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Top 3051-3100 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3051)   Time() Function
This is an ASP script which displays the system time. The time can be obtained in two ways. This script is simple and easy for the users.

3052)   Random Record From Database
This is a very simple online tutorial explaining about displaying a rendom record from a database. The author shows the process with an example.

3053)   ASP Tutorial Lesson: Collections
In this ASP artilce it is illustrated clearly on how to create arrays in desired dimensions and creating dictionaries is also taught with clear description.

3054)   Effengud Zipper
Effengüd Zipper is a script built on ASP that comes with entire united states five digit zipcode database. This utility will be of great help for shopping sites.

3055)   PureAspGraph
It is an ASP class graph in which vertical and horizontal bar charts can be drawn, vertical text can be written and data can be retrived from recordset.

3056)   PowerTCP Web Enterprise Tool
This is an ASP based component used to create communication for the users to send and fetch data from other systems remotely under the control of HTTP protocol.

3057)   wodPop3Server
wodPop3Server is a server side ActiveX component that can be used by the webmasters for the implementation of POP3 servers. This is a simple and efficient component.

3058)   Link popularity (.asp)
This is an tutorial that helps users to develop a program to check their site link popularity as well as check competitors links. This tutorial details the procedure in a easy way.

3059)   Fake Frames
Those who dont use frames for most common modules used on each page of website such as menu, contact and copyright details etc., can utilize this ASP tutorial to obtain an alternate way to perform it with lesser coding and time.

3060)   ActiveBitmapSize II
ActiveBitmapSize II is a powerful image manipulation software through which you can find out exact pixel and byte size, geometry for the images.

3061)   What is the Active Server Pages Object Model?
All the features in Active Server Pages can be utilized in web applications using in-built objects in ASP and this tutorial provides an easier explanation about ASP objects and their usage.

3062)   Component Design Guidelines
This is a tutorial which deals with design guideline which helps in generating design guideline. The author describes about two guideline to generate the components.

3063)   easyAds
EasyAds allows user to add ad's in website with builtin facility of recording statistics with ease of implementation.

From this tutorial learners can know about how to track downloaded files from their website. Code snippets has been provided for reference and to setup on their webpage to test.

3065)   Easy News Content Management
Easy News Content Management is one of the new content management news systems introduced for the benefit of web administrators involved in news system.

3066)   Dreamweaver Virtual Shopping Ecommerce Plus
Dreamweaver Virtual Shopping Ecommerce Plus is a powerful ASP program offering templates for constructing instant web based e-stores.

3067)   ColorConversion Object
The tabulated methods and properties of RGB and HexaDecimal color structure comes with detailed description which lets you learn how to convert RGB and hexadecimal color values between them.

3068)   ANSMTP SMTP COM Object
ANSMTP provides an easy way to enable your ASP/VB or other COM environment applications to send rich TEXT/HTML email based on SMTP/ESMTP protocol.

3069)   The Recordset Object
This article is explaining about the basic database concepts under which the author highlights about the Recordset object. The author describes the limitations of the Connection object.

3070)   iridisFSO
iridisFSO is a component that provides the users with a number of file management facilities and this component can be customized to provide a neat and clean system for the users.

3071)   The FileSystemObject Object
The easier ways can be gained through this ASP tutorial to work with computer and network file systems which describes the Drives Property of FileSystemObject Object with easier explanation.

3072)   Function to Convert Letters to Digits
This ASP article lets you learn how to convert the string into numeric value using VBScript. In-built program explains how a phone string can be displayed in number digits.

3073)   wodSSH ActiveX component
wodSSH is an network tool used in SSH and telnet client side. It has ActiveX control that supports remote console communications. This component also allows users to communicate with encrypted i.e- with secured shell servers.

3074)   Only4Gurus - Hundreds of Useful Microsoft Resources
Free technical documentation for download about ASP, ASPX, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET, Active Directory, C++, C#, Visual Studio, Data Access, BizTalk, Security, Data Mining, BI, Peer2Peer, PocketPC, Tablet PC, Mobility, SQL, TSQL and even more.

