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Top 3251-3300 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3251)   Update Records
This tutorial is useful for the database managers which provides them several tips to enhance their database with updating facility to edit records whenever necessary.

3252)   Content Management Made Easy with ASP
Content Management Made Easy with ASP is a tutorial through which the author discusses about managing web content with out confusing with HTML. Author describes about basic functionality and also submission process.

3253)   Response.Buffer
The uses of Response object's Buffer property is demonstrated on this ASP tutorial. Also, it tells the ways how to implement this property within coding.

3254)   Using Server Side Directives (SSI's)
Using Server Side Directives (SSI's) is a tutorial that covers on various server side directives other than #include directive. This tutorial says that users can use those directives in the place of using special HTML extensions.

3255)   HOW TO: Use Simple ASP Code to Password Protect Your ASP Pages
HOW TO: Use Simple ASP Code to Password Protect Your ASP Pages is an article which gives detailed description of how to use the ASP code to generate the ASP pages with regards to password protection.

3256)   IBEEM Content Management System - Standard Edition
IBEEM Content Management System - Standard Edition is an ASP based content management program that can be used to create, maintain and deliver content on the websites. This is suitable for small size business websites.

3257)   Getting Information from a User
This is a powerful guidance tool which teaches and guides the web developers about the creation of program for accessing information from HTML forms.

3258)   MailBee Objects
MailBee Objects is a complete set of components required to create and send messages to SMTP servers and receive, parse and delete email messages from POP3 and IMAP4 servers.

3259)   Component-Based .NET Server Pages
This article gives information regarding ASP.NET components. It shows the ways to improve Active Server Pages and describes about the postback events.

3260)   Server-side browser detection using ASP
In this tutorial the author provides a solution for detecting the browser type and version the visitors are using and provide corresponding ASP pages for those browsers.

3261)   IntrCard
IntrCard is capable of verifying both the structural and mathematical validity of credit card numbers. This ASP application supports almost all types of credit card available in the market.

3262)   Database object naming conventions
This is an reference article which gives gidelines for the programmer in naming conventions for database objects. In this articles author gives detailed descriptions about various naming conventions that has to be used while developing database program for SQL server.

3263)   Web Database Sample
This simple online tutorial is all about the Web database. The author gives a sample web database with its features. This article helps the developers in their web projects.

3264)   Capitalization in your code
This ASP article provides more solutions to the problems in writing ASP programs and scripts where presenting the code in proper case is analyazed in detail.

3265)   DJ Intelligence
DJ Intelligence is a program that provides a collection of ASP based applications for developing DJ (Disk Jockey) websites. It requires no programming knowledge of ASP.

3266)   NetSalon FlashBuilder
It is a web based flash image website which helps the user to develop flash based multimedia websites and presentations. This allow the user to retreive magazine quality graphics, complete pages of texts and graphics, back ground musics and sound effects, capablity to turn on or off the sound.

3267)   Active Server Pages Tutorial
This effective ASP tutorial comes with two modules which help you to develop your applications in ASP just by learning the ASP and other related sources that work together with ASP.

3268)   Email Resolver
Flicks Software's EmailResolver allows you to validate email addresses much more effectively than simple syntax checking.

3269)   Cleaning Your Address List
With this tutorial, it is given eloboratedly the need for cleaning the email address list and how to implement that task and updating address into database is also taught clearly.

3270)   ASPBridge Include Control
ASPBridge Include Control is a .NET web server control through which you can execute ASP pages in ASP.NET framework. Using this component you can obtain values in ASPX session from your ASP pages and vice versa.

3271)   SQL Distributed Management Objects
Web developers will come to learn in detail about SQL Distributed Management Objects (SQL-DMO) on this tutorial using which they can utilize all available features of SQL server in their ASP applications.

3272)   Article Manager UK
Article Manager UK is a web-based article management script powered by Microsoft ASP & Access. It is a great tool for novice and advanced webmasters to update website information, all the code is commented to help you on your way.

3273)   IIS and COM Components: troubleshooting guide & tutorial
Through this ASP guide, you learn the ways how to debug your components using COM and VB technology for your ASP applications. Various problems and solutions in executing your applications are analysed in detail.

3274)   dgFileUpload
dgFileUpload is an efficient ASP component that can be used by the webmasters to upload binary files on their servers. This is an efficient and simple component.

