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Top 3301-3350 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3301)   Simple PageRank Protector
Simple PageRank Protector is a program based on ASP using which webmasters can build a system for checking web popularity. This program performs similar to a voting system.

3302)   Octane8
Octane8 is an ASP based program that provides 'one stop' enterprise class solution acting as a content managment solution that can be used to add, edit or delete content on the websites.

3303)   Limiting Text in Query Results
This article explains about how to display limited result according to the amount of text shown in a database. Source code for reference and to operate on their database is given.

3304)   Byte Xpression: Web Statistics
This script is a simple ASP based web traffic analyser that displays your websites regular traffic report and information about your site visitors accurately.

3305)   ChopLastWord Function
ChopLastWord Function is a tutorial that can be used by the users to shorten the length of a string without disturbing the words.

3306)   USupport - Support and Knowledge Base System
This script is used for creating a customer support tool on the website to serve and support customers online. This tool also has FAQ zone from which the customers can clarify their problems easily.

3307)   Finding links using Regular Expression Syntax
From this ASP learning resource, you will acquire the ways to verify the links within a script using Regular Expression Syntax in text content.

3308)   A Generic Database Web Editor
This is an article which concentrates on administering a database with the help of an web based program. This is a simple program but weak on security. The author advices to adapt extra security measures.

3309)   Spider Sales
Spider Sales is a full featured shopping cart system designed for all range of selling communities to setup storefronts to sell products on the net.

3310)   Formatting Database Results
This is an article which specifically deals with formatting the content of the database in the HTML table format. This article will be helpful for the database programmers.

3311)   Ticket Talk
An online helpdesk and FAQ management system. TicketTalk integrates seamlessly with your existing site. It organises customer enquiries into threaded discussions and notifies both parties of activity on a ticket. Includes automatic FAQ creation from threads and FAQ management.

3312)   Style Web Database
This is a powerful database tool that helps webmasters to facilitate their website with database to store data and it allows users to customize the database.

3313)   An ASP Hit Counter
This web page is used as a reference and as a guidance for site statistics generation. Users have to follow several steps thats given on this article for generating their own web counter.

3314)   fipsCMS
fipsCMS is a content management program built on ASP using which administrators can generate dynamic web pages with ease. This program supports MS Access database.

3315)   NovoBoard
This is ASP based online discussion board tool that can be integrated into users website. This tool provides clear interface for the message board, threads can be closed and titles can be changed.

3316)   How to Detect If Cookies Are ON
It is an article in ASP which helps the users to write ASP scripts to check whether the visitors cookies are enabled. With the help of session variables users can execute the above said process with the help of ASP applications.

3317)   Adding a Shortcut Icon to a Web Page
This is a tutorial that discusses about displaying shortcut images in the address bar. Here the author makes it possible with IE 5.0.

3318)   Web-Calendar Lite
Web Calendar Lite is a free ASP calendar application with a user-friendly interface. You can add and delete entries. Uses an Access 2000 Database.

3319)   How to Make Your Own Ebay
This is an online tutorial that guides users to start and run their own auction website. This will be useful for the administrators to create and increase revenue.

3320)   Phoenix Portal
Now Webdevelopers can get the readymade portal system from phoenix portal. This phoenix portal has upload , Autoupdate and more functions.

3321)   JS ASP Login
JS ASP Login is a user management and membership system for your site. Password Reminder, Access Logger, Admin Mail, Advanced Security, IP Security. Trial accounts.

3322)   XcAuction Lite
XcAuction Lite, is an easy to use FREE auction script. Some of the features include seamless integration into your existing website, automatic outbid and end of auction emails, "image" and "hot" item indicators and more.

3323)   IntrChart v4.6
IntrChart produces professional, quality JPG charts easily. Features include Single and Multi-series Pie, Bar, Line, Dot, Area, Stacked and Trend/Projection Charts.

3324)   U.S. Database
The U.S. Database is an Access database to help developers with the basic information needed on all the States. The package (download) contains the Database with several tables and queries, source code for the sample pages from below and a graphic of each State Flag.

3325)   VisNetic MailFlow
VisNetic MailFlow is a program that enables the users to have a good relationship with their customers or clients by supporting and offering service through email.