3075)   GUI Input: Solving the Hard Refresh Problem Using XML and ASP
This is an article that deals with providing solution to Hard Refresh problem with the help of ASP and XML. This will be useful in the application development environment where the client system manages the GUI by using HTML and IE.

3076)   Playing With Dates
Pacos Drivers offers tips on Playing With Dates.

3077)   Desktop References - A library at your finger tips!
This is a tutorial for creating desktop references. This will be useful for the users to create desktop shortcuts for several applications.

3078)   Creating a Multilingual Web Site
Creating a Multilingual Web Site is a tutorial that deals with generating multiple language websites. Here a code snippet is given that can be stored in a file as default.asp.

3079)   Paging records in ASP
In this simple online tutorial, the author explains the webmasters about paging records in ASP.

3080)   Submitting data to forms with IP*Works
This is a tutorial which shows the way of submitting the data to forms by using IP works.

3081)   Create Server-Side Include Files
This is a powerful article that demonstrates how to create SSI in ASP web applications. SSI is an advanced technique that places all the commonly used codes in a seperate file and uses those files in the necessary web pages.

3082)   Active Server Pages FAQ Knowledge Base
This is a FAQ program used to know about an ASP FAQ's. Using this knowledge base the visitors can understand the usage of various functions in ASP.

3083)   Intro to DB Programming with ASP
This tutorial is about adding records into the database and retrieving them. Author guides the novice programmers with several examples.

3084)   Codejay
This is an easy to use content management tool that allow users to manage their data and to create their own content in few seconds. This tool allows them to create multi functional applications easily.

3085)   ASP Random Number Generator
This is a collection of ASP coded scripts using which you can generate lottery numbers, random numbers on your website. Users can configure number of digits or sets of numbers to be generated.

3086)   File Tracker
File Tracker is a database driven program built on ASP using which users can have a file request tracking system on their websites.

3087)   VBChat
It's based on VBScript. This one outputs only pure HTML, and work on any browser that supports frames, cookies and meta refresh.

3088)   ChatFiles
This is an application through which the webmasters can create their own chatting room in their web site to attract the visitors. With this tool instant message can be sent to their friends, and at the same time simultaneously many visitors can chat.

3089)   Calling Stored Procedures From Active Server Pages
This tutorial teaches the users regarding the stored procedures in ASP. It briefly explains about calling stored procedures from ASP.

3090)   Populate Form From Database
This is an ASP script to fetch members detail from the database and allows them to edit their information. This utility is useful for the webmasters to maintain their members.

3091)   Absolute Content Rotator XE
This is an online content management software in ASP that helps users to rotate content in a sequential or random manner on their websites. They can add lot of dynamic contents into their websites.

3092)   Active Socket
This is a network communication tool used to link your system with the surrounding systems or with the systems globally through internet. It uses TCP and IP protocols to pass data packets from one system to another system easily. Active socket allows independent protocols for network.

3093)   CartGenie Standard Edition
Using this software you would be able to create and manage B2C and B2B e-commerce websites with all essential functionalities like catalog preparation, shipping and delivery options etc

3094)   VBScript Operators: Part I
People who want to be familiar with VBScript functions, especailly about the operators in VBScript can utilize this tutorial for an easier and faster understanding.

3095)   Display RecordSet Contents
Displaying the Recordset contents is the main objective of this online tutorial. The author explains this with a simple function which is described in this article.

3096)   ABuzz Ad Servers
The impotance of ABuzz is Internet Advertising Manager in ad management.

3097)   How to Evaluate a VBScript Expression at Run Time
Beginners in programming can utilize this tutorial to learn in detial about Vbscript's Eval and Execute run time functions to access expressions in VBScript.

3098)   J-ASP
J-ASP is a program that comes with the ability to let users to use ASP application with J2EE environment. It will be very useful for the webmasters in gathering reliability, performance and scalability to suit the web application.

3099)   Performance problems accessing SQL Server via COM+
This article describes how the SQL server performance is effected through the transaction of serializable isolation level of COM++.

3100)   Sending email from a form
It is an ASP online learning course from which ASP learners will be able to get proper information about sending emails from a form.

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