3275)   advRegistry
advRegistry is an ASP based program, users can use this as a tool to manage and access the registration data base and registry. The registry class helps users to query, create and edit the registry keys.

3276)   CodeCharge Studio
CodeCharge Studio is an online content management software with which you can create and publish website contents in multiple pages supporting user queries and administrator updates with IDE platform.

3277)   Web File Control
Web File Control is a simple and effective ASP program built with dreamweaver MX providing admin with the complete control over their website files.

3278)   PbSecurity
PbSecurity is a complete password protection system for IIS websites that works independently of Windows NT security.

3279)   DIR
DIR is a simple ASP article that explains you about the method of opening an IIS server to browse your website directory and to surf through other drives on your server.

3280)   Using the Site Server Search Facility to Search Custom Meta Tags
This is an ASP tutorial which deals with constructing a search engine to search meta tags for the submitted text of the visitors, by using ASP.

3281)   Basic XML
Basic XML is a reference article that elaborately explains about how to write form values into an XML file. This will be essential for the users in storing contacts and email addresses in an XML.

3282)   Web Site Search Using Classes
The WebSiteSearch Object is the best free VBScript search available on the Web. This fully featured VBScript class allows a programmer to set properties and call methods to perform complete phrase or multi-word searching of any text-based file on a web site.

3283)   Ebuyandsell
Connects people selling products and services with people looking to buy products and services. Organized by category.

3284)   SQL: Limit Rows Returned
This article deals mainly with the access of a SQL Server database which controls the number of rows returned. The author discusses about the SQL Queries and the stored procedures.

3285)   DynuHTTP ASP Component
This tool is used to make communication with other system by sending and receiving web pages using HTTP protocol on the net. It uses several HTTP requests to transfer data.

3286)   Softalot Team Manager
Softalot Team Manager is one of the most popular collaboration solution and project management providing solutions to all web based projects. It has powerful administrator control panel.

3287)   Easy File Uploading
By reading this article you will be able to learn to upload your files online through ASP codes. The author has given simple and effective code snippets for the uploadings that can be modified for your requirements.

3288)   ASP-Oracle Connectivity Using OO4O
This online tutorial deals about the connectivity of Oracle with ASP using oracle object for OLE(0040). The author further explains the task of passing through Package, Procedure and SQL from ASP.

3289)   Calling ASP Code from an IMG tag
This tutorial will help the users to generate the image counter which can be called by the ASP code with the help of image tag to dispaly the image randomly on their website.

3290)   Power-Web AspUpload
Power-Web AspUpload is an upload component that has been designed mainly for managing the file uploads on ASP applications. This is a simple and easy to use component.

3291)   WebTrends Live
This is an online tracker script which is used by webmasters on their website that helps them to view their sites traffic report and their regular visitors information.

3292)   Persisting Arrays over HTTP
Storing items to and from arrays and forms is taught with a little snippet in this tutorial that is more useful to develop your knowledge in ASP.

3293)   eSiteManager
eSiteManager is a site creation and management software with which site owner would be able to generate their own website and manage them without much maintenance expense.

3294)   SlingShot Ad Manager for MSARC
SlingShot Ad Manager allows a graphical user interface (GUI) to administrate and create the text support files for the Microsoft Ad Rotator Component that ships with Internet Information Server and also the various NT Option Packs.

3295)   Count Down
This code helps the users to count down the number of days until a specific date. The procedure with an example is discussed in this script.

3296)   SiteProtect
SiteProtect is an ASP based program that can be used for user management and site protection. This program has several enhanced features such as activating or deactivating user registration, protecting URL etc.,

3297)   Banner Manager (Lite)
This script is written in ASP which is used for creating banners on your website for advertisements which is given by the advertisers. Installation of this script on users web page is easy.

3298)   Polar Help Desk
This script is used for generating a CRM resource for handling customers problem online. It also has sales force automation, call center management and knowledge management systems.

3299)   AspEncrypt
AspEncrypt is an encryption Active Server component for providing security to your application. This component can be used in an IIS/ASP or VB environment.

3300)   Making the Switch From ODBC to OLE DB
Through this online tutorial the webmasters can analyse the concept of both ODBC and OLE DB. Then finally the author emphasises the importance of OLE DB.

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