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Top 3101-3150 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3101)   Looping: For Each...Next
This is a tutorial that explains the functions of "for each next" loop. They are described with an example.

3102)   MailBee Message Queue
MailBee Message Queue is a queue-based email-sending system that operates as a Windows NT service intercepting "send e-mail" requests from MailBee.SMTP objects and then sends email in a background.

3103)   CDONTS with Attachment
An easier way to accomplish the email functionality through ASP based form and sending attached files with an email is simply done through this little ASP script.

3104)   ActiveX ASP VBA COM Dictionary object
Free-threaded hi-speed dictionary algorithm with unique/nonunique keys (map/multimap). Connect to another dictionary object in the same process. Lock/Unlock methods to synchronize tasks (lookup, application scope). Share ASP Application/Session objects.

3105)   Universal DB Viewer
This tool is helpful for the users to store and view the data from their database online from anywhere. It works with your DB by providing three constant connections like string, username and password.

3106)   Sorting Queries
This is an article which deals with the sorting queries which performs arranging numbers or character or programmes both in ascending or descending order.

3107)   Easy SQL Help (Update)
This tutorial guides the users in updating the values in the records of the database table. You can update the values based on any condition. This tutorial gives you the SQL query for updating the table records easily

3108)   Web Based File Manager Control
Web Based File Manager Control is a ASP.NET based utility through which you can import and export files from your web server. You can list all the files based on filename, created date, modified date, filesize from the webserver.

3109)   Directory Listing and Detailing Script
The author of this article has given ASP codings to list and archive the entire directories of your website through Windows without opting for MS-DOS programs.

3110)   Customer Manager
Customer Manager can be used by the webmasters to organize all their customers data. This ASP based script has an easy to use interface for the benefit of the users.

3111)   Databound Shopping Cart
Databound Shopping Cart is a powerful ASP application that can be used to set up full featured e-store with all essential features allowing webmasters to administer the cart.

3112)   Display Content From Another Website
This article suggests a simple and easy procedure for retrieving and displaying contents from other websites, provided you have the prior permission to do so.

3113)   Last Updated
This article illustrates the method of displaying the date of last modification done on a file through the ASP code objects.

3114)   Using ASPHTTP to Capture News Headlines
The author of this article has illustrated on the procedures for using ASPHTTP to grab and encapsulate live and current news updates and headlines from the CNET.

3115)   ASP DB Admin Control
ASP DB Admin Control is a simple database administration code that helps webmasters to have a login area using MS Access database on their ASP supported websites.

3116)   Synaptris Reporter
This is a web based reporting system which can be used by any organization to deliver information and wide reporting. Output of reports can be either in pdf, excel or in html format.

3117)   iridisGuid
iridisGuid is an ASP based program which can be used by the users in creating 32bit GUID from ASP. It can be easily used by the users with the help of a code snippet.

3118)   Email Validation
It is another email verification program that is powered using ASP language which checks every emails that comes into the web forms and utlize the string function for email address checking.

3119)   DigiSign
DigiSign is a COM component that helps to create one-way encryption thus guarding against malicious hacking.

3120)   ASP Compiler
ASP Compiler is a program which can be used by the programmers or developers to generate codes for ASP, HTML etc., Users can utilize this tool to build and enhance websites on ASP.

3121)   Streaming Media Archive
This is an ASP based program and is an archiving software that helps users to import ID3 tag from audio files and helps users to perform various operations. Apart from audio this program also import video, images, data etc.

3122)   Free Content Management Solution
Free Content Management Solution is developed with ASP and is a program that can be used to create and maintain ASP contents for websites. Users can include image uploading on their websites.

3123)   Records paging
Records paging has been written in C++ using Allegro library. This script will allow you paging through records.

3124)   Form Processor Pro
Form Processor Pro is an efficient script that can be used for processing the forms on the websites. This script is very simple and efficient to use by anyone.

3125)   Request.ServerVariables
It is clearly explained in this tutorial how to collect environment variables using Request.ServerVariables with easier examples.

