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Top 3351-3400 ASP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3351)   CDONTS Send Mail Function
From this ASP online learning resource, you would be able to send email with the help of Microsoft's CDO component and it's NewMail object.

Tickertape is a simple guide for the webmasters narrating the procedures for inserting tickertapes with hyperlinks for websites publishing live news.

3353)   ASP Variables
More information on variables can be gained from this online ASP tutorial, that provides clear explanation for ASP Variables from which also, you can understand how to declare them within the applications.

3354)   eCommerce System
eCommerce System is a program built on ASP that enables administrators to build an enhanced shopping cart system for their e-commerce businesses.

3355)   Creating dynamic buttons
This is an ASP tutorial which helps you to create dymanic buttons with various visual effects. These buttons are useful for your web pages to enhance the attractivity.

3356)   IOS/Support
This script is used for creating a customer management solution on the website to manage and support the customers online. It offers customizable fields and knowledge based utility.

3357)   Port80 Surveys The Top 1000 Corporations' Web Servers
This is an article which conducts the web survey with the leading corporations. This survey shows the profit and loss of the netscape, MS IIS, in the market shares.

3358)   Virtual Filing Cabinet
Virtual Filing Cabinet is an online electronic cabinet which can be easily integrated with any existing Intranet. This cabinet can be used by people to share their files, documents with one another all over the world.

3359)   DevMailer
DevMailer is an efficient COM object that has been designed mainly for sending the emails through SMTP servers. This is a simple and fast component that supports unlimited file attachments.

3360)   Caching and State Management in ASP.NET
Caching in Web applications can provide dramatic improvements in performance. ASP.NET provides caching at several levels for you to leverage and improve the responsiveness of your application.

3361)   When Session Variables Go Bad - Introduction
This ASP learning source deals with Session Variables and describes the possibilities of problems on using them in ASP applications and also guides you to solve the problems.

3362)   Duplicating a Row in SQL
The author describes about how to duplicate a row in SQL. This article shows how a subroutine duplicates a row in a database. This concept is explained with an example.

3363)   SubRoutines vs. Functions Part 2 : How to pass values in to a Sub or Function
Passing values into sub and functions can be either directly or through references is described clearly on this ASP scripting tutorial with samples.

3364)   AuthentiX
AuthentiX password protects your Windows Server, without using Windows usernames and passwords. Integrates with online payment processors, like PayPal and CCBill.

3365)   Case Study: Storing, Querying, and Analyzing Performance
This tutorial helps the users to make query, response and store records on their database using stored procedures.

3366)   Spam Foiler
This is an email component which is used for restricting the email harvesters from hacking email address. It provides invalid email address to the harvesters instead of original email address.

3367)   Codefixer - What is ASP?
This is an article which gives introduction regarding ASP. This article shows the usage of language, its function, its expansion, etc.

3368)   Alivesites Calendar
Alivesites Calendar is a program built on ASP, users can utilize this for creating and managing an event scheduling calendar on their websites.

3369)   Connections and Server Database
This is an online tutorial section for the database administrators which instructs them to connect and create permission for server database using DSN - LESS connections.

3370)   Real Assistant
This tool can be used by any type of organizations to provide live customer service on their website to increase their income by serving visitors. It also provides chatting facility with customers.

3371)   Open and Read content from a text file
Open and Read content from a text file is an online tutorial in which the author has explained how to open and read the contents of a file, how to create and write a text file.

3372)   Accessing Outlook 98 Contacts in ASP Pages
This tutorial deals on accessing outlook 98 contacts straight in ASP to minimize the work in tracking contact details.

3373)   Tracking Customers
This online tutorial helps the webmasters about how to develop a tracking system to track their customers and their referral sites. This helps for the ad managment system more to display their ads.

3374)   Webservers Supporting ASP
This is an article which gives the information about ASP. It describes the difference between VBScript and Javascript, their functions and more.

3375)   ASP Neat
ASP Neat is a simple and effective online ASP code generator that can create instant active server page sets to perform basic database fuctions on your database.