3326)   Sending emails with ASP and CDO
This tutorial explains the simplicity of ASP in sending emails which describes the integration of ASP with IIS server component to fulfill the mailing task.

3327)   DU Banner
DU Banner is an ad management tool which is used for creating advertisement banners on the website using different images. Users are allowed to customize the banners.

3328)   Using the Request.ServerVariables Object
ServerVariables object is clearly demonstrated on this tutorial with sample codes. Also, provides properties list of this object with detailed description.

3329)   Newsroom
Newsroom is an ASP based news content management software that helps users to administer news contents and publish them on their websites. This program supports multiple news and mutiple category.

3330)   Media Content Management Music-Review
This is a content management program in ASP where users can create and manage a music reviewing website. Users can add, modify or delete contents from a easy to use web based control panel.

3331)   Ocean12 Poll Manager Pro
Ocean12 Poll Manager Pro is a database driven application which can be used by the webmasters to conduct surveys through their websites. It is easy to install and use this script.

3332)   CuteEditor for asp - A powerful ASP HTML Editor
CuteEditor for asp is a powerful online web based WYSIWYG HTML editor . It will replace your Textarea to a richtextbox. This web-based WYSIWYG content editing tool empowers end users with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating and publishing web content.

3333)   csASPZipFile
This is an ASP based zip component with the capablity of zip files in the server and its archieve can be stored in the server or in any web browser.

3334)   CyberLogin
It is an application through which users can generate a login system for their website and register the accounts of the visitors in MS Access database.

3335)   Content Manipulator
You can add, remove, edit any application variables, except Object and Array type. Also, you can edit content of CodePage, LocalID of place (LCID) and Timeout.

3336)   Ucase Function
This online ASP tutorial teaches you about how to use Ucase function in your programs like changing particular string to uppercase which will be more useful in password validation programs.

3337)   Send Email Using CDONTS
Through this online ASP based tutorial you can learn how to create a form using HTML and how to send the form information to email address.

3338)   Fixit DMS
One of the document management system is Fixit DMS, which is easy to use and install. This program makes use of access database and SQL Server set up scripts. This provides various features and benefits for installing this tool in the users website.

3339)   Jakota E-shopping Channel
Jakota E-shopping Channel is an easy to use shopping cart software designed solely for small and medium size vendors to sell their products online.

3340)   DWD Realty
DWD Realty comes with plenty of facilities to integrate your real estate business on ASP enabled websites. More useful for landlords to sell homes, home buyers to get desired houses with desired facilities.

3341)   AdminimizerToolbar
AdminimizerToolbar is an ASP based content editor that can be used to modify toolbar enabled web page contents. This program is compatible with all servers.

3342)   Registration Manager
This is a ASP based program that collects informations and manages them from visitors who are registering into user's systems. This program can store name, address, contact info and even a location map of signing visitors. Admin have full control over visitors datas.

3343)   Sorting information in the query results
This online tutorial explains how to sort the query results. This is possible through the ORDER BY Clause in SQL, which is described in this article.

3344)   asp login
This is a simple user authentication script. The first time you log in, you will need to type in your login name and password, this creates a cookie, and you're in.

3345)   String ASP tutorial
The various methods in declaring a variable in ASP programs and application is clearly taught with simple means of examples on this web based ASP tutorial.

3346)   JMailbox - Free Web Based Email Client
JMailbox - Free Web Based Email Client is a fully featured webmail client system that has been written using ASP and can be used for sending and receiving mails easily.

3347)   Using Session variables to maintain state
The differences between Application and Session variables are explained in detail with samples through this tutorial which describes the steps to access session variables to store data of the user who works currently.

3348)   MyTemplateSite
This is an ASP based online portal that helps in generating templates management, listing, and sales solution in the users website. This program also allows to retreive external templates from the internet for the users need.

3349)   GetFile Scripting Edition
GetFile Scripting Edition is an efficient system that can be used by the webmasters to provide a dynamic upload facility to their site visitors. This is a simple and flexible component.

3350)   Calling Command objects and stored procedures
After referring this article users can design their own stored procedure technique which hides their complex business rules.

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