3126)   Access Article Db
This online tutorial helps the webmasters to display article text content in Access database. The author demonstrates the concept with an example.

3127)   FunkyASP Link Checker
FunkyASP Link Checker is a program based on ASP that comes with the ability to check the link exchange. This program supports both MS Access and MySQL databases.

3128)   Adding Records To Databases
This database tutorial shows users how to add the records in a table of a database. This tutorial shows an example for the users.

3129)   DUfaq
This program has been coded in ASP language which allows you to build a FAQ system with as much of questions and answers you want to provide to your customers. Questions can be categorized into several group to navigate easily.

3130)   VBScript Coding Conventions
More useful solutions and tips to make your code easily readable and managable by implementing the coding techniques on your source code which are provided in this VBscript tutorial.

3131)   CCVerification Object
Using Check Digit Algorithms how the inputted credit card number can be validated is clearly illustrated through this online ASP tutorial that comes with source code with detailed explanation.

3132)   Online Voting -Survey Web-App (ASP)
Online Voting -Survey Web-App (ASP) is a script built on ASP which can be used as an online polling system to conduct surveys. This system is enabled with database.

3133)   Increasing the Performance of your ASP Pages
It is a web based tutorial which deals with increasing the performance of the ASP pages. In this article author discusses about improving the performance of IIS.

3134)   Form to Mail Script
This is a free form to email script. This is a ready built form which can be added to any ASP website to add a mail form on the website.

3135)   PortaChat
It is a web based chat application which is build in HTML, ASP and in javascript in client side. It can be used to provide support for your clients or customers online at anytime anywhere.This chat application increases number of hits and web traffic.

3136)   Reading Random Text
Reading Random Text is a simple article in which the author has explained the procedures for reading a text from an outside source by using ASP include statements.

3137)   zImage
zImage is an advanced program using which you can apply graphical interface to all your images. You can create automatic thumbnails, resize, upload and alter images through this script to the server.

3138)   String Handling - Trimming Strings
Both the easy and correct solutions to parse a text from an existing database is offered with this ASP tutorial where it explains how to display the retrieved string with a link.

3139)   ATL COM under ASP
You can get a clear idea about the global object - ScriptingContext object by reading this online ASP tutorial. This tells how to implement this object in your ASP applications.

3140)   A Nifty Way to Create Connection Strings
The main theme of this online tutorial is all about generating DSN Less connection strings. The author explains the basic categories of the connection string.

3141)   wodPop3
wodPop3 is a client side activeX component that can be used by the webmasters to retrieve mails from the mailboxes on their servers using the POP3 protocol.

3142)   Easy Content Forum
Easy Content Forum is a program that enables administrators to construct and run an online forum on their websites. This program is built on ASP.

3143)   Introducing Web Forms
It is a simple tutorial that helps the beginners to learn about web forms and its uses. The author explains about utilizing the server control, which provide interface for web forms.

3144)   GetRows! ... Don't retrieve data any other way!
This online article shows the better usage of GetRows function to retrieve a database. The author explains this concept with an example along with its sample source code.

3145)   Use of the indices in the Query
This online article explains about the usage of indices in the Query. The author describes this concept with an example.

3146)   Server Variables Sample
To manipulate the server variables in web applications, web programmers can go through this online ASP tutorial for an easier understanding.

3147)   Online Wizard for Converting HTML Table to Delimited Text File
Online Wizard for Converting HTML Table to Delimited Text File application works as an online wizard which allows conversion of HTML tables to text files with user designed delimiters.

3148)   Devasp Forum
Devasp Forum is a small forum software that is written in asp script and does not require a database to run it.

3149)   SearchSimon
SearchSimon works with all ASP driven platforms and provides it's features to assist you to include a search script on your dynamic website. Supports many features with searching and search results.

3150)   ASPCharge - Your Credit Card Solution
ASPCharge is an online credit card processing program with which merchants and shopping cart owners can easily deal with credit card transactions.

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