Internet or intranet network.

3038)   Reducing your Server workload by mixing a little Javascript with your ASP
From this online tutorial users can gather information about using javascript to minimize the server side workload by sharing with client. Users can easily understand this article.

3039)   ASP Tutorial Lesson 2: Response
This tutorial provides tips on how to handle ASP Response object's write method in several ways. And it will be more useful for the ASP coders to improve their coding skills.

3040)   ASPRunner Professional
This is an ASP based database software through which various ASP pages can be generated through which the user can retrieve or alter the data in MS ACCESS, ORACLE, SQL server, DB2, and File maker databases.

3041)   A Web Monitor Server
This is an ASP.NET application in C# which can be integrated into users website for monitoring their application.

3042)   HyperTracker
This is an online counter script which is basically built in ASP that gives several information about the site visitors and the websites regular traffic report to the web owners on their screen.

3043)   Live Stats
Live Stats is an ASP based tool which is used to track the website and to gather the information like, how many visitors visited the website and at present how many visitors are online. It also tracks visitors entire information.

3044)   WillsPage Free Flash based ASP hitcounter
Download Free WillsPage Flash/ASP hitcounter lets you see last 20 visitors, popular times last 40 days hits etc. Using admin page you can either look up isps to store names in database or call them what you want if you want to attatch a persons name to it.

3045)   Control Structures in ASP
Learning the ways to implement Control Structures in ASP can be performed easily through this web based ASP tutorial. Illustrates various control structures with proper sample coding.

3046)   MailBee WebMail WAP
MailBee WebMail WAP is a set of ASP scripts that organize email WAP-interface.

3047)   DELETE multiple records
This article demonstrates about how to delete multiple records from single form by using checkboxes and also the users are allowed to restore the deleted list.

3048)   The Global.asa
A descriptive overlook on Global.asa can be gained from this online ASP tutorial using which you can improve your knowledge in ASP language as well as your coding skills.

3049)   SQL In Simple English - Part I
This simple online tutorial is one of the resourceful article through which the beginners could develop their knowledge about the main concepts of SQL.

3050)   aspWebDocuments
Allows you to easily create HTML style help documents the export to a self contained document with a built-in viewer and search engine.

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