3376)   iNetSoft Calendar
This program is helpful for the users to create an event calendar on the website to manage their group events and meetings. It uses MS Outlook express for email messaging service to the clients or customers.

3377)   Directory Drill Down
In this article 'Directory Drill Down' the author has summarized on the method of adding hyperlinks for the parent directories of your web server.

3378)   PensaFAQ
PensaFAQ simplifies your works with responding to support request mails of your customers, visitors, etc., You can generate a FAQ system right on your site with many solutions so as to keep your users understand well about your products and services. Requires ASP.

3379)   Active Server Pages
This is an article which gives information about ASP. It gives the expansion and meaning of ASP.

3380)   IntrPWD
The Compsys IntrPwd utility is a component that checks the structure and validity of the physical and logical aspects of a password.

3381)   StrongCube SMS Component
Send you short message service (SMS) using your own cell phone connected to serial port or infrared (COM1 ... COM4).

3382)   Cannot Launch Out of Process Components Under IIS 3
This knowledge base article deals with IIS object errors that arise when server object tries to launch an EXE and tells about the necessary steps to follow up to avoid those problems.

3383)   Zeelabs
Zeelabs is an attractive website offering attractive features. This site helps the webmasters in software development and provides other web services also.

3384)   Programming a Visual Basic Component to Change NLTM Passwords
It is a tutorial which deals with constructing password change components with the help of DNA technology and works with MTS and IIS. This component helps the users by providing them distributed functionalties.

3385)   SQL Reserved Words
This simple online article helps the webmasters to identify the SQL Reserved word before naming a database field. The author gives the SQL Reserved words for the reference of the developers.

3386)   Using ASP and HTML Meta TAGS To Make A Dynamic Delay Message
This is an online tutorial that guides webmasters to display a delay message before they get redirected. This tutorial says that it can be easily done by using HTML meta tags with ASP.

3387)   How to Implement Different Types of Outlines in ASP
In this easy to understand tutorial the author explains about executing various types of outlines in ASP. The detailed demonstration and guidance will enable the users to do this process easily.

3388)   Polar Crypto
Polar Crypto is a powerful encryption tool that enables you to encrypt files, buffers, strings etc,. through both symmetric and asymmetric keys.

3389)   ASP Documentation Living Doc
ASP Documentation Living Doc is a web application that can enhance project documentation. On installing this tool it will get in depth details of your ASP and HTML pages of your application and also it analyse the database, views, all tables, stored procedure etc.

3390)   Webpage Counter
This site instructs the beginners for their web page session counter creation with global.asa support. Sample code for quick reference has been provided in this tutorial.

3391)   DynuWait
DynuWait component allows you to suspend an ASP page for a specified amount of time without using any system resources.

3392)   fipsQuote
fipsQuote is a database driven and easy to use program based on ASP with which webmasters can display a slogan every time a visitor visits their websites.

3393)   Cool Web Site Builder
Cool Web Site Builder shows the web administrators about the step by step building a quick website on their own with all required features.

3394)   DeZign for Databases
It is a tool used for developing database table in a simple format at various management levels. It supports multiple databases and its user defined interface helps users to generate database easily.

3395)   Buffer Component
This is an ASP based component with the facility of reading and writing binary files. It offers encoding datas in BASE64 code and also provides MD5 checksums for the data.

3396)   Multiple domains on a single IP address
This is an online tutorial for hosting several domains under a single IP address. Here the users are guided by providing appropriate sample code snippets.

3397)   ocxQmail
ocxQmail provides all the functionality of OCXMail yet doesn't need to wait for mail to be physically sent. This greatly speeds website responsiveness.

3398)   xAuthorize Credit Card Processing Module
xAuthorize Credit Card Processing Module as the name implies is a realtime credit card processing software written in ASP with SSL security.

3399)   Automating Server Side Tracing in SQL Server
It is a article through which users can gather knowledge about how to trace SQL server. In this article author gives some details about the functionalities for tracing the SQL server, which will be helpful for the programmers.

3400)   Generic CDONTS
Learners in ASP language and web based developers get more benefits from this online study resource and can acquire more information about CDONTS component used with mailing service